Cumberland Academy

Uranium 1 Gary Chluppe Counterpunch I have been working obsessively on this chronology, as historians do. The more you go into details, the more they clarify the subject. However imperfect it may be, I want to publish it now with my observations on its meaning...

(1) Officials in the Bush administration, eager to start the war against Iraq, clearly informed their own intelligence services and those of their best allies that they would appreciate any information linking Al-Qaeda and Iraq and indicating that Iraq was trying of acquiring weapons of mass destruction (WMD). They made it clear that they would be interested in any material, however questionable.

(2) The administration then used that “intelligence”, even that which was specifically questioned by the sources, to prepare the case in favor of the war, attributing it when necessary to foreign sources and implying that the latter had validated it. (The most notable case was President Bush’s attribution of the history of uranium from Niger to Britain, but stories also came about a meeting in Prague between an Iraqi agent and Mohammed Atta, attributed to the Czech intelligence services, and many more.

(3) Officials also asked Iraqi exiles in favor of an invasion of Iraq (especially Ahmad Chalabi) for any information that could help justify an attack, and used it without questioning their credibility. The history of the aluminum

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