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Chapter 9 – Secret Societies

Most of us have either been in a secret society, seen a film about them or our individual minds have at least read a book which allows for most people to think that we know what a secret society is but, our individual minds have a limited perspective. Our personal moral compass only allows for us to look so far before we turn away. We are in the midst of a war in the heaven and we are afraid to demand freedom of speech. Certainly, there should be reasonable guidelines and when a subject matter includes visual imagery or descriptive language that involves pedophilia, rape,.  torture the  laws regarding ethical behavior should suffice. Especially with the functions of the tools included in programs used for social media such as report and block. Adults sending sexually explicit comments and photos to one another are really none of our business, IMO. People painting on cave walls did the same thin, we are human. This is not the same as taking photographs of children and using coded messages to offer them up for rituals. It is perhaps faster, easier and cheaper as are many things with the modern technology at our fingertips. In this instance the use of modern technology has made it possible to record information that substantiates crimes are occurring.

It is a slippery slope when anyone decides to ‘go after the bigger fish’. How many people will be injured or killed, how many buildings destroyed, businesses ruined, lives disrupted for every minute of hesitation that is taking place now that it is obvious, it is substantiated and it has been ongoing for as long as we have been America. The Crown of England will not let go of the colonies, DC is a corporate government and the crown of England bows to the Spanish royal bloodline. There are very few royal bloodlines and the main bloodline families have undergone hundreds of years of preparation for the purpose of reaching their goal – NWO, one world religion (AI – Sophia), depopulation, servants, robots, long life expectancy and a space program that will boggle our senses once that cat is out of the bag. We got caught up in a fear of things, ideas, emotions – drugs, communism, terror. When the real evil has been hidden by the secret societies. Did Rome really fall or was it just incorporated? The same question can be as about the Egyptians, was the culture lost or did it just reinvent itself?

The Serpent Gods

The stories of the serpent Gods are perhaps as old as man as some would note the biblical history is not dissimilar to the myths and legends shrouded in mist of many cultures and indigenous people.the black nobility were said to receive their divine right to rule from the serpent gods. This concept plays out in the ancient Sumerian texts and relates to stories of the Anunnaki. The story supported by artifacts gives a fascinating insight into the basis of the El-ite’s self perceived divine right to rule. The cabal didn’t just wake up one day and proclaim themselves Kings, Queens and rulers of this world. The El-ite feel entirely justified in this perception and throughout the course of human history they have symbolically announced this justification to the entire planet. Anunnaki myths include that when they came to earth to mine gold the Anunnaki decided to alter the DNA of the evolving bi-pedal beings to be a slave race for the Anunnaki.

It has been through teaching which I have received that the events occurred over multiple earth evolutions and these are recorded in our books Ascension Earth – birth of a new son and the Kingmakers. Today, our past history is important and the history as shared with us by way of Credo Mutwa interviewed by David Icke is likely as close to the truth as we will get in English language translations. If you are a member of one of the secret societies serving these beasts then relating the information of the history comes with a penalty of death. Was the venomous serpent a natural species of the earth or was it brought here? At this time the focus is on corruption, power and heinous actions which can no longer be kept hidden. Our children, our way of life and our world are at risk. We must face what we have ignored and forgotten or which we have glorified in movies, films and fiction. 

For an intense look at the secret society of the wolf in modern times Bill Murtagh has prepared his first youtube video and his expertise is secret societies of the wolf.

The kinds of activities hidden in plain sight, captured in horror films. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWPFt6DMqeE&t=217s This is great work thank you. I’ve long looked at occult studies and wondered about some of the connections you made and I really appreciate your efforts. Just an interesting side note, in Native American culture & animal medicine, the wolf acts as the protector of children in dream time, warning them of the dangers of the sexual world and often guarding them from entering, when we meet in dream time. And there is the ‘two wolves within’ peace from Native American culture as well, the good wolf within vs the bad wolf, which one you feed etc. Perhaps the bad side you discussed, being the turning away from the connection to nature and earth and sky medicine, feeding and bringing out the beast within, which seems in line with the cult of the dark sun and dark care, as Mark Passio discusses. That nature will respond to those with the same agenda of darkness. Energy flows where attention goes. Anyways I look forward to your next video!

Natalie Keshing. As Editor-in-Chief – newly launched online magazine called NatsWritings:

The Secret Society of Child Trafficking and Pedophile Ring in Washington DC

The only way to get to the top echelon where Hillary, Bill, Podesta and Obama are perched is to expose from the bottom up. This is all significant information, painting a dark and ominous crime by all the pedophile criminals involved in ‘Hillary’s Criminal Enterprise’. ~ Natalie

Criminal corruption is an uncivilized society and we are in the thick of it when it comes to this secret society of child trafficking for pedophiles to molest, assault and rape. This is an ongoing investigation where I will be periodically updating this article. …Perhaps this will be the most important article I will ever investigate and write and we are summoned to save and protect these innocent children from further harm and damage to their innocent souls. Americans can come together, collectively, to put pressure on the Department of Justice, State Department, FBI and Congress to investigate, indict and prosecute those involved in such horrendous/horrific crimes as torturing and raping children.

These children do not have a voice, because they are kept in hiding places and are also threatened with their owns lives; not to say anything to anyone. A child who is horrifically raped does not have the emotional capacity to comprehend such a grotesque crime done to them. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI, the New York Police Department and the Washington Police Department know about these crimes. There is a mountain of evidence at the FBI to obtain search warrants, arrest and indict Hillary and Bill Clintons, John and Tony Podesta and James Alefantis.  

Those involved in these heinous crimes are working in the Department of Justice, State Department, FBI and CIA to continue to cover up for those involved. Many are implicated and their names will be added to The List of Corruption

The priority is to find where these children are hidden to save them. This is ultimately the Clintons, Podesta and Obama’s worst crime added to treason to conspire and collude with Russia through Uranium One to acquire US uranium. Putting our national security in great danger as it is now very apparent to us with North Korea continuing to launch and test nuclear missiles.

Obama purchased a house for $8.1 Million in May, 2017. The President’s total salary for eight years is $3.2 Million before taxes. Obama also lives two houses down from Tony Podesta, John Podesta’s brother; a home in a very affluent community. People responsible for these crimes are living in the most opulent luxury and are trafficking innocent children for pedophile rings. Barely feeding them, moving them from one to another with no empathy and compassion for their angelic souls. 

