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We the People own the www it was developed by our military and programmed by #SIGSALY


The bogus 2000+ page patent on the Internet of Things ‘IoT’ came about long after the royal bloodlines, working on a manufactured timeline known as the ‘Gregorian calendar’ that was written into existence by a Vatican pope, attempted to hide the true history of the people following the crucifixion of Christ.

‘The Archons established the practice of ‘kingmakers’ on Earth’s surface about 12,000 years ago. The history was written and the people were selected to play the main roles towards leading us to the present day. . .’

The Kingmakers – Chapter 6 – Calendar manipulations, the shapeshifting of our history

Legitimate ‘royal’ bloodlines exist and existed who were not manufactured by the Archons – indigenous people whose leaders survived the loss of Atlantis and Mu such as the Hakka in China, the Aborigine of Australia and the Chumash in the Americas. Of these areas of the world the Asian continent has the current and historical relationship with the lion. The lion has been used as an icon and symbol of truth and power. The Lion was also the sign of the Tribe of Judah, of the Abrahamic lineage who were taken into bondage by the Babylonians and subject to thousands of years of persecution. The lion is also associated to the royal families of Europe and these royal bloodlines claim control and right to rule over the vast majority of the earth’s lands and the people who live on these islands and continents. However, the majority of people actually live on the Asian land masses. Today I read a meme:

The truth is like a lion, set it free and it will defend itself.


Today, We the People are the power. The truth is within us, around us and shared by us. The US military is the strongest and most trusted of trained and organized land, air and sea communications and weapons specialists ever produced. The vast majority of Americans are part of families who are descended from veterans, whether these be from the Indian wars that took place prior to the development of the civilized tribes which rose from the ashes of Atlantis or the later wars and conflicts which occurred when the Illuminati formed in Bavaria and the Bill of Rights was signed in America.

The wars and conflicts followed, during which time the bioweapon first developed by Jan Ingenhousz in the 18th century known as the vaccine was used wide-scale in the first world war in the USA and Europe. Millions died as a result of the vaccine but the west was not the only superpower working on bioweapons. The Soviet Union also sought to develop biological warfare weapons. The west took the high moral ground and determined that We the People should be shielded (protected) from the disturbing information aka truth. As we went about creating vacuum cleaners, cigarette lighters, hula-hoops and nintendo the bio-weapons were taken from the Soviet Union and placed on Plum Island.

The Truth About Plum Island – Part 1 By Patricia Doyle, PhD

Unlike the ‘ethical’ research of the US military and pharmaceutical partners who were engaged in development of bio-weapons with supposedly ‘available’ cures (for a price), the Soviet Union bio-weapons had been developed which had NO KNOWN cures and still do not have any reliable treatments. So, the Plum Island research facility was privatized. And, the research facility in collusion with SECRET fractions (anonymous but government funded) carried out research to try and find an antidote, a cure. During this time we have had the information for these research projects and programs stored and transferred via the internet but not GOOGLE or AOL, the hidden internet, the dark web, the intranets. This is like having different colors and sizes of legos where one country is given a color and size and another country a different color and one individual holds the map which tells where all the pieces of legos are located. Only the individual is not a person, it is the outernet and only the outernet has the resources to unlock the map. Thus the race for space.

While people were dying of AIDS as a result of human experimentation and ‘ebola’ (weaponized rozol poisoning), the Illuminati had developed the dark web and were using the George Orwell 1984 ‘Big Brother’ technology to wage bets on the outcomes, how many people would die.

The deep state uses the dark web for pornography, money laundering, secret communication, drug trafficking, gambling, human trafficking, stock market manipulation. We the People created the technology and We the People must take back the control of the technology through use of the system of meritocracy which is the true method of governance used by the indigenous people who created the Iroquois constitution from which our Bill of Rights was written as our chosen way of governance. Our US military are our warriors and our veterans are our brothers and sisters. We cannot fail because they are few and we are many.

For more information look into the work of Quinn Michaels, Alfred Lambremont Webre exopolitics.com, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Leader technologies and American Intelligence Media, Abel Danger.

Understanding Tyler – A brief history by Quinn Michaels

Alfred Lambermont Webre – Exopolitics





United we stand (a chance) … Divided we F.A.I.L.

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