Cumberland Academy

Who rules the world?

Spies, journalists, investigations, royalty, money, patents, military, secrets and victims. Who rules the world?

We will see media – corrupt and owned push stories at us. Hungry for news following an endless charade broken-up by the constant ads. Hurry to get in front of the tv to listen to the authority who is allowed to speak briefly but interrupted if the message is contrary to the narrative.

For 100 years the media has been controlled. The free press bought by the rich & powerful. Prizes from pulitzer to grammy, nobel to emmy, knighthoods and presidential medals, mostly part of the plan.

Heroes exist. They are legend. We do not forget their names even when the victors of war, the deceivers try to erase them.

The ancients carved the heroes and those to be feared into the rocks, painted them as cave art and still tell the stories today. The names of people like James Comey and Kamala Harris will likely fade away. On the one side there are the archonic figures. Those given their destiny to reign by the kingmakers. Now descended of Rome which never fell. The king of Spain protected by the vatican, the Scotsgard (Switzerland); and, money. Indigenous people of south & central America with the Mayan influence of the last 2000 years leading to 590 north American indigenous tribal nations. Trading with the far east & Africa. The Moroccans ALL still have diplomatic immunity.

For the Spanish & British to be ALLOWED to send their travellers first there had to be an agreement with Africa. Africa also has royal bloodlines. Morrocans had trade agreements with south, central and the north American continents. Before even the viking Leif Erikson left his mark. The royals have NO dominion in America. The Iroquois constitution aka Bill of Rights was the product of the meritocratic indigenous matriarchal civilised tribes. The royals from europe and the eastern block created the illuminati and same year the bill of rights was signed.

They already had their bio-weapons a. plague b. anthrax c. influenza vaccine. They watched as millions upon millions of vaccinate soldiers died in WW1. Then they witnessed the 1st the generation of children born with Kanner’s autism.


The vaccines increase the autoimmune alterations with each generation affecting also the reproductive system. The pharmaceutical industry and pseudoscience of psychology controlled and hid the research. As people experienced more pain, injuries from military service, chronic health conditions the best natural pain relief was made illegal. Cannabis 1939 and prohibition (alcohol). The pharmaceutical industry MERCK/BAYER has owned the patents on pain killers since 1906. The patents for anti-biotics since 1939 (same year marijuana is made illegal). They hold the patents today on the alkaloids used to make kratom and many other over the counter new wonder supplements. As the profits from the pharmaceutical industry falls, the new ‘natural’ wonder drugs packaged and sold as natural medicine is owned by the same caduceus cartel. The symbol of medicine. 2 snakes coiled around the dagger cross.

The people’s bible once printed, first in German, was being memorized by the people living in the area to become known as Germany. The Waldensians. The possession of the bible became illegal except for the church. Not to be translated. The Waldensians were burned at the stake, ripped into pieces by the king of France’s army. The people of the desert received the old testament – a verbatem translation of the selected books of the old testament. The King James version, in English equally selective and designed to protect the secrets. Separation of church and state. The sealed files of a TRUST (foundation) cannot be opened by a judicial court. SECRETS. People die, wars are fought, governments overthrown, royal families murdered & replaced. There remains in power – a few.

Those who have shared the history orally such as the Hopi prophesy have brought us to this time armed with as much knowledge as we need to find the truth. The truth includes that the evil ‘We The People’ fight against wants complete control. Al Bielik called it IBM Watson.

The 5G tech using CERNs are deadly. The AI demon dressed as an alien in a robot covered seal skinned suit; accompanied by the secret space program triangle craft, holographic sky shows, weather manipulation does NOT scare us. Cow farts and coal do not scare us. The evil activities of the global cabal does. The heroes shining a light into that darkness do deserve our appreciation.

Just as our global population has been used as lab rats, our strongest as foot soldiers for the highest bidder and our brightest owned & controlled or killed. There are casualties in the spy games. The details of EVERY person with a device is known. There are NO secrets. The truth will set you free. The details of EVERY person with a birth certificate is KNOWN.

Common sense, common law. Everyone is free or no one is free. Violent & dangerous people need to be handled like the animals they are.

IMO – Q sent me

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