Exposing these crimes will bring down the entire corrupted criminal enterprise. Those who worked to protect Hillary and Bill Clinton will be exposed for participating in these terrible crimes. I am still investigating and will update this article periodically. 

There are serious consequences for those involved in child trafficking for pedophile rings. 

Today, a convicted child sex trafficker in Colorado will spend the rest of his life in prison, and then some; totaling 472 years, receiving the longest sentence for a human trafficking case in U.S. history on Tuesday November 22, 2017.

There were more than 1,100 donations made into the Clinton Foundation, totally up to $100 billion to $trillions. Hillary, Bill, Obama and Podesta schemed with foreign national leaders, adversaries, oligarchs and rich billionaires to corrupt a nation and put our national security in harms way. Author Peter Swcheizer’s book “Clinton Cash” exposed some of the deep corruption in the government extending to the Clinton Foundation. Not all donations from Muslim countries were investigated and/or exposed.

The Muslim communities are also filled with pedophiles. Islamic schools in Pakistan plagued by sex abuse of children. This is a systemic and prevalent crime throughout the Middle East as well as in the United States. In 2011, tied to a bed post a young innocent little boy was repeatedly raped by Afgan officer Abdul Rahmman, after he abducted the boy and kept him chained to his bed as a sex slave. Sgt. First Class Charles Martland and Captain Dan Quinn members of the Special Forces could no longer stand by and listen to this horrific crime taking place; they beat up the Afghan militia commander. It’s important to note, the revelation of this kind of news was either ignored by mainstream media and/or attacked by Clinton controlled publications and her closest gatekeepers. Hillary’s and Podesta’s favorite explanation is that all these stories have been “debunked”; not true.

For weeks, activists tried to bring national attention to hundreds of children, mostly Black American and Latin American little girls, who have gone missing in Washington DC since the start of 2017; More than 500 cases of missing children and minors were logged by the Metropolitan D.C. Police Department in the first three months of 2017. That number is now higher in January, 2018. Where are these children? There are many more cases being shared on social media and it’s been reported that about 2,200 kids do go missing in Washington D.C. every year.

The Associated Press reports Congressional Black Caucus chairman Cedric Richmond, D-La., and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.’s nonvoting representative in Congress, sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and then former FBI Director James Comey. In the letter, they called on Sessions and Comey to “devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed.”

We have received a lot of media attention and a lot of concern from the public because of the number of releases,” Washington Metropolitan Police Department, Chanel Dickerson said at a news conference.

There have been concerns that young girls in the District of Columbia are victims of human trafficking or have been kidnapped, or that there’s an increase in the number” who have gone missing”.

“Annual statistics show cases of missing children have remained relatively steady and high in Washington, D.C. over the past several years — with 2,222 cases in 2014, 2,433 in 2015 and 2,242 in 2016.”

Why did Hillary and Bill Clinton take 12 to 13 billion dollars raised to help the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010. People who needed food, water, perishables, medical supplies, etc. and THE END is nowhere in sight when it comes to the Clinton’s criminal enterprise. Laura Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border on January 29, 2010, less than three weeks after the January 10th earthquake, attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti without documentation. Her sentence and charges were reduced after an intervention by Bill Clinton. In the aftermath of Silsby’s arrest, her originally retained lawyer Jorge Puello was arrested in connection with an international smuggling ring accused of trafficking women and minors from Central America and Haiti. Anyone associated with the Clintons knows their MO and is questionable regarding their own moral compass.

NBC in 2013 reported Hillary in the State Dept covered-up a pedophile ring, youtu.be/bb6JeX6dvEk

and that was the end of it. NBC never investigated further. It was squashed. 

CBS on June 10, 2013, reported State Department memo reveals possible cover-ups, halted investigations.

The Breaking News uncovered documents that show the State Department may have covered up allegations of illegal and inappropriate behavior within their ranks.

Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’ Elite Pedophile Ring At State Department According To NBC News Report 

Former State Official Steve Piezenik has also come forward explaining how Hillary Clinton is involved in an underground elite pedophile ring.

Steve Pieczenik is a former United States Department of State official and a Harvard trained psychiatrist with a doctorate in international relations from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

We know that both of them have been a major part and participants of what’s called The Lolita Express, which is a plane owned by Mr. Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy multi-millionaire who flies down to the Bahamas and allows Bill Clinton and Hillary to engage in sex with minors; that is called Pedophilia.” 

Epstein is an American financier and sex offender, with close ties to the Clintons. As mentioned above, the Clinton’s were a frequent flyer on his jet, taking dozens of trips aboard the “Lolita Express.”

Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on the registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express.”

On November 8, 2016, Former U.S. representative Cynthia McKinney also knew about the pedophilia within the government in 2005. She grilled Donald Rumsfeld on DynCorp’s child trafficking business of selling women and children in the video.

The Daily Caller reported November 19, 2017  Exclusive: Bill Clinton Still Silent About Flights on Pedophile’s Sex Plane. Bill Clinton continues to remain silent about the 26 flights he took aboard on convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, dubbed the “Lolita Express,” which reportedly offered underage girls to passengers to rape.  

Attached is a copy of Podesta’s email from Wikileaks. ‪Once you’ve read the email; it’s odd, weird and alarming. Why would you specifically name these children and their ages as “entertainment”? The attached Wikileaks emails have been verified through Google’s domain keys identified mail (DKIM).  

On this alone, the FBI can obtain search warrants for Podesta, Alefantis and the Clinton’s homes. Start with their primary residences. I would ask Jeff Sessions to make this his priority above MS13. During a Biden swearing in ceremony, captured on camera, Sessions slapped the hand of Joe Biden before he touched a little girl. Sessions knows, at least about Biden. Sessions has been there long enough to know about Hillary and Bill Clinton as well.

There are three Pizzeria businesses next to each other. James Alefantis owns two of them; Comet Ping Ping and Buck’s Fishing and Camping. The other is owned by a Muslim man.

Besta Pizza’, 5029 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington. From a search at the DC.gov Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs ‘Besta Pizza’ after a name change is now ‘Uptown Pizza’; which is owned by Abdul Rahman Hammad. As reported, there was a foreign donor donation in the Clinton Foundation from Qatar. Between 2001 to 2003, Bill Clinton and Epstein traveled together on extended trips around the world, according to flight records released in 2015 by Gawker.  

