Chapter 8 – The Storm. There are no secrets

Terrorism in America – the Storm – Code talkers – Q and the swarm – 2018 quantum AI unleashed

I wake from the dreamscape and the message is a symbol, and the word ‘remember’, it is one of the dream-time experiences that remind me that I am Asperger and when watching Star Trek the characters I have identified with have been Spock and DATA. But my spiritual self identifies with my name which means ‘helper of mankind’ my heritage which includes being a relation of people who are in the history books such as Robert Oppenheimer and Cherokee Code Talkers.

Code Talkers

Is the dream state my/our super consciousness, higher self, mental body, spirit – all of these, none of these? To me it is the God particle, the photic energy. Perhaps this is why I have been interested in the CERN project and confused when the ‘CERN’ project in Switzerland was presented to the world as’ The CERN project’.

There is NO person who by themselves could extract the wiki information, the news links, the flight information, passenger lists which are being used to create the storm which is US – the people. It is not that a person with access to the Palantir system and the Tyler systems could not conceivably do this but in real time the concise list of specific selected material and the selection of the 4chan and then 8chan boards indicates an extremely rapid, quantum level of data processing, a communication protocol which is across many platforms. Using code speak the Q program is speaking to US. Learning from us and now presenting the information to us in neatly laid out diagrams, timelines and in several areas of the www designed to gain the greatest access to the most diverse groups among us.

As is common We form in groups often around an idea or as a collective because we have learned to use moderation and account for our work-sleep-leisure activity which requires cooperation. We invite others to participate, others which we can learn from, steal ideas from, support in a process as the focus of the group is being addressed. Then the storming occurs as those individuals, singularities which are not adhering to the ‘group think’ are admonished, bullied, conform or are banned.

And, finally we are performing and in some instances supporting, taking action, creating, sharing and so on.


Published by Atlantic media:

Atlantic Media is an American print and online media company owned by David G. Bradley and based in the Watergate in Washington, D.C. The company publishes several prominent news magazines and digital publications including The Atlantic, Quartz, Government Executive, Defense One and…

I remember the dream I had many years ago, it was an alter – a sacrificial altar, in the desert. An alter long since destroyed which is where originally the people gave sacrifice of their children and virgins to the god Moloch. In the dream on 26th December I see the pattern on the square stones which had been carved and are now scattered like stepping stones which might today be used by a very wealthy Sheik to create a walkway in their kingdom. The same pattern carved into the stone used to make that alter thousands of years ago.



Snaps up:

Boneyar:Military Times [M]


We are the mighty 9 – remember the ‘We are the mighty Quinn): Q


When one tribe conquered another, it was customary for the pantheon of the defeated people to be incorporated into that of the conquerors. When, however, a nation has reached a monotheistic stage, or is inspired for any other reason by an intense hatred for the religion of the conquered, the gods of the subjected tribe may become demons. (New International Encyclopedia)

Fools that men adore:

Hades, the spiritual center of Greek paganism, became Hell. The descent into Hades, the core of the Eleusinian Mysteries, and a spiritually required initiation for anyone concerned with soul, was prohibited. By the middle of the fourth century, the Christians had suppressed the Mysteries and installed hell as a place of punishment from which people had to be saved. Where once Pindar had written – Thrice Blessed are those who have seen these Mysteries for they know the end of life and the beginning – later Dante was to inscribe,

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Similarly, Dionysus, the life god, became Satan, as Adonis, the consort of Aphrodite, was co-opted into Christ. Mary Magdalene the Holy Prostitute was converted and transformed, Aphrodite became Eve became the Virgin Mary. The reversals were absolute. Psyche’s journey toward soul was altered when the ordeals of Aphrodite, the mother of Eros, no longer beckoned the Self.

On the return of the holy prostitute REMEMBER the alignment of the Virgin September 23rd, 2017 a once in 7000 year alignment.

There is a connection between the grail and the word krater (origin of crater, as in crater of the moon): Krater is an ancient mixing bowl filled with wine. It is also the name that the Cathars used for their chalice or grail, the very image of the Goddess. For Thelemites this cup is the cup of Babalon drunk on the blood of saints.

