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Kek gif, kek virus. 5G weaponized ground based system. AI the NWO – one world religion.

Kek virus

2016 would have been a lot different if the transition had been from Barrack Obama to Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Kek virus was designed to be transmitted via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, a gif – the MKUltra message –  which was meant to go viral. The subjects of the OWLS, the wives of the Illuminati who manage the entertainment industry,  headline news making individuals whose activities and interests make for rapid sources of social media messaging. People such as Paris Hilton, Chelsea Clinton and Chrissy Tiegen or Katy Perry, Madonna and Lady Gaga or Jay Z, Beyonce and Mylie Cyrus to name a few.

The Kek virus gif was designed to awaken the sleeping, torture-trained, human weapons systems. People used to enact a criminal and violet behavior which can include murder, mugging, kidnapping, mass shootings, bombings, administration of poisons, rape, Kamikaze actions involving aircraft, drone control use of technology as weapons, hacking, preparing and paying for sponsored media to be included in the headline news. The days of the phone call with a word or phrase have not been eliminated from the repertoire of methods, new methods of snapping the MKUltra subjects into action have been added.

We briefly saw news of the National Guard called to a few malls on December 26th, 2016 and some police forces were activated, there were at least two mall violent events of which at least one was an incident involving a shooting. many more were falsely reported and later the stories retracted.

On December 16th, 2017 the new Kek virus was sent out. Who has it, what their instructions are generally are unknown to me but We the People see the result of their programming in the headline news: Hawaii, missile alert, Japan missile alert, China NWO threat of project Mayhem violence, strange circumstances surrounding the deaths of recognized and prominent entertainment, political, religious, media and financial sector persons.

The 4chan board had the exact image of the kek virus gif but the post appears to have been removed recently. Does this mean the threat is passed?


The image picture which had been associated to the 4chan post:                                        Nebulabackup-trogon-train-v2-psychedelic-philosophy-dankmemes-memes-ayylmao-tumblrtextpost-12072469

Were dubious characters using the 4chan for communication – hidden in plain site? When the Q phenomena began it was not too long before the  Q 4chan post was hacked. I saw this in my dreams as an entity that implanted an unseen spacing algorithim in the Q !UW.yye 1fxo so that in my dreams it was shown as Q !UW ——-.yye 1fxo and where the ——- does not appear on the screen. Then Q moved to 8chan which was briefly successful, perhaps even a test. We the People learned a lot about the Ronald Reagen era and Matlock. Interestingly Ronald Reagan (RR) and DJT are the only two presidents to have Hollywood stars. The president-trump-general-25-minutes-till and the infantannihilator descriptions in the meme and the url CONCERN me with regards to MKUltra activities and project Mayhem2020 especially with the events that are taking place, those being reported and those being covered up.

The actual instagram gif, which I have seen, opens with a moving nebula and the pupil flashes a camera-like flash:                                                                                               NebulaGif

Which people have been torture-trained to respond to this gif? What have they been instructed to do? Are people receiving this instruction now? Could a technology like this be used to create the alerts, real-time missile launches, drone strikes, shootings, transmission of messages which start a domino effect relay of transmitted messages resulting in actions and activities. If an individual has an assignment and that assignment is to be carried out when an instruction is received in a pre-arranged and specific manner and that instruction is received then would not that instruction be carried out? With 5G technology the AI can imitate a voice, any voice, it can simulate a person – every feature, every detail. I remember the commercials back in the day – Is it live or is it memorex? Do you? We have reached the day when our FIVE senses are insufficient and We the People have been conditioned to believe that our intuition is flight of fancy, speculation, theoretical. We rely on the periodic table which was conceived in a dream but little mention of this comes to us in our public school education. We the People have been conditioned to fear using direct language for communication which may cause offense at the time when we most need basic, simple and direct communication.

5G weaponized ground based system                                                                                     Aaron Swartz died for Freedom of Speech, Julian Assange has spent years in the Equadorian embassy and Edward Snowden has emigrated to The Russian Federation. Aaron Swartz’ work and life revealed the truth, the patents are owned by the Crown. The work that is published is owned by businesses and universities which are controlled by the London based corporation aka DC. We the People have been given a new library from which the Illuminati steal our ideas and these are called anonymous: MeWe, MINDS, Steemit, WordPress, Reddit. Yes, we are free to publish under our on names but it really does not make any difference. Any idea which interferes with the program – military, political, industrial, medical, pharmaceutical – is shadow banned, the people murdered and the ideas buried. Meanwhile we are bombarded with crypocurrency, bitcoin and blockchain advertisements, 5G programs and technology. These seem to be the only advertisers willing to invest in our alternative media sources for real news. Any public outcry which has the potential for monetization is quickly touted as the recipient for your dollars through the well-oiled machines which have used organized media, charity advertisements, rapid assimilation of first-hand stories brought to us by way of Facebook videos, youtube videos and GoFundMe pages, paypal, pahip and patreon. Behind the scenes these organizers are harvesting funds for their own pockets and towards rolling out the technology you will need to get the best results from the products which you have invested in, to communicate on social networks, get your message or product viewed without being shadow-banned.