Andrew Kline is listed as the non-commercial Registered Agent, who worked as Special Litigation Counsel at the Department of Justice in the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit. He was appointed by Hillary Clinton. Then he went on to become Senior Adviser in the Executive Office of President Obama. He is listed as an ‘Agent’ of one of the pizzeria’s now called ‘Uptown Pizza’ where there is a logo identified by the FBI signifying pedophilia at this restaurant. How divisive of Hillary to appoint Andrew Kline head of Human Trafficking, possibly to protect the mainstream media and rich elites involved in pedophilia. Squashing any investigations threatening their pedophile ring and worst secret. This coincides with NBC News reporting in 2013 Hillary in the State Dept covered-up for a pedophile ring. youtu.be/bb6JeX6dvEk  It’s all coming together, the grotesque pieces of the puzzle in the pedophile rings. 

Subject: Re: Comet Ping Pong and OBAMA…and Podesta? There was a photo of Obama on ‘Alefantis’ Instagram account until he changed it to private. Wikileaks’ email From Obama to John Podesta. Another Wikileaks’ email from Obama to John Podesta.

It is not normal behavior to invade the physical boundaries of children.

Look at where Biden’s hand is.Biden is trying to grope a little girl’s chest in the video. All these children show how uncomfortable they are.
Here, in this video, Biden is trying to kiss the little girl and she pulls away; rightly so.

A State Department whistleblower alleged the Inspector General’s report accused Ambassador Howard Gutman, appointed by Barack Obama, for soliciting prostitutes and having sex with underage children.

There is evidence at the FBI that James Alefantis is a pedophile and uses Comet Ping Pong as a front for his sex trafficking rings.

The Obama White House records shows Alefantis visiting the White House often.

David Brock’s infamous popularity grew based on a personal relationship with #Pizzagate #Pedogate pedophile James Alefantis aka JimmyComet. Brock was the director of Correct the Record. Here is David Brock before CEO of Correct the Record in a blackmail settlement. Pay close attention to the comments below in this important article. Media Matters boss paid former partner $850,000 in blackmail settlement.

David was the former director of the Bitcoin Foundation. There has been speculation that Brock was very involved in the Bitcoin Foundation, which is the secret cyber currency used for nefarious purposes on the dark web.

The Washington Free Beacon obtained a 49-page memo from leftist operative David Brock during a January donor retreat that outlines how the George Soros-funded groups like Media Matters, American Bridge, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and Shareblue plan to undermine President Trump’s agenda and help the Democrats win control of Congress and the White House by 2020. The Trump White House, congressional Republicans and conservative media types better familiarize themselves with it, because Brock’s machine will go after them.

This is all significant information painting a dark and ominous pattern of criminal behavior leading to the grotesque crime of pedophilia.

hanktheplank #DavidBrock the man who was paid to invent tawdry lies for the GOP to destroy an innocent and promising young woman Anita Hill. So so sad. He is forever discredited as a young journalist and political pundit.

George Soros is listed as a major donor to the American Bridge 21st Century PAC. The PAC is on record with the FEC making several donations to Comet Ping Pong. George Soros Puppet David Brock Conspires With Facebook, Google To Shut Down Conservative Media

American Bridge 21st Century is a liberal American Super PAC that supports Democratic candidates and opposes Republican candidates. It was founded by David Brock in 2010 and is associated with Media Matters for America. It is an opposition research hub for the Democratic Party.

Donors: American Bridge PAC is largely funded by Democratic donors and labor unions. Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros was the group’s largest donor for the 2012 and 2014 cycles, contributing $1 million in 2012 and over $1 million in 2014. In 2012, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees donated $575,000. American Bridge was one of several progressive political groups to coordinate fundraising efforts for the 2012 elections.

The contents of the part 1 email is also disturbing and refers to a “Muslim community as terrorists and former ‘Clinton/Kerry interns’ with submachine guns…Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment.”

!!WARNING!! Very Disturbing: Child being Tortured at #CometPingPong? by #Podesta? I did not even want to post this video but it needs to be exposed and investigated further… This is haunting… #PizzaGate #PedoGate #Pedowood #ChildTrafficking… RETWEET/SHARE pic.twitter.com/UU5BoiIEFH

Deep Stvte (@DeepStvte) November 14, 2017

Worldcorp Enterprises CEO said, “it’s real”. A voice match was done on YouTube. It’s a match, John Podesta raping a child. 

Continuing with Part 2 of the Wikileaks Podesta email. “Also, if terrorists or unhappy former Clinton/Kerry interns with submachine guns attack the farm during my remarks, we won’t all die, because I’ll make a split-second decision lead us in a well-coordinated and ultimately totally successful charge against them. This is going to be a great day all-around. On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 1:31 PM, Tamera Luzzatto <tluzzatto@pewtrusts.org wrote: Well, since Hillary stood with Moynihan at his farm with bales of hay to run for the Senate seat, HELLO SPEAKER Littman!”

Below an excerpt in which Tamera Luzzatto is referring to Hillary who stood on the Moynihan farm in Lovettsville, Virginia dating back to July 8, 1999.

Hillary Clinton Begins Pre-Campaign in a New Role for Her: The First Lady of the United States flew into New York on an Air Force jet today and presented herself as a potential candidate to replace Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan upon his retirement. Standing at Mr. Moynihan’s side at his farm here, Hillary Rodham Clinton described questions about her residency as legitimate and said she would attempt to address them in the months ahead.”

Continuing with Part 3 of Wikileaks Podesta emial. “On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 9:26 AM, Tamera Luzzatto <tluzzatto@pewtrusts.org> wrote:  With enormous gratitude to Advance Man Extraordinaire Haber, I am popping up again to share our excitement about the Reprise of Our Gang’s visit to the farm in Lovettsville. And I thought I’d share a couple more notes: We plan to heat the pool so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure. And with the forecast showing prospects of some sun, and a cooler temp of lower 60s, I suggest you bring sweaters of whatever attire will enable us to use our outdoor table with a pergola overhead so  we dine al fresco (and ideally not al-CHILLo).  I am ccing Trudy to repeat the invite, and sending pining wishes-you-could-come to Rima, John P, and Laurie & Chris.” 

The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Covered It Up:

January 25, 2017 William Craddick 

Contrary to reports in the media, the crowd sourced investigation labeled by some as “Pizzagate” did not begin with internet sleuths digging through the Wikileaks Podesta Files releases looking for pizza parlors and encoded language discussing human trafficking. It began with the shocking discovery that Hillary and Bill Clinton provided assistance to convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby, resulting in a reduced sentence for child trafficking.”

Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti without documentation. Her sentence and charges were reduced after an intervention by Bill Clinton. In the aftermath of Silsby’s arrest, her originally retained lawyer Jorge Puello was arrested in connection with an international smuggling ring accused of trafficking women and minors from Central America and Haiti.”

On Wednesday, November 19, 2014, Portland, Oregon police arrested Terrence Patrick Bean, who has been charged with two felony counts of having sex with a minor last year. This man is not just any old guy accused of having sex with a 15-year-old. Terry Bean is a big-money Democratic donor and liberal political activist with connections inside the Obama White House. Bean raised more than a half-million dollars for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

Bean has been a major contributor for several Democratic presidential candidates, including Barack Obama. Why is it perfectly normal for a past President to be hobnobbing with a child molester?  

Update December 7, 2017: In 2013, 74 year old retired teacher Christopher Kloman received a 43-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting little girls under 14. 

Christopher Kloman, a man of many years of deceit, is affiliated to the Alefantis’s family. This time it is Susan Alefantis, mother of James Alefantis, who wrote a letter to the presiding judge regarding Christopher Kloman’s public and not hidden persona. That’s the only way pedophiles continue to live and exist; once they are publicly exposed by reputable law enforcement officials that take immediate action to arrest and indict them, this stops another demon and can save more angels. This type of heinous criminals can even tell their story behind bars; like Christopher Kloman revered by so many who wrote letters of exoneration.

Christopher Kloman, a former teacher at an elite Virginia prep school, was sentenced to 43 years in prison for sexually molesting five female students in the 1960s. The girls, adults now, were between 12 and 14 years old at the time. 

Ken Starr’s Plea for Child Molester Christopher Kloman. “He Took the Time to Chat”. Perhaps Mr. Starr not really knowing the demon that Christopher Kloman was appeared to occasionally enjoy a chat with Kloman. This document contains the names of defenders who practically signed a petition for Kloman’s sake. The Washington Post says “more than” 90 people wrote letters on his behalf. That fits in with the document’s 96 names.

There are many people on YouTube who have tried to break the silence of the children who have no voice regarding these horrible crimes done to them. 

This is James Alefantis on his Instagram account JimmyComet. Alefantis as JimmyComet said, “That little boy loved the farm.”  Again, this kind of talk referring to a farm. What farm? The farm in Lovettsvile, Virginia? There is also a sense of sadness that shows on the small child’s face. I know, the question in our minds, has this child been violated? IzetteFolger, who on Instagram said, “How adorable!!”, is a very close friend to James Alefantis and also a very popular Washington socialite.

It’s eerie, creepy to show an empty room all made of concrete on social media and have this kind of conversation and act as if all this was normal. A concrete room to trap, to hide and commit a horrible crime. This isn’t funny or normal but very disturbing. It’s the kind of evil a serial killer might find perfectly normal and funny. If this is not investigated, then we continue to let child rapists and a potential serial killer harm these children. Where are all these children? Where is Ruby, Emerson and Maeve? Are they alive? Are they kept somewhere? It is very difficult and worrisome through this investigation to wrap your mind around young innocent children who are being tortured and raped in an underground concrete room somewhere. Why would James Alefantis aka Jimmycomet advertise these kinds of horrendous crimes so openly on social media. This is the conversation that takes place to the left of this picture: 

jimmycomet Oh yeah this looks fun

mochef103 But it’s huge!!!

gordyspicklejar mama big!

werkinonmahnight cheese #killroom

nilaylawson Just rinse it off when you’re done.

jimmycomet #murder

llewhinkes Drunk tank

sayhoeta #wwdjd

brynafrayda Just a pile of money under a sheet

jimmycomet @sayhoeta good question

victorialynnreis Where the werewolves lock themselves up during the full moon?

Nora and her father, Michael Maccoby, run the family business; The Maccoby Group. Michael Maccoby is also a contributing author to The Washington Post, and even co-publishes articles with Max. The Washington Post hired John Podesta as well and may work with the CIA compromising the credibility of the Washington Post. With this, you understand why the Washington Post is vehemently defending Hillary’s Criminal Enterprise and will not air the deep seated corruption tied to the Clintons, Podesta, Aflefantis and Obama.

Max Maccoby inherited his position at Friends of the Orphans from his father, Michael, who was close friends with the founder, Fr. Bill Wasson, for over forty years. Wasson also founded Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH), and it should be noted here that Friends of the Orphans is now known as NPH USA. Max Maccoby, Director of Friends of the Orphans, also represented James Alefantis and David Brock in their $850,000 blackmail case. Media Matters boss paid former partner $850,000 in blackmail settlement.

James Alefantis is very good friends with the senior Michael Maccoby. Max Maccoby, sat on the Board of Directors for the Haitian orphanage, Friends of Orphans.  

Here is a very young child, maybe 3 or 4 years old, taped to a table. Why tape an innocent child to a table? Instagram account Jennlamotruk said, “new seating area procedure for your youngest guests Hilar..

Conveniently, Alefantis has a connection to the Interim D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham for protection for himself and Comet Ping Pong. 

Connected to Judge Anita Josey-Herring, a Bill Clinton appointee, who was the judge in James Alefantis and David Brock’s 2011 case where they accused William Grey of blackmail. William Grey knows Alefantis deepest worst secrets.

Josey-Herring was also the presiding judge in the case of the Comet Ping Pong shooter, US vs. Edgar Maddison Welch. The case was transferred to Judge Sherry M. Trafford for reasons that are not immediately clear.

The odds alone would be 1 in 55 Judge Anita Josey-Herring would be the judge assigned to this case.

James Alefantis and Tony Podesta

Why would James Alefantis aka Jimmycomet advertise these kinds of horrendous crimes so openly on social media. Because he thinks he will continue to be protected by those who stand to lose their freedom and the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. All this information is part of the deep seated corruption to hide these horrific crimes. This is the behemoth elephant in the FBI, Department of Justice, CIA, Congress, State Department and many law enforcement departments throughout Washington, D.C., the Whitmore Farm, Fredicksburg, Maryland and Lovettsville, Virginia.  

