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Who rules the world? Spies, journalists, investigations, royalty, money, patents, military, secrets and victims. Who rules the world? We will see media - corrupt and owned push stories at us. Hungry for news following an endless charade broken-up by the constant ads. Hurry to get in front of the tv to listen to the authority who is allowed… Continue reading Who rules the world?

Falsified History, Khazarian Mafia, Lawful Peaceful Resolution

Why your ideas and patents do not belong to you

[If you click open my Steemit blog links included in this article, please take a moment to upvote the post using the upside down green arrow under the article. Comments welcome.] In 1776 the US constitution was written based on the Iroquois-Seneca Constitution of the 7 Civilized Tribes - The Great Law of Peace -… Continue reading Why your ideas and patents do not belong to you