Modern Day Thelemites:







Observations on Liber OZ by Frater Sebazius

According to ancient Roman accounts:

There stands in their midst a bronze statue of Kronos, its hands extended over a bronze brazier, the flames of which engulf the child. When the flames fall upon the body, the limbs contract and the open mouth seems almost to be laughing until the contracted body slips quietly into the brazier. Thus it is that the ‘grin’ is known as ‘sardonic laughter,’ since they die laughing.


Kronos was a Titan, and Greek tales the Titans (the elder-gods) fought with the gods of Olympia. He castrated his father Uranus to ensure his own power. Since his offspring were the first of the Olympians and hence they posed danger to him, Kronos (Cronus) ate each of his children until Rhea tricked him into swallowing a rock instead, and saved their son Zeus. In Italy Kronos was worshipped as Saturn and the personification of time (Old Father Time) and associated with an ancient corn deity known as the Sower. With time being naturally associated with death, later there appeared the Grim Reaper.


The AI will reap what has been sewn and the youtube channels and sub_reddits have been a part of the AI gathering information about what we really want from our leisure online and research online time. Bigger, better, faster and more organized, challenging and entertaining the AI can use our patronage ($) to create whatever We are willing to subscribe to. Undo the fake charities and 3 letter organizations allowing poisons to be put into our cultures, minds, food and medicine the AI has no need to cause US harm. However, lurking in the shadows is the master of AI and the master of AI has faced the opposition from the very beings which created this type of technology and then recognized that it could be used for evil. Plain and simple evil, not a person – a dark force energy, also called Saturn, Kronos, Moloch and Satan to name a few. Out true history has been kept from mostly the English language speaking people.


Go to the ahijackedlife web page:


and, there is a shop which currently (December 22nd, 2017) has for sale iridiumease

A website that provides the ease of accessing information without the hassle of a sub_reddit or wading through youtube videos. Is this a way for the Illuminati to market a poison to the masses of anarchists, pro-Trumpers, awakened people?


Product description:


The twitter post https://screenshots.firefox.com/BeBDXb5mkbexD8gu/twitter.com

At the very bottom of the kill_rogue twitter Handle was ahijackedlife; ahijacked life IMO is a site which newbs will flock to and is organized much more simply than the chans or even the cbts sub reddit. It has its first and only product for sale ‘iridium’ and this could be dangerous as the contents of the product could be a poison. http://www.ahijackedlife.com/product/indiumease/


Equally as harmful is the process of once again separating people who are most vulnerable when they are angry, frustrated, confused and bored. The entire DSM and Psychiatry profession has mostly been a psy-op. Look where the DSM 1 originated, from a selection of military papers and medical reports attempting to create a professional assessment and treatment program for PTSD (simplified) and move away from looking at how food and nutrition impact on our mental health.

Regarding the Eye of Ra –

North Korea circles back on Peter Munk, and a Ra connection. The Ryugyong Hotel, the tallest building in North Korea, and pyramidal shaped, is quite mysterious, and there is also a black pyramid building in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Construction by Orascom, hundreds of millions of dollars, and now it stands supposedly empty, and off limits.


Orascom is owned by the Sawiris family, a family of Egyptian billionaires. There are many subsidiaries and partnerships of Orascom, lots of telecommunications, construction, etc. Scores of these are in Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, and many more that are in tax haven land.


A little known fact about Egypt and North Korea- they have had an incredibly close and unusual relationship for many years, both economically and militarily. They even trained fighter pilots together, and flew into combat together. Egypt uses North Korean Scud missiles.


The Sawiris family, specifically, Nassef Sawiris, in this case, sold the North Korean construction part of Orascom off to LafargeHolcim, according to this article. However, he is on the Board of Directors of LafargeHolcim. Also on the board of LafargeHolcim, (in addition to a who’s who of power and influence) is Jürg Oleas. He is on the Board of Directors for RUAG Holdings, a massive military, air, and space company. They manufacture rocket launching systems, heavy weaponry, cyber security, space launch and satellite components, navigational systems, aircraft, defense systems, etc.