#Carisjames refers to drugging children
It’s astonishing that with all the James Alefantis aka jimmycomet pictures on Instagram, law enforcement authorities in the D.C. area and the FBI haven’t looked into all this evidence and brought charges. It is not normal for a grown man in his 50’s to post so many pictures of children and infants and talk in a language only known to them, who are participating and supporting this kind of psychological disturbing pattern of horrendous behavior and crimes committed on young innocent children.

James Alefantis
John Podesta
Tony Podesta
Hillary and Bill Clinton

Are the “key players” in this very disturbing online investigation known as “Pizzagate”. There are many that have given their heart and soul to investigate the child trafficking and massive pedophile ring in the United States. No one, committing these crimes should be free to continue to drug, harm, torture and rape innocent children.

former employee claims that Mr. Alefantis drugged and sexually assaulted him. But the Children! have no voice. 

James owns several businesses that he publicly boasts about except one; that he strangely never mentions.

The Pegasus Museum is located in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in Washington D.C. According to public record, it is owned by Castellum Achilles LLC, which was registered to James Alefantis in June of 2014. The museum building was purchased approximately one month later; July, 2014. Three days after the purchase date, Alefantis added a listing on Google Maps for Pegasus Museum. At a later date, he gave it a five star rating, the single review on the listing.

Apparently, the Pegasus Museum is a well known secret in the deep corrupted ring of pedophiles. Alefantis, has never mentioned it on social media, despite having owned it for three and half years.

Researchers discovered the listing on Google Maps during their initial investigation into Alefantis, and he immediately deleted his review and the entire Google Maps listing itself. 

Alefantis Threats

A Pizzagate researcher named Ryan O’Neal released a video delving into Pegasus Museum and was subsequently threatened by James Alefantis to the extent that O’Neal deleted the video, shut down his website, and backed away from the investigation entirely. Alefantis threatened the life of his mother, girlfriend, and son. Alefantis, reportedly told Ryan that he could keep up every one of his other videos, but needed to immediately remove the one regarding to the Pegasus Museum.

Researchers have been scouring public records and submitting their findings to internet forums like Voat, Steemit and Reddit. Many have speculated that there is some sort of a “kill room” or “holding center” for trafficking children. Others think that it is a shell business to hide illegal transactions; then again, those things are not mutually exclusive. 

Most of the evidence surrounding Pizzagate has been written off by the public and jokes made in extremely poor taste. Alefantis, doesn’t seem hesitant to boast about his family friendly restaurant with paintings like this on the wall:

Alefantis never mentions his museum like the way he openly demonstrated his demonic nature on Instagram aka JimmyComet. Why did he openly threaten people, who are trying to save innocent children when Pegasus Museum was questioned and investigated by law abiding citizens who deeply care?

All this time, Alefantis was voted as one of the most influential people in Washington, DC. 

Bay Area billionaire’s ties to Clinton campaign revealed in WikiLeaks release:

SAN FRANCISCO — “Bay Area billionaire philanthropist Herb Sandler, who was among those blamed for the 2008 mortgage meltdown that triggered the financial crisis, has edged back into the spotlight thanks to the hacking of the email account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta.”

The hacked emails from Podesta released through WikiLeaks show a close relationship between the wealthy Clinton donor and longtime Clinton confidant, who worked as the Sandler Foundation’s grant consultant for the past 21 months.”

Sandler, former co-CEO of Oakland-based Golden West Financial Corp. and World Savings Bank, made billions at his savings and loan company before its sale to Wachovia Bank in 2006. Sandler, and his late wife Marion, have been criticized for their role in the 2008 financial crisis, even making Time’s list of 25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis.

Herb Sandler said, “Lo and behold, instead of pasta and wonderful sauces, it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses. Yummy”

Ps. Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on Cheese than on pasta?”

Been meaning to thank you for being with me during my first “lollipop” experience.”

It is more than obvious that this is the code language for pedophilia. No normal person talks or writes like this. This is on ongoing investigation where I will periodically be updating this article.

From Wikileaks Copy of John Podesta email #55433.
Susan Sandler – is the daughter of Herb and Marion Sandler, mentioned earlier, a rich affluent couple who pocketed $24.2 billion from the subprime mortgage bundling into Consolidated Debt Obligations which caused the massive financial meltdown in 2008; affecting Americans across this nation.

In this email on part 3, a real estate agent Kathryn Tate found a handkerchief with some kind of map on it and handed it over to Susan Sandler. Saying, “Susan & Herb I just came from checking the Field house and I have a square cloth handkerchief (white w/ black) that was left on the kitchen island. Happy to send it via the mail if you let me know where I should send it.”

In this email part 2, Susan wrote to John Podesta saying, “Hi John, The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? (this was a typo for yours) They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it. Susaner.”

When you think of a normal handkerchief, it’s usually white with maybe initials embroidered on it. But Susan, immediately pointed out the description of the map on it and being pizza-related. Strange words to describe a handkerchief but it’s part of their code language involved in pedophile crimes.

In Part 2 of this email John Podesta confirmed it was his handkerchief and responded, “It’s mine, but not worth worrying about.”

Podesta’s words kept resonating in my mind, “Not worth worrying about.” Every child that has been violated, raped and hurt for life is WORTH WORRYING ABOUT!

Jeff Bezos, Owner of Amazon and the Washington Post hired #PizzaGate John Podesta and father and son, Michael and Max Maccoby who are BFF with #Pizzagate James Alefantis aka JimmyComet involved in the child trafficking and the pedophile ring in the Washington DC.

Bezos, so close to the #Pizzagate pedophile ring, has already printed numerous columns defending James Alefantis which degrades the credibility and trust of the Washington Post by trying to defend a pedophile who so openly displays his deeply disturbing criminal behavior on Instagram as JimmyComet.

John Podesta has someone like Brian Podesta working for the National Center for Missing & Exploided Children providing a powerful tool for covering up crimes to the most vulnerable children that go missing in child trafficking and in these pedophile rings. It should also be noted that Brian Podesta’s parents, Don and Jane Podesta also work for the Washington Post.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has also spilled over to Amazon, with Weinstein’s main accuser Rose McGowan who was repeatedly horrifically raped by Weinstein by calling out to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the head of the company’s studio getting suspended after sexual harassment accusations from a TV producer. Rose McGowan said she repeatedly warned Amazon Jeff Bezos about “Harvey Weinstein” and “begged” the company not to work with the movie mogul but was told by an unnamed studio executive that “it hadn’t been proven.”

