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When did Hollywood take over education?

When did Hollywood take over education?


A new Article by Sandra Desorgher takes us deep into the history of the Great Deception, from mystery schools of the ancient world to the Quantum Computers of the future:

‘There were many mystery religions operating throughout the ancient world. One of the first priesthoods to become deeply corrupted and infiltrated by the black nobility was the Amun priesthood. This priesthood became heavily connected to the Phoenicians rulers and between them they began to control banking, taxation, shipping, commerce and indeed the laws around said commerce.’

‘They also created a religion based on esoteric serpent worship and were said to have had an influence on the content of the Old Testament. The Phoenician hierarchy believed that they carried the serpent seed and have planted this seed within many of the worlds most powerful families and royal bloodlines as a way of accumulating more power.’

‘The city of London could be thought of as El London (the sun/Saturn) or indeed Babylondon. Basically the priesthood of Amun still operate from Switzerland and this entire area is key to the worldwide monetary control system.’

‘The system is in control, and no matter how smart our politicians, experts and hackers think they are, the technology itself has been on task – moving towards the potential for the technology to control humanity. This is not a game. The people who have been appointed by the Archons as royalty need the technology and the secrecy to remain in power. The only way forward is to reveal the truth.’

Follow the White Rabbit – Patent on Evil


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