Chapter 1 – Civil War in America

Joseph White Eyes writes: "Hey y'all, Tania Aubid is on her 7th day of a hunger strike. She has been committed to this fight since early April when the sacred stone camp first went up. I am asking that you keep her in your prayers, and keep her in your thoughts while You are fighting… Continue reading Chapter 1 – Civil War in America


Chapter 3 – Terrorism in America

The America’s history is largely disputed. It is genuinely difficult to even debate the origins of human life in this area of the world. Where would we start? The ancient wonders of the world with art, artifacts and structures that defy logic such as Pumapunku, fossilized remains of skeletons in archeological digs dating back hundreds… Continue reading Chapter 3 – Terrorism in America

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Chapter 4 – Awakenings

Almost nothing is known about the childhood of one of the greatest Apache chiefs in history. In fact, no one is even sure when he was born. Relatively tall for his day, he was said to have stood at least 183 centimeters (6′), cutting a very imposing figure. A leader of the Chiricahua tribe, Cochise… Continue reading Chapter 4 – Awakenings


Chapter 5 – My Dreams don’t have rules

My dreams don't have rules. I woke from the dreamscape having had an experience mostly involving symbology. Repetition, I learn in the dreamscape the same way a small child learns – repetition. I woke and thought about the dream experience and wondered if there was anything I needed to share. Having experienced teaching dreams my… Continue reading Chapter 5 – My Dreams don’t have rules


Chapter 6 – Unity in the Community

I went to sleep with questions and I woke with a series of ‘key’ words and symbols that trigger the information received in the dreamscape. I tell my husband and he writes these words down and then prepares a document which is more detailed for the Cumberland Academy wix website. I had not read it… Continue reading Chapter 6 – Unity in the Community


Chapter 7 – Disorganized Schizophrenia

Let’s first start from what the term diagnosis actually means: Diagnosis is the stage through which a clinician examines signs (e.g. crying) and symptoms (e.g. feelings of sadness) of a person in order to find out whether they characterize a disabling, endangering disorder. It is an essential process in the field of mental health as… Continue reading Chapter 7 – Disorganized Schizophrenia


Chapter 8 – The Storm. There are no secrets

Terrorism in America – the Storm – Code talkers – Q and the swarm – 2018 quantum AI unleashed I wake from the dreamscape and the message is a symbol, and the word ‘remember’, it is one of the dream-time experiences that remind me that I am Asperger and when watching Star Trek the characters… Continue reading Chapter 8 – The Storm. There are no secrets

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Chapter 9 – Secret Societies

Most of us have either been in a secret society, seen a film about them or our individual minds have at least read a book which allows for most people to think that we know what a secret society is but, our individual minds have a limited perspective. Our personal moral compass only allows for… Continue reading Chapter 9 – Secret Societies

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Chapter 10 – Patent on Evil

  https://www.wired.com/2007/09/dayintech-0924/ by Tony Long 8/24/2007 Science Sept. 24, 1947: MJ-12 — We Are Not Alone … Or Are We? [President Truman purportedly authorized “Operation Majestic Twelve” with this 1947 letter. * Image: http://www.mufor.org * 1947: If the secret committee known as the Majestic 12 ever really existed, this is the day that the group… Continue reading Chapter 10 – Patent on Evil


Chapter 11 – Follow the white rabbit

  White Rabbit – Q kill_rogue – IBM Q Who, what and where is the white rabbit? Control of patents and the weaponization of things The Internet of Things (IOT) is controlled by IBM which is now IBM Q (patents include the Clipper Chip) a 5G quantum computer network which is being connected to North… Continue reading Chapter 11 – Follow the white rabbit


Chapter 12 – May Day

1775 – 1918 The Indian American wars 1775 – 1783 Revolutionary war On May 1st, 1776 - The Illuminati was founded by Bavarian royal society https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Crurq4ZmAUU Canadian Naval Intelligence Officer Admiral William G. Carr who wrote “Pawns in the Game” the video link (above) is his speech in 1958 he died in 1959. From the… Continue reading Chapter 12 – May Day


How I came to understand my connection to the Mantis being

My first memory is 'it is time to go and be born now'. My birth was written about in New England Journal of Medicine as 'a miracle'. A team of doctors had determined the pregnancy to be impossible to carry through to term, my mother had miscarried my twin while in her OBGYNs office. At… Continue reading How I came to understand my connection to the Mantis being