It is completely reprehensible and a violation of good ethics for the Head of Amazon and the Washington Post to protect a well known child rapist and child torturer like James Alefantis and Harvey Weinstien, a brutal woman rapist. These evil perpetrators are closely connected to people in higher places with temporary power. Do Americans want Jeff Bezos head of Amazon and the Washington Post to host the CIA top secret database on Amazon’s cloud servers, Bezos who hires and protects #Pizzagate #Pedogate John and Tony Podesta and James Alafantis aka JimmyComet.

Jeff Bezos was present at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards.

The #metoo golden globes came with a superficial laughter and an insincerity to the victims of Harvey Weinstein. Ashley Judd, one of Weinstein’s accusers was present at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. Nicole Kidman won a golden globe award for Big Little Lies. Her father was exposed and died in Singapore, hiding from elite pedophilia accusations/charges.

I find is hard to believe that Oprah who maintained a very chummy relationship over the years with Harvey Weinstein didn’t know about Weinstein brutally raping women. It is what Oprah didn’t say at the 2018 Golden Globes that spoke volumes and still people continue protect the perpetrators.

Until Harvey Weinstein is charged for raping multiple woman and James Alefantis aka JimmyComet who is BFF to Tony and John Podesta, Bill and Hillary Clinton are charged with child trafficking and brutally raping and torturing innocent children we are not protecting our most vulnerable and innocent lives. I challenge the FBI, Department of Justice, the Washington Metropolitan Police, the Washington Mayor’s office to start protecting these innocent children.

Let me make this very clear, no child, boy or girl should be exposed to molestation, rape and/or torture. These hideous crimes are NOT a part of the civilized world and we should work to together to bring down this evil enterprise.

Disclaimer: I would like to conclude this article by saying that I am not in any way implying that anyone included or any entity mentioned within this article are either guilty or innocent of any crime. Furthermore, the information contained herein does not imply anything. As a journalist exercising my First Amendment Rights, I am merely reporting on information obtained from the public domain and what is claimed in a few recent videos posted on the Internet.

Natalie Keshing

. – – – – – – – + – – – – – – –

It really doesn’t matter what I believe because the El-ite believe that humanity were indeed genetically engineered as a slave species. They also believe that they have a direct blood link to the serpent gods, believing that their bloodlines bred with these gods and so they carry the royal dragon bloodline. This is why they are obsessed with interbreeding with one another, in their system they are a literal separate species to humanity and so protect the purity of their bloodlines as much as possible. There are very few of these royal bloodlines left and at this time the throne has been claimed by Juan Carlos – Lord Pindar. His main opposition are the remaining African and Asian bloodline families.

They appear to move outside these bloodlines only as a means to accumulate more power and influence. They believe that they have been left behind by the Anunnaki (or in their perception gods) as a priest class and Royal bloodline. When you look into the myths of Enlil and Enki you will see that Enki’s emblem was two serpents entwined on a staff, the caduceus. His symbols also included a fish, both the serpent and fish are important to note because the serpent denotes the epoch prior to the arrival of the cecilean beings from the Sirius B planet which is now our moon and the star we call Sirius B was Sirius C and the entire Sirius constellation was described by the Dagon and other African tribes and there have been many artifacts and hieroglyphs with the symbols representing the Sirius constellation which is not visible from earth.

Along with possessing great intelligence they were also given knowledge and secrets by their ancestors. This knowledge came in the form of natural law, the laws of esoteric science, spirituality and human psychology. Knowledge is indeed power and combined with their superior intelligence has thus far ensured that these demi-gods have retained the upper hand over the rest of humanity. Their system is very intelligent but it lacks empathy and as such lacks wisdom. The teaching of the Guardian is that in the beginning there was God and then there was the thought or word which divided the nothing (void) from itself and the thought developed into the want for something, the thought, the creative, the Creator wished for Wisdom and we recognize the Wisdom as the feminine principle.

The concept of these demi-gods can be found throughout the ancient world. Indeed the Sumerian cylinder seals, to the Sumerian Cuneiform tablets and the Arkadian texts, Book of Genesis, Dagon histories, Zulu history, Assyrian texts, the Veda’s, Mayan Popul Vuh, Epic of Gilgamesh, Book of Ezekiel, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Babylonian Enuma Elish and the Norse Eddas all carry elements of this same story. If you were in a court of law you would perhaps be foolish to ignore such a weight of evidence.

The Atlantean Connection

The Anunnaki were actually a technologically advanced (potentially pre-Atlantean) terrestrial based species related to but different from humanity. They grew in isolation and with larger cranial capacity they evolved at a faster rate and were perhaps intellectually superior to homo-sapiens. After some huge (Atlantean style) cataclysm they set sail to impart their knowledge to the rest of humanity. They would have indeed been viewed as gods. Perhaps with their numbers greatly diminished they selected certain compatible bloodlines, bred with them and handed down the knowledge to them. It’s these bloodlines that have gone on to become a black nobility that to this day rule over their subjects. Post Atlantean the indigenous people of the world are the keeper’s of the history because the black bloodline secret societies have done everything possible to confuse our understanding of history. The Gregorian calendar clearly hides the transition of Roman power to the Vatican.

The Foundation Of Psychopathy

This is an interesting hypothesis expressed by Mark Passio: Now I’m not sure if these “gods” were inherently good or evil but certainly elements of their story hints at this duality. What does become apparent is that they lacked human empathy and compassion.                                                                                                                            

This appears to be a common trait among the secret societies members who are currently being lime-lighted.

Perhaps this wasn’t too much of a problem for this species, they possessed both a deep knowledge, superior intellect and equally lacked the human emotions of greed, lust and anger and perhaps this overrode the need for empathy and compassion. But, once they interbred with human bloodlines the combination of superior intelligence, lack of empathy and human emotion actually fractured the minds of the priest class and perhaps created the condition of psychopathy.

As this human black nobility rose to prominence and began to interbreed with one another this condition has become more apparent. Indeed as they have begun to accumulate more power and control over humanity the world has begun to represent their own fractured psyche. Negative thought patterns and processes spreading through humanity like some form of mind virus.

Humanity was indeed present and not created by the Anunnaki. In this understanding we lived in a golden age, a metaphorical garden of Eden and that both inbreeding and the knowledge relayed to the priest class has led to the fall of man. It’s certainly interesting to me that the Anunnaki and indeed pandora’s box seem to be a re-interpretation of this same story. I’m aware of many belief systems that hold onto the ideal that the metaphorical serpent was in fact humanities liberator and sent to enlighten us with knowledge and I guess to a degree that holds some truth.

