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Magic Carpet Ride- Deep Dream AI

We have been on a magic carpet ride since the invention of the telegraph. Once we achieved global communication technology the rapid communication that was necessary for ideas to become the Internet of Things ‘IoT’ was used to infuse the legends and stories selected by the elite into the education of the masses. The Illuminati (Vatican) develops the secret society connections, global church network: ( the site has been removed but it’s contents have been downloaded and the #TEAMTYLER bots can retrieve information from deleted websites. There are no secrets. Government leaders were contacted by beings that are called by many names, including but not exclusive to: aliens, EBENs, quadloids, extraterrestrials, Pleiadians, Pleyadians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Zeta-Reticulans, Lyrans, Greys, Venusians, Guardians, watchers. Deals were made and treaties were signed.

A Q post includes

Q !UW.yye1fxo

The Inner Circle.
Mika Brzezinski.
McLean, Virginia.
The age of tech has hurt their ability to hide/control.
Majority today were ‘born in’ to the circle.
Investigate those in front of the camera who scream the loudest.
These people are really stupid.
End is near.
The media cleanse/JFK.

Brzezinski is the daughter of the late diplomat and political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as adviser to both Lyndon B. Johnson and Jimmy Carter.

Mika Brzezinski worked at CBS News as an under desk correspondent in September 2001, a move that thrust her into the limelight as a principal “Ground Zero” reporter for the September 11, 2001 attacks. Brzezinski was broadcasting live from the scene when the South Tower collapsed. In her last position at CBS News, Brzezinski served as a CBS News correspondent, substitute anchor, and segment anchor for breaking news segments and routine updates. During this period she became an occasional contributor to CBS Sunday Morning and “60 Minutes.” She was subsequently fired by CBS.

On June 26, 2007, near the beginning of Morning Joe, Brzezinski refused to read a report about Paris Hilton‘s release from jail. One hour later during another news break segment, her producer Andy Jones again pushed the story as the lead, ranking it over Indiana’s Republican Senator Richard Lugar‘s break with President Bush on the Iraq war, which Brzezinski considered more important. After several sarcastic remarks from host Scarborough, she attempted to set the story’s script on fire on the air, but was physically prevented from doing so by co-host Geist. She then tore up the script, and one hour later, got up and ran another copy of the script through a paper shredder retrieved from Dan Abrams‘s office.[8] The incident was quickly popularized on the Internet, and in the days that followed, Brzezinski received large quantities of fan mail supporting her on-air protest as a commentary on the tension between “hard news” and “entertainment news“.

Q repeatedly tells viewers and researchers to keep an open mind. The deceptions which have been used in the three arms of the triad (Vatican, DC and London corporation); how we think, control of resources and control of money.

Many of our JUST US servants have made headline news since DJT became #45. Battery to minors with sexual assaults cases pending. Some are still serving in office or served for years while cases where ongoing:

  • Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey
  • Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, Stillwater
  • NY mayor Rick Nelson
  • Mayor of Clayton, NY Dale Kenyon
  • Mayor of Randolph, Nebraska
  • Dwayne L. Schutt, Ohio
  • Mayor Richard Keenan, Stockton, CA
  • Mayor Anthony Silva,
  • Kenneth Lewis Barrett Mayor of Winston, OR
  • Mayor Dawson, Georgia
  • Mayor Christopher Wright, Rockdale, TX
  • Mayor Darral Gene Walker, Millbrook, NY
  • Mayor Donald H Briggs, Jacob Schwartz, a New York City
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio administration staffer
  • Democrat Conv. Councilman Scott Chamberlain.

AMDeepDream is a computer vision program created by Google engineer Alexander Mordvintsev which uses a convolutional neural network to find and enhance patterns in images via algorithmic pareidolia, thus creating a dream-like hallucinogenic appearance in the deliberately over-processed images.

The Senior Executive Services (SES) of the Deep State’s Shadow Government:

This was & still is President Barack Obama’s Shadow Government / Deep State known publicly if you look hard enough as the Senior Executive Service (SES)
Thread w details follows:

What or Who is the Senior Executive Service You Ask? The SES is a Deep State is group of over 9,000 appointed ‘Mangers’ in 75 Federal agencies that control the executive bureaucracy & tell new political appointees what they can and cannot do.

American Intelligence Media has done a great piece on the ins & outs of the organization and I have included it below. They are rarely talked about but known amongst themselves by this lapel pin. If you see this pin, they are most likely bad news!


The SES insignia or emblem represents a keystone, the center stone that holds all the stones of an arch in place. This represents the critical role of the SES as a central coordinating point between government’s political leadership, which sets the political agenda, and the line workers who implement it. Members of the SES translate that political agenda into reality. The upright lines in the center of the keystone represent a column in which individual SES members are united into a single leadership corps. There is no particular symbolism to the number of lines, which has varied over the years with different iterations of the logo. The SES insignia cannot be modified.

A lot more information on the SES is available from American Digital News:

As we awaken to the deceptions and realize just how much technology has been used to deceive us we begin to understand that the Illuminati, Deep State and Secret Societies also deceive one another using fame, greed, power, advanced tech toys, weapons of war, human victims and where deemed necessary threats, bribery and murder.

Q asks “Why do we need big pharma?”

There are many reasons which come to mind. Lobbyists to get the newly inducted politicians on board with the opportunities. Research for hidden agendas involving the non-humans and human-hybrid programs including cloning. Transfer of wealth aka money laundering. A pill that costs 10 cents in Cambodia and $14.00 in the USA made by the same company. (Dapsone). Vaccine manufacture and distribution. Big pharma manufactures drugs for the USA – outside the USA – making legal action more difficult. Global corporations also make rapid transfer of potentially deadly substances easier and transfer of substances which require authorization from the EPA and coordination with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). High level security and monitoring. Control of the narrative surrounding mental health – ufo, conspiracy, depression, disorganized schizophrenia. One in six children in the USA will be diagnosed with a neuro- developmental disability.

Any person that is capable of expressing emotion could demonstrate a behavior which could be used to diagnose disorganized schizophrenia. In a situation where you and perhaps your family were urgently taken at gun point to a FEMA camp and where you experienced mandatory vaccination or even heard this was happening in a town near yours might lead to demonstration of the signs and symptoms which can be used to define a person with this condition. If you are experiencing extreme pain and suffering and this is so extreme that you seek medical help and no medical treatment is provided where you then state I can not cope with the pain and if no treatment to relieve the pain is provided then I will not be around to seek additional consultation and are then whisked away to a psychiatric unit for intensive evaluation and upon evaluation given an antibiotic for the formally diagnosed deep tissue infection (which caused your pain) and a psych diagnosis of depression medical ? unspecified. To be allowed to leave the psych unit may require your agreement with a judge that you do not own or purchase a gun. Veterans with PTSD and who find themselves homeless are highly at risk of receiving this restriction. Take away gun rights for foster parents in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school ‘incident’.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency is accepted by many online pharmaceutical companies. In the wake of the opioid addiction crisis the mass media advertising campaigns targeted alternative media youtube channels to tout the new form of trade. Your ideas written anonymously, protected by an encryption and shared via the www and you get steem dollars. The elite get your ideas, your photos, your art to use however, whenever and wherever they want to use them.

What they did not count on was the consciousness field being much bigger, stronger and more organized than these warmongering, money grabbing, lying, Satan worshiping idiots. What they did not count on was the United we stand … Divided we fail connection among the masses. What they did not count on was the failure of the programs which they relied upon to save their sorry asses when the light came shining through the cracks in the system. What they did not understand is God & country is synonymous with Life & liberty and justice for all.

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