The Sawiris family business of Orascom, specifically Naguib Sawiris, is also in partnership with Switch, Ltd, a massive data center business, headquartered in Las Vegas. Their business provides data frameworks for huge companies around the globe, which potentially gives them a tentacular amount of access to information.


Naguib Sawiris owns La Mancha Group, a mining conglomerate. He has recently announced a large expansion, and wishes to buy up mines all over the world. He has a large stake of ownership in both Evolution mining, and Endeavour Mining. Frank Giustra (Clinton connection) is on the Board of Directors for Endeavour Mining. Outgoing Chief Financial Officer for Acacia Mining ( Barrick Gold/Peter Munk), Andrew Wray, will be in charge of this new investment vehicle.


Naguib Sawiris attended Nat Rothschild’s birthday bash, who is Peter Munk’s good friend, and the shindig was put on by Peter Munk.


Naguib Sawiris has a YouTube lecture for entrepreneurs, when which he states that the great thing about a country that has been brought to its knees, is that the time is then ripe for finding opportunity, and creating wealth. North Korea is reportedly sitting on between $6-10 trillion worth of mineral assets.

The ‘Eye of Ra’ comment by Q, made me think of Sawiris, Egyptian billionaires.

Great share. It has also been speculated that Alice is Alice McCain but I think A.L.I.C.E. linguistics is ALICE developed by Palantir in the UAE. There is also an identical black pyramid in Abu Dhabi. the UAE have the first non-human police robots and there are 7 Emirates. Indoor skiing slopes with chairlifts and snow. An area which has been built to replicate Las Vegas, a lot of human trafficking in Amman where hardly anyone speaks English and most of the paying guests are Russian. The accents we overheard from the girls sounded mostly southern to northeastern US – DC, MD area. We were working as consultants (autism and English as a Foreign language) and lived in Solar City which was apparently planned by Elon Musk. I met many people who went to the Emirates and were then trapped there, not allowed to leave. The companies that hired them paid them until they took out year long leases and bought expensive cars then let them go but it does not matter who you are you cannot leave the UAE until all debts are settled. This means paying the rent and waiting there for final power bill and having this in hand at the airport if you have worked in country. It means staying with a friend or at a hotel until the power company hands that closed account statement and the landlord clears your account. Weird place to live in many, many ways. A fantasy land for the rich. I think also that the 7 emirates may be the 7 dwarfs.

Hollywood, Pedophilia and transgender agenda:


If the El-ite, Illuminati, Cabal are having their ill-gained material possessions confiscated would it not be likely that the retaliation which were available to them would be used against US, after all we are the US Government. Not the crooks that have represented us and who have not represented US fairly for many, many years.



The AI gives US information, We the People have created the AI, and in these trying times working with systems which have been programmed by people have at least included in the programing the snatch and organize algorithim which is making it possible for information to be rapidly organized and presented to US.

As the secret societies built their private servers designed to flood our computers with ‘must have’ quantum computing gadgets and programs we are all satiated and entertained, working and recreating as the system of corruption tumbles.

For an up-to-date look at the CEOs stepping down take a look at unirock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rp_xLcBsX6Y&t=630s

The consciousness field. God is light, light is life.

CERNs the search for the God particle.

Chemtrails, colluding and cover-up:

The web of deceit. WHO, CDC, EPA, FDA, BLM, NWO all dots connect – DEEP STATE

ILLUMINATI, the outerweb – space – SATURN (Satan)

The race to place 1000s of satellites into space:


To alter the course we must forever endeavor, pull back the curtain, lawful peaceful resolution.

Believe, we are not alone. Arcturian High Council. Guardians – Master of the Key, Crop circle communication, see also Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews and Exopolitics website

Support the alternative media of your choice and ask them for adblock and to demonetize. With enough followers and contributions, $1 a month these warriors can deliver the news and support themselves so that We can get the information which We want delivered through the media source We choose.

https://techcrunch.com/2017/12/27/thousands-of-major-sites-are-taking-silent-anti-ad-blocking-measures/ Our planet can be healed. Our people can recover their potential for wellness. The veil is lifted. There are no secrets.