Were we ready for the knowledge or were we deliberately deviated from our true path of slow spiritual growth and the gradual understanding of duality. Did this knowledge need to come from within in order that we understand it? Indeed would you sit your children down and impart knowledge that would destroy their innocence? This is what the public school education system has done for many, many children who have experienced bullying, sexualization and a drug culture.

Look at society and ourselves as the serpent and the indigenous communities of this world as children in the garden of Eden. Within a generation of liberating and enlightening these communities the vast majority are destroyed, their innocence and their inherent wisdom scattered like the autumn leaves. Many become alcoholics, drug addicts , prostitutes and so I ask are we liberators or destroyers? Is society a disease or is it the cure? Will our knowledge and our technology free us or will it enslave us? Is it really our technology.

The records indicate that after the serpent gods left, much of this knowledge appears to have been held within ancient schools of mystery. As time progressed much of this information was held in the area we now know as ancient Egypt. During this time the area was known as Kemet. The true history of Kemet stretches back much further than the Pharaoh’s, indeed in many ways the Pharaohs represent an attempt to imitate what had come before.

The word occult simply means hidden but as with all aspects of the esoteric there is an inherent duality. This knowledge can be used for good or evil. Service to self or service to others. There are many within the black nobility that are intent on subjugating and controlling every facet of humanity but there may also be a breakaway civilisation intent on awakening us. We are not in this alone either spiritually or physically.

The Seekers Of Power & Evil

There were a multitude of mystery religions spread throughout the ancient world. Realising the threat that secrets exposed posed a threat the cabal have sought to literally destroy any vestiges of this ancient wisdom. The burning of the library of Alexandria is just one example, although it’s my belief that the books were actually removed before their destruction and are now held underneath the Vatican.

Over time the bloodlines and the black nobility that sought power and enrichment rose to prominence within the mystery religions. Using and becoming consumed by the dark occult and an ancient evil that sought to use humanity for it’s own ends.

Over time the cabal became a council of bloodlines that sat above the mystery religions and from this powerbase they began to corrupt them. Indeed this system appears to operate today, an Illuminati council that operates above many of the world’s secret societies. Only those at the upper echelons of these societies are aware of the control structure that sits above them.

Serpents Through History

The serpent is also viewed by many as a metaphor for enlightenment. It represents the knowledge of duality, of good and evil, light and dark and the freewill to make these choices. From this perspective it is both good and evil, light and dark and equally from other perspectives seducer and destroyer.

In the shedding and renewing of it’s skin it could also be linked to the ancient concept of the grand cycles of change. Throughout history the serpent image has been used to display hidden knowledge and enlightenment and again much like a gun it’s how you use said knowledge that determines whether it is evil or not. The serpent is also a representation of DNA and coiled Kundalini energy.

From ancient Kemet, Indus, Asiria to the area known as Sumer which became Babylon to Mesopotamia – this area is especially important to these bloodlines which is why they are on fire today; to the breakup of Sumer and Babylon these ancient bloodlines have followed us. They can be found in ancient Greece, China and most certainly Rome. In fact Rome still contains a control and command structure that enables them to operate throughout the world.

The Illuminati have used this control structure and have proclaimed the serpent gods lineage as their divine right to rule and serpent symbiology has followed us through history. Even the Chinese emperor’s proclaimed their right to rule through their genetic connection to the dragon gods. In ancient Asia we have the shape shifting Nagas, the druids have the HU-MAN, was the headdress of the pharaohs a representation of a cobra or serpent? Indeed the Uraeus is a symbol for the goddess Wadjet (she was one of the earliest Egyptian deities and was often depicted as a Cobra).

We have the Mayan feathered serpent gods, the African Chitauri or “children of the serpent”, Royal coats of arms associated with the serpent, if you trace it back far enough the word Seraphim means snake/serpent, the Vatican uses serpent symbiology and the devil is known as ‘the old serpent’. 

Elizabeth 1st

If we look at the picture below it’s 16th century portrait of Elizabeth 1st. The painting originally showed Elizabeth clasping a serpent but it was replaced with a bunch of roses. Over time the painting deteriorated and it was only then people began to notice the outline of the serpent.

The Councils Corruption Of The Priesthood

The true history of Kemet stretches back over vast epochs, at one time it was known as the light of the world. As the Illuminati (although that name is more modern) council grew in power their influence began to further corrupt and infiltrate the mystery religions that sat below them. That’s certainly not to say that every religion had humanities best interests at heart, but it was the organised structure of the council that was to become our greatest enemy. I use the word religion with a plural but in reality to a degree many of these old religions worshiped different dualities of the same esoteric science.

Astrology formed a key component of the ancient wisdom; the Hermetic understanding of the “kingdom within”, “know thyself” and “as above so below” were also key to these understandings. They were also a direct threat to the hierarchical system of control that the cabal were intent on realising. Indeed if the power of enlightenment lays within each of us then we are all equal, we are one and as such this does not aid a control structure built upon hierarchy and subjugation.

The El-ite were and are terrified that we will learn the truth, remember who we are. The world around us has been set up as a giant distraction, an illusion that keeps us from remembering these truths. Instead of offering spiritual understanding religion has become a barrier between us and the creator, even the original teachings of Christianity have become lost or skewed.

The Architects Of Modern Society

There were many mystery religions operating throughout the ancient world. One of the first priesthoods to become deeply corrupted and infiltrated by the black nobility was the Amun priesthood. This priesthood became heavily connected to the Phoenicians rulers and between them they began to control banking, taxation, shipping, commerce and indeed the laws around said commerce. Many books have been written on the current system of the money changers. Suffice it to say that finding a way to use artificial intelligence to make fake money, manufacture something from nothing is right up their alley. Beware the crypt. To deplete your wallet just takes pulling a plug and the system which manages your form of cryptocurrency vanishes. They controlled much of this trade through the Suez canal (Zeus spelt backwards). The Phoenicians were descendants of the biblical Israelites and were the rulers of the seas. They were also the first true masters of the alphabet and were proficient in magic and arts. Take a look at the google parent company ‘alphabet’ and notice the new media lining up with a single alphabet logo alerting the need to know group these are the go to outlets for your product or service. The corporation has made sure there are draconian laws in place so their rules the JUST US system is in place and ordinary people face the justice system ripe with hand picked service to self and service to the NWO agendas.

