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‘Age of Deceit’ – Illuminati Cult and the satanic programming of our children through ‘entertainment’ mass media

https://youtu.be/CsjXgFs72RI A 3 hour documentary from XtremeRealityCheck. YouTube channel reveals in great detail the satanic cult that hides in plain sight.

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Legend of Uktena and the Crystal cave

Sandra 'little white wolf' Medicine Woman writes: 'I now understand the conflicts which I have felt when reading the bible and the references to the dragon and hearing the stories of The People and the dragon who was protected by The People . . . and when the last dragon, Uktena, left she left the… Continue reading Legend of Uktena and the Crystal cave

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The return of the giants

Steve Quayle and Klaus Dona discuss lost cities, giant mummies, little people, giants suspended in stasis, underwater pyramids, underground tunnel systems connected to pyramids, ufos, archaeological "out of place artifacts" (known as "ooparts") and much, much more. Giants, Little People & Subterranean Secrets with Steve Quayle & Klaus Dona - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xfEfF91u4RM  

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Prison Planet – This is my Father’s world

'God the Creator, the God of Love and Mercy entrapped the demonic force energy on the planet Mercury and under the Mountain of Earth, called Mount Shasta, chained for the End Time dispersion of dark force energy. ' Ascension Earth - Birth of a New Sun 'Meet the Ancients' by Cumberland academy 'Ascension Earth -… Continue reading Prison Planet – This is my Father’s world