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Mantid children are coming to earth

“So because there are so many different types of beings that can manifest in and out of this dimension, some of them in physical form just like us humans, having been part the hybrid program, we are going to have a great deal more diversity on this planet in a very short period of time.”

We have woken up. We remember who we are.’

Eyes of the Mantis
‘Earlier, what I was given in earlier dreams, when I was talking about the eyes of these mantis beings. When we are remote viewing, when some people are remote viewing, it’s like their eyes are . . . it’s like there’s all kinds of little layers and trapezoids within their eyes, those big bulbous eyes on the front of their head, it’s all different kinds of . . . it’s like each one is a tunnel, and there’s thousands or millions of them in each eye bulb. And so these eyes are like seeing everything, everywhere, and when people are remote viewing, a lot of people are remote viewing through the lenses of the mantis. The mantis can help people in that way.’
For their time here with us, coming to unite with us on earth, is because in the before-time, when the devastation happened that resulted in these beings being off-planet, unseen, the reptilians, the mantis beings, was because there was no disclosure. So all of this pretend and fantasy and Hollywood and little bits of information coming out – You-tube and conspiracies and ‘There will be disclosure’, and ‘When will there be disclosure?’ and the Disclosure Project, and Project Bluebook, and all that. This time they WILL make themselves known. And that’s how the children will be welcome. Because there is not another way.
Last time, they didn’t disclose, they didn’t show themselves. But now, this time, they are breaking through the matrix too.

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