They also created a religion based on esoteric serpent worship and were said to have had an influence on the content of the Old Testament. The Phoenician hierarchy believed that they carried the serpent seed and have planted this seed within many of the world’s most powerful families and royal bloodlines as a way of accumulating more power. They were feared throughout the ancient world and several sieges against their capital Tyre were raised to remove them from their seat of power. The most notable being the siege of Alexander the great. The book of Joshua refers to Tyre as “a fortress city” indeed it was a fortress with heavily fortified walls that rose from the sea.

The Pharaohs Of Europe

As the old world structure began to crumble the Amun priesthood began to secure a different powerbase. From this perspective the country of Switzerland was founded on the 1st of August 1291. The Templar’s last stronghold had fallen some two months before during the siege of Acre and it’s said that their treasure was hidden in Switzerland. It was this treasure that along with much of the ancient Egyptian gold formed the basis for the Swiss banking system. Incidentally the Swiss flag is actually a simplified version of the Templar cross and said cross originally derives from the Sumerian god Ninurta whose father was Enlil. Indeed the cross has been worshipped for a long time and the celtic cross was used to map the skies.


Switzerland the Pharaoh’s and the mystery religions influence on Switzerland appears to be held in the name. The name can be both traced back to the goddess Isis and interpreted as the land of the sisters, Sui-Isse (Souers Isis), Schw (e)-Iss (Schwester Isis). Paris is also named after it’s original settlers the Parrisi and this name can also be read as for Isis. Indeed the ancient city was formally known as Lutetia and the Parisii were followers of Isis. The site of the Parisii temple of Isis is now the location of The Notre Damme, is this a hidden modern interpretation? It was very special to watch the president Donald J. Trump have the most gracious and formal introduction at the World Economic Forum January 26th, 2018.

The city of London could be thought of as El London (the sun/Saturn) or indeed Babylondon. Basically the priesthood of Amun still operate from Switzerland and this entire area is key to the worldwide monetary control system. In terms of money this system has been created as representation of the god Horus, all seeing, all powerful. It is said that Horus & Ra are protectors of royalty and although the eye is ancient the image of said eye held in the pyramid can actually be traced to the Jesuits. Mon is the latin for one and then ey or eye is self explanatory money = one eye and we see the concept of the one eye gazing out from the one dollar bill.

The Phoenicians had previously arrived in Britain in 1103BC and subsequently over many generations traded with England. It is said that Phoenician money was a key component of the “private investors” that started the bank of England in 1694.

The Babylonian style brotherhood of the Phoenician hierarchy and the priest of Amun are also said to be a key component of a worldwide banking network that includes: the world bank, the IMF, the world trade organisation and the bank for international settlements. A simple investigation reveals hieroglyphs and Masonic symbols upon all important Swiss buildings. The Swiss Guard, guard the Vatican. It is more difficult to locate information on the split which took place in the Masonic order and the Knights Templar’s have continued to do the work of the true knights of the Guardian’s of earth. Identifying the orders with secret agendas who traffic children, rape children, eat children and recognizing that in these days and times there are many, manly children who require care who have been orphaned, have seriously ill or homeless parent(s), incarcerated parent(s) require specialised services. The three letter organisations such as the DSS and CPS have been called out many times for corruption. A new system of child care provision is absolutely necessary.

Much like the Phoenician connection to the Old Testament the Venetians used their power base to spread their influence into the Catholic Church and were in effect the progenitors of the Jesuit order. They have used the church to place a barrier between humanity and the creator. The externalisation of faith has made us forget our inherent power in order that we are easier to control and subjugate. The kingdom of God lays not within the walls of the church but within us all.

There is an unholy trinity of dominance: DC = Military, London = Economic, Vatican = Spirituality. At the center of each city there is an obelisk, throughout ancient Egypt and Kemet before it the obelisk was a phallic symbol used to worship the sun god Amun Ra.

Interestingly the London Obelisk is ancient and was shipped directly from Egypt, although it has no connection this obelisk is known as Cleopatra’s needle. The D.C obelisk was dedicated to George Washington by the Freemason Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia.  A great treasure of work is available from Jordan Maxwell both in written form and as youtube videos. Jordan Maxwell made many trips to the Vatican and has been a notable figure in the awakening.

Note the pine cone is also synonymous with the Sumerian gods/Anunnaki.

Vatican Sun Worship & The Dagon Mystery Religion

The Dagon mystery religion was synonymous with the fish and when you see Christians sporting the fish symbol it could be seen as a representation of Dagon. When you see people like J. Podesta with the fish symbol carved into their hands and learn the dead bodies of children have been found with these same marks this is a sign that the secret societies have reached the point where they believe they can mock the Christian faith without fear of repercussion. May God prove them wrong. The name Dagon comes from Dag and it means fish god and he is an ancient Mesopotamian Assyro-Babylonian and Levantine (Canaanite deity). Equally remember Enki is synonymous with fish symbolism and some believe the fish god is actually some form of hybrid that harks back to the Anunnaki’s attempts at genetic manipulation. The Guardian shared information that the cecilian beings were brought to earth in the hollowed out moon along with mammalian sea creatures. It was not understood by the dark force energy that seeks to create robot forms to hold the energy of the demonic forces that the spirit of these creatures, also natural creations have a stake in this Great Awakening. As the technology develops and word is getting out that seal and porpoise skins are bought for the purpose of creating the suits worn by robots so they look like aliens and can be developed for housing the spirits of the demons things have gotten out of hand.

Indeed this is a beast system that both imprisons us from birth and controls the boundaries of our perceptual awareness throughout our lives. They corporatize our bodies and sign us into maritime law, where via our birth certificates we board the citizen ship. Suffice it to say there are many, many secret societies and not all of them are evil. Some of them grew out of the need t protect their resources from the corruption, greed and power that has threatened to consume us all. Blockchain currency may actually survive and become a worthy and viable exchange of not only information and service but financial reward. In the meantime people are working towards sharing information and ideas. Words like please copy/paste, share, get the word out are offering the opportunity for people to work without fear of prosecution. For more information on the black bloodlines look up: perceptual flaws on steemit See also:

The Devil of Little St. James – The True Jeffrey Epstein Story (Full Documentary)

https://steemit.com/dtube/@rebelskum/i658gcbb A free wiki/steemit joint effort documentary on Jeffrey Epstein

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