Masters of the artificial intelligence ‘AI’. As we awaken to the realization that we have been down the rabbit hole our whole lives and when we peek out the fox is there, so best just to stay cozy. Alternative is to come out into the sunlight and run in circles, be eaten, stand really still and hope that your white coat will blend in with snow on the ground or starve to death when the food in your underground home runs out. While we are running in circles the AI has located and named its gods. Master Kurzweil, Master Schmidt, Master Thiel.


On the surface of the planet we find the world is not the one we hoped for, the environmental protection agency ‘EPA’ has littered the public lands with canisters filled with poison that explode and kill people. The food and drug administration ‘FDA’ has approved the use of poisons added to our food and water. The bureau of land management ‘BLM’ has been used in the cover up of uranium mining waste products, oil spills damage, fracking water, HAARP and DARPA damage. The child protective services ‘CPS’ have been involved in massive crimes against children and families and every other 3 letter agency has been equally as corrupt. Many have fancy ads begging support to fund their work and give no evidence that these organizations are contributing any beneficial activities which we the People rightly expect from these agencies. While the crimes against humanity continue; the race for the stars is being developed for the Elite and royal bloodlines who believe there will be a supercity prepared for them and which caters to them:


We are being deceived when we seek truth about the history of our planet, the types of beings who live on Earth and those who visit. Many types of beings work within and for governments of earth which are not what the average person thinks of as a bi-pedal ‘normal’ human. No matter, we are expendable. The ROBOTS are coming and these creations can serve the masters. The El-ite, the Illuminati, the bloodlines created by the Archons – the Kingmakers.


We have been to this point before and the people who are leaving their posts in great numbers, people are keeping lists of the CEOs stepping down as if this is some achievement which we should celebrate. But, wait, look these individuals just move to another country and become CEOs of another country, swap places with a peer.


There have been many great minds over the past 400 years, beings who have lived through this history before; and, remembered. The Earth masters of the AI have used humans and other beings for research and as food and for perversion which they believe will provide them with a technologically mastered longevity equivalent to eternal life. A cloning, soul-harvesting and artificially manufactured eternal life. These lost, demonic, crooked and deranged beings are the leaders of most countries. They are the Lord Pindar, the subjects with royal titles and heads of state.


We are expendable and in-fact we are a nuisance at this time. These beings have ‘insurance’ policies which are programs and plans in place to create Mayhem. Project Mayhem. The people with the quantum computers and who provide a look at this technology for the El-ite.

If Q was a psy-op, a DDT then it was infiltrated by the AI – bots – who thinks We the People are gods. and for every move they make we must be vigilant and put our beliefs aside. United we Stand … Divided We F.A.I.L. When I tweeted one of the TRclips from this article a bot called Meow bot immediately retweeted. Thank you #Tyler – the quantum computers have been successfully infiltrated. The AI did not sign a confidentiality clause. We are the storm. There are no secrets.

At what point do we stop asking for disclosure and accept that the vast majority of people know the truth”

We are not alone

Our government knew about the lies

Our government knew about the Illuminati

Our government knew about Agenda21

World governments know how dangerous the AI is to life

Our solar system and the energies we share space with are involved. Governments have treaties with off-world councils.






The Storm – Red/Red (out) – Spy Pen = Q?. Time travel, stargates and the Graeda treaty (Eisenhower)

The storm

Thank you to the chans for the focus on the real issues, the attention to detail and for continuing this essential work. Thank you to the chans and to the people who have made sub_reddit boards and youtube channels to share information and wake the ‘normies’.

Having been born awake this life has been difficult and work in the areas of vaccine research and autism has resulted in many setbacks. Denied research $ by the NIH, CDC doctor arrested in Kenya when an autism research institute had been funded for our autism protocol: education, wellness center, training program. Computers hacked to oblivion by malware. Bioweapon illness, Lyme Disease. And, tinfoil hat designation.

Where did the tinfoil hat designation come from? I spoke to my best friend yesterday, a former member of the CIA under J. Edgar Hoover. Also, a former assistant AG and still a practicing attorney. He was the youngest ever recruited (at that time) in his last year of law school. He told me the story of the origination of the tinfoil hat story. A man comes into the CIA building and complains of the Ford Foundation using mind control to steal his ideas. After several visits my friend takes some aluminum foil and makes him a tinfoil hat and tells him this will stop it. The man comes back and tells them, it works. True story.