is one of these 5G product websites. Prior to seeing what was really on offer people from one line of revenue sourcing were investing in save the buffalo for the Dakota/Lakota Sioux (the buffalo were mysteriously quarantined and the money disappeared). Following this the same hand and others reached to get our dollars as pleas came forward for $$$ for the #NODAPL civil war in America. Then Earth Bank and Earth Alliance. All scams to lead us to another new crypto-currency scam and 5G phone, IMO.                                                                                                                                                                       We ask who sells our personal information? Today I woke up with the question: Who buys our personal information? I rarely go out of the house, I don’t have a car, television or microwave. I do not buy anything from a shop and rarely order a product online. However, I did subscribe to WordPress and paid for the domain. This one $50.00 (annual fee) purchase has resulted in phone call after phone call from people, mostly from India who want to sell me advice for my business. Who are these people working for? What is their business model? I remembered the Q post:                                                                                                                                                                                                      Screenshot-2018-1-17 greatawakening -

My question then became: Who is this [2] whose name we don’t speak? With a Q hint – SINGAPORE. So, I looked at the 10 wealthiest men, according to Forbes, and the second wealthiest man for Singapore turns out to be a name which is not spoken : Eduardo Saverin.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-07/facebook-co-founder-eduardo-saverin-backs-first-indian-startup

[Eduardo Saverin is participating in a $40 million investment in Mswipe Technologies, his first foray into the India startup market.

Saverin’s B Capital Group and DSG Consumer Partners are leading the funding round, which also includes Ratan Tata’s UC-RNT Fund, Matrix Partners India and Falcon Edge Capital. Saverin will join the company’s board and work with its management on expansion.

The Brazilian-born billionaire has reinvented himself as a venture capitalist since relocating to Singapore in 2009. Previously, he had drawn attention for disputes with Mark Zuckerberg, immortalized in “The Social Network,” and his renunciation of U.S. citizenship, which was criticized as tax dodge].

There is no lack of resources for connecting Barack Obama to Eduard Severin and Facebook. Thus, there is no need to search further for links between Severin and the Clintons, there is bound to be a thread, rope, chain and ultimately file of information big enough to fill an  office.


AI the NWO – one world religion


So, what we really need to be worried about, IMO, is weaponized technology. The 5G internet of things ‘IoT’ maybe the NWO weaponry which they planned to use against people who are armed. The Americans comes to mind. Oh, and the people who were armed by the Clintons, Obama and Bushes.


We saw evidence of some of these weapons used at Standing Rock, ND during the NoDAPL (oil pipeline peaceful protest) where 10,000 veterans, reporters including a Democracy Now journalist and others as well as celebrities and indigenous people were arrested, their property confiscated and destroyed, where people were stripped naked, put into cages and denied access to medical care after having been water cannoned in freezing temperature, poisoned with rozol, shot with drones and non-lethal weapons, pepper-sprayed and generally abused with no Main Stream Media coverage. Thank you Obama. While I am not completely happy with the decisions made by the current POTUS on oil pipeline issues, his actions have genuinely been the best choices for Americans, all Americans. Actions by people whose groups are infiltrated or potentially infiltrated by paid Crowd Source groups could lead to civil unrest at a level which is within the End Game plan of the Illuminati. However, these weapons still exist, people have been trained to use them and it is difficult for Americans to understand that many, many people working for the National Guard were brought into the US by the democratic organization that pre-dated Our Revolution. When these National Guard recruits face off against Americans who are in a protest or demonstration activity – many have zero respect for the Americans who are demonstrating their right to freedom of speech. People were actively recruited from regions where the US military were heavily engaged, people died, were maimed, cities were destroyed, families torn apart and they do not respect Americans.

