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Black democrat senator walks away from democratic party

Time is up. We the People know the truth but in our own small units of friends, family and activities the topic of racism is unpleasant. A spoiler creating tension in otherwise opportune moments of safe and perhaps even joyful or perhaps competitive environments. The topic of history, ancestry and personal experiences require a lot of time and thought for words to convey meaning and response to convey understanding. The nod, shrug or change of topic indicates the subject is too painful or complex. To approach this I have been motivated by this Louisiana Senator. It is not important to know who I am but that my motivation stems from his strength to put himself into the crosshairs as media shit storms are sure to shoot arrows in his direction. To undermine a person of integrity. It has been placed upon us the duty of care by our laws to afford innocense to those who have not been found guilty of crime.

One of the earliest settler colonies were the French. It should be notable to the global population that France now and for the past 2000 years has been predominantly white. White notability and the Frence do not like immigrants. The French treaty of Versailles has been cited as the single most relevant historic agreement instigating the formation of what became known as the Klu Klux Klan. The history is written, re-written, altered and changed by the media and controlled by the big money, big religion and big governement. But, really these are a small minority on this great planet. Even fewer by measure of percentage than people of color in France. It is the stories of the indigenous people and immigrants who came to the Americas whose integration and networks of sustainability exceeded the hostile and environmentally toxic areas of the so called civilized world. The Waldesians burned alive, the plague of London and the inhumane treatment of the people of Germany such that they fled to Russia and later to America. Oppression unites us and words can divide. The word of God is a sound, vibration and energy. It is life, love and light. Not all African Americans came directly from Africa. Perhaps they were Moors or people of color from India or the Middle East. Cajun as we have mostly accepted to denote a culture and uniqueness which is Louisiana. As much as we have been led to believe it is time to ask ourselves is the hate about race? The Frence hated the Jewish people as much, if not more than the black people. It was the Payseur family, Payseur money that paid for the production and planning of WWII. Does Adolph Hitler look like a tall blond haired blue-eyed archetype? More like the most recognized name and almost hated as much as Lucifer himself. As the ‘royal bloodlines’ play mind and spirit games with our bodies we all suffer the consequences. The 2000 year plan to destroy the fabric of social structure. Did they win?

Along comes autism. A condition so strange Leo Kanner described it as “like nothing seen before”. As the white race has been reduced to a global minority, less than 15% of the human population the power of the white global self-proclaimed elite is draining faster than the color if a vampire without make-up. In 2001 the Medical Review Council on autism described the condition as biomedical. It has diagnostic markers unique to the condition. But, 8 out of 10 people with these biomedical markers have No presentation of signs or symptoms. Why? Autism is caused by vaccination but not always from the rapid onset seen in infants. The introduction of mass scale vaccination in 1917 where soldiers received influenza vaccine and died by tbe tens of thousands was followed by the survivors children being the first cases identified by Kanner. Each generation of European and American people received vaccination. Smallpox, polio, flu and by 1960 autism was 3 in 10,000 with a strange new form recognized by Hans Asperger. Aspergers syndrome. Interesting also the markers include above average IQ. As we reach 1 in 30 people with autism this should cause serious reflection as the UN figures just presented as the global autism rate is 1 in 160 people. Notably the statistics fail to reveal the areas of the world with zero autism; except in their immigrant pipulation. We the People have a lot in common. If we do not communicate and take action to stop this omnicidal machine the global cabal will continue to infect us the earth and the air with their poisonous agenda.

It is also important to understand the vaccination poisoning is demonstrably tesponsible for many diseases, disorders and conditions. Often these highlight the weakest areas of genetics in a population. The 4 males to 1 female is a result of the immune selection of non-self substance at about the 12th week of development. This results in a conflict between immune and reproductive systems during the second trimester of pregnancy. Often the females which would be born with little or no potential to reproduce are spontaneously aborted. In my experience as an Asperger and researcher there are many of this population who view gender identity differently than normies or abled people.


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