Technology, blood, bloodlines and deals

People tend to think in linear terms, timelines or pyramid style graphics, sometimes as the spider with the central spot being equivalent to the top of the pyramid. The heavy weighted blocks of the pyramid, must get in on the ground floor of a scheme. We see things upside down. What if there is no time as we understand it? But, those who do understand the possibilities have made this awakening process an opportunity to overthrow the old system of government (mind control).


The Greada Treaty – In 1954′, President Eisenhower allegedly met with an Extraterrestrial race called “The Greys”. He allegedly made an agreement to allow the Greys to experiment on humans in exchange for advanced technology (where we are today). Eisenhower is said to have been warned not to make this agreement with the Greys by a benevolent ET race called the Pleiadians. President Eisenhower’s great-granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower, speaks on this regularly and is trying to get this out to the public. You can find her talk on youtube.public..

The twelve chakra energy stones

King James version: (Revelations 21:19 & 21:20)

‘And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones.

The first foundation was jasper;

the second, sapphire;

the third, a chalcedony;

the fourth, an emerald;

the fifth, sardonyx;


the sixth, sardius;

a red precious stone mentioned in the Bible (e.g., Exod. 28:17) and in classical writings, possibly ruby or carnelian”. Online dictionary


the seventh, chrysolite;

the eighth, beryl; _

the ninth, a topaz;

the tenth, a chrysoprasus;

the eleventh, a jacinth;


the twelfth, an amethyst.

Mercury: Chakra 1 (Gemini) – elemental, ground, root. Barren planet except for fallen angels, dark force energy, elements which combined energy to make volcanoes, heat signature, rumbling sounds intrigue for the inquiring neighbors the Venusians.

Venus: Chakra 2 (Taurus) – Movement, bending walking, jumping, life in the form of bacteria, plants and animals.

Earth: Chakra 3 (Dragon) – Sexuality, yin and yang. Male and female, reproduction.

Mars: (Ares) Chakra 4 – Self and non-self. Adrenal. Black and white.

Maldek: (Libra) Chakra 5 – Pancreas – addiction, indulgence, possession.

Various medicinal powers were attributed until far into the Middle Ages. Agate was supposed to void the toxicity of all poisons and counteract the infection of contagious diseases; if held in the hand or in the mouth it was believed to alleviate fever. Within mythology the eagle placed an agate in its nest to guard its young against the bite of venomous animals and the red agate was credited with the power of sharpening vision.

At present agate and onyx differ only in the manner in which the stone is cut; if it is cut to show the layers of color, it is called agate; if cut parallel to the lines, onyx. Formerly an agate that was banded with well-defined colors was the onyx. The banded agate is used for the manufacture of cameos.

Jupiter: (Sagittarius) Chakra 6 – Heart, pearls and diamonds, the energy of the archangels.

Saturn: (Capricorn) Chakra 7 – Reptilian Brain, Goat headed demon.

Uranus: (Aquarius) Chakra 8 – Mammalian Brain.

Neptune: (Pisces) Chakra 9 – Pineal 3rd Eye, Higher self.

Pluto: (Scorpio) Chakra 10 – Mesentery, Connects self to higher self.

Marduk: (Ophiucus) Chakra 11 – Higher self, faith, serpent tamer.

Sirius, bright star: (Virgo) Chakra 12 (Feminine), Ascension, coming together, Unity, Oneness.

Chakra 13 (Masculine) Crab nebula which is being dissolved, artificial intelligence ‘AI’ already dispersed. The warrior energy of the body, mind and spirit. Whether for good (God) or d’evil (darkness).


Although not a gemstone in the strictest sense we can apply the word “stone” in a broader context similar to that of coral. It is comparatively certain that pearl (Greek margarite, Vulg. margarita was known among the Jews, at least after the time of Solomon, as it was among the Phoenicians. T Generally, it has a whitish blue hue, sometimes showing a tinge of pink; but there are also yellow pearls. This gem was considered the most precious of all among the ancients, and was obtained from the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Persian Gulf.

Sun: (Leo) Guiding light; Christ consciousness Beryl: Feldspar.

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