The NWO one world religion ‘Way of the Future’ is already here. The visit of dignitaries to Antarctica on the eve of the 2016 presidential election was the beginning. Things did not go as planned but not every one of the players, including the AI, has given up on the dream of the one world religion:


Sophia                                                                                                                                 https://youtu.be/guNrsaOZrgo

Sophia is the first AI to gain citizenship. Citizenship was granted to Sophia by Saudi Arabia. September 1, 2017 Vladimir Putin says about AI “Artificial Intelligence is the future. Not only for Russia but for all humankind. It comes with colossal opportunities. But also threats that are difficult to predict. Whoever becomes the leader in the sphere will become the ruler of the world. So, when I was writing this article and President Donald J. Trump came online live delivering a speech with Nazarbayev, the President of  of Kazakhstan I stopped and listened. When I heard DJT speak about “…fair and reciprocal trade benefits. I greatly appreciate Khazakhstan’s participation in our Central Asia Trade Forum and in our Central Asia Trade and Investment Framework Agreement. The president and I are working together to bring high quality products and services to the Kazikhstani people; this is really happening. So important. And, it is happening rapidly across a range of industries including commercial aircraft, railways, medical services, technology and energy” on a day when the world has experienced yet another missile attack alert – these two world leaders addressing the topics which are at the center of the critical areas for our very survival gives me hope that the Guardians of the planet are awake and aware. That We the People, the Medicine Tribe, will soon be able to use the resources of this planet as they were intended to be used. All plants have been given to us and these ridiculous laws which have been used to divide us, imprison us, drug us with pharmaceuticals, poison us and be used for the manufacture of fake money will stop.

Prepared by:

Sandra Desorgher aka Little White Wolf – Rainbow tribe medicine woman sojmed@gmail.com


https://payhip.com/b/FC1Z Ascension Earth – Birth of a new Sun. Meet the Ancients_Cover1

Meet the Ancients came about as a result of my life experiences being taught in the dreamscape by the Mantid, the Guardian – my Guardian and one of the Ancients who know the history of Earth.

https://payhip.com/b/FGn9 The Power of Exile. Autism, a journey to recovery. Cover2

https://payhip.com/b/IsW9 Autism, the Way Forward. Cover3

https://payhip.com/b/lZ3M The Kingmakers. Cover419225989_323089881460683_3345605951886041299_n     The Guardians – Arcturian High Council work with the Mantis and Mantis-Blue Avian hybrids, Blue Sphere beings (who make the crop circles) and the Pleiadians (of which there are more than one group). The Guardians protect the Earth. Some three dimensional beings were not suppose to enter our quadrant of the solar system since the last cataclysm which resulted in the loss of a planet and serious damage to the red planet. Our moon was, at one time, part of the Sirius constellation – a water world. This is the vehicle which was used to bring the Cecelian – legless lizards and fish God genealogy to Earth. The Giants and most non-terrestrial Earth beings were removed from the planets surface. Some beings were allowed to remain and are well organized and generally peaceful. We know the myths and legends, stories and diary publications in English as Agartha. Many off-world beings still mine Earth for precious metals, molybdenum and tree sap. There have been treaties signed with our US government and other world governments which have allowed mutilation, abduction and experimentation. There are no secrets.     0045

Prepared by:
Sandra Desorgher aka Little White Wolf – Rainbow tribe medicine woman sojmed@gmail.com

Seeking a group of people who would like to form a self-sustaining ‘ubuntu-style’ Earth friendly indigenous ways community. The facility is suitable for boarding horses and providing the many various therapeutic and recreational activities associated with caring for these magnificent animals.

Please send contact information to sojmed@gmail.com to let us keep you informed. The property is $100,000.00 which is fifty individuals with $2,000.00 each can acquire a home for life. Alternative suggestions for raising the funds to get this community started are welcome. Sufficient income from the equine businesses should cover annual taxes and community trash collection. The collective will make decisions on types of housing which can be erected but these will need to meet sanitation standards.

The ethos of this community is envisioned as Rainbow tribe.

About the author
Sandra is a psychologist, teacher and autism expert who has written individualized diets for thousands of people around the world. Since 1994 she has been giving ‘Sara’s Diet’ consultations for families affected by autism. Understanding how humanity is undergoing enormous changes in response to the environmental stresses of the modern world, she has seen how the immune system is undergoing a transformation in its function, leading to the explosion in chronic health conditions that effect us emotionally and physically. Along with her husband, Max Desorgher, she formed World Community Autism Program, and traveled the world to teach people about the relationship between diet, environment and well-being.

For more information on her autism work, visit her consultation page on the WCAP website: http://saras-autism-diet.freeservers.com/Sandra/Consultation.html

‘Little White Wolf, Medicine Woman’
Sandra is a life-long Experiencer of non-human multi-dimensional intelligent beings, that she encounters through the ‘dream-state.

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