How I came to understand my connection to the Mantis being

My first memory is ‘it is time to go and be born now’. My birth was written about in New England Journal of Medicine as ‘a miracle’. A team of doctors had determined the pregnancy to be impossible to carry through to term, my mother had miscarried my twin while in her OBGYNs office. At the hospital to have the D & C to clean her womb and prevent infection she was found to still be pregnant with the twin, me. Then on the day of my birth my mother lost consciousness while driving to her doctor appointment and ran into a transport truck hauling steal beams, she was pinned behind the stirring wheel.

To be able to understand things which are happening in the midst of other people, to know what this person is thinking, see the place where they live or the animal they are missing is what it is like to be a telepathic child. I was so much so that at age four my Mom got out a pack of poker cards and she asked me to play a game with her and my little sister who was just two-and-a-half years old, it was the summer of 1961. I did not know the names of the suits, I called them flowers (clubs), hearts, shovels (spades) and diamonds. I knew the alphabet and that there was a J, K, Q and A. I knew my numbers.

I saw symbols in my school and played similar games on board the craft where I went with the Guardian, a Mantis being, and the two small grey beings who accompanied the Mantis being when they came to get me. My school on the craft usually took place in the large semi-circular room and we sat on the floor of the craft. I always took my blanket with me to sit on. Even in Florida, I wore footie pajamas because I did not like the feel of the cold metal, I liked looking out the windows and seeing the stars on the transport smaller craft that took me to the larger ship where the other children also came for school.

In the tiny living room my Mom pulled the cards from the deck one by one and looked, I thought and told her the card, she did this over and over again. I could not see the cards and she put the ones I ‘guessed’ correctly in a pile. I did not know how many cards were in the deck. I remember her telling my Dad that I got 37 correct and she thought that was unusual.

There have been many unusual occurrences in my life including several near death experiences.

As a small child I reported to my Mom and grandparents on my dream experiences and my grandparents were totally non-judgemental but my Mom was obviously concerned about my telepathy, the drawings of a three year old creating spaceships and describing the place where I went to school in 1960. I would not actually go to school until 1961, Sunday school, and then to elementary school in 1962. I did not attend a pre-school or a kindergarten.The great outdoors was my daytime school and I was fascinated by insects.

I learned that the beings which escorted me to school on the craft which floated in the stars were not seen in the ‘real’ world. My Guardian then changed form and appeared to me as a tall thin missionary without a name. Most of the time I just went to the library in the consciousness field and anything I needed for school was there. I was evaluated and determined to be academically gifted. I was offered a placement at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration new school in Coral gables, Florida run by the University of Miami, Florida when I was 11. I turned this down due to an experience which happened in the area of the Bermuda triangle while riding in a boat to the Miami Springs Power Boat Club which my dad helped to build. I was also offered a placement in the NASA early recruitment program when I was 13, I also declined this arrangement even though I had met my great uncle Robert Oppenheimer when I was 7 years old and knew science was in my genes. I lived enough science in my dreams where the Guardian was continuing to oversee my educational process.

At age 15 I wanted to have a vision quest and I had this experience which seemed to be a point at which a great deal of creative energy sprang forth. I wrote a lot of songs and poetry and was offered money for these but my dreams told me this would not end well so I did not sell my art. Instead I focused on understanding food science and nutrition, eating disorders of childhood and how food affects the body, mind and spirit. This was a continuation of my studies in this area which had begun at age 11.

At age 32 a child who was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism, severe hyperactivity disorder and who was said to be unteachable was brought to my attention by her guardian ad litem who was also a friend and who had presided over the ethics committee of a research project I had completed earlier that year. At this point I needed to learn about this relatively rare condition called autism. Again, the Guardian came into my life, but this time in a very big way which was overwhelming. In 3D my biological children ages 7 and 8 saw one of the small grey being visiting their newly placed foster sister. My children drew a picture of the being and these drawings were identical to the cover of Whitley Streiber’s book Communion. Later Whitley Streiber would write about the ‘Master of the key’ Mantis being.

In 1994 I was allowed to adopt this child, Sara. Understanding of the autistic metabolism had allowed for me to understand more fully my own metabolism and by age 40 I had unlocked the secrets of my metabolic, biochemical challenges and was finally able to provide myself with a balanced diet which alleviated the signs and symptoms which are common to many people with autism spectrum disorder – auditory processing difficulties, visual distortion, vertigo, hypersensitivity, food in-tolerances and allergies. This led to my work in the field of autism and a realization of the mass deception the human population has undergone as the deep state has used us for research.

The kundalini experience involved loss of time and paralysis was unacceptable to me. My body had been ravaged by surgeries and near death experiences. In 2006 we were living in an area of the UK where there was a great deal of animal research and I became unwell with what has been called by many names, including Morgellon’s, Lyme disease and acute infected dermatitis. Basically allergic to the matter which is put into our air, on our land and in our food & water. We left the UK and went to a pristine area of Bulgaria where I underwent a dark night of the soul – this had followed the death of our adopted daughter, Sara, who was declassified from a diagnosis of autism, was attending college and she was engaged to be married. .

In Bulgaria my dream life was rich and full, I experienced things that were far outside of my Christian religious upbringing and which had nothing to do with the native American indigenous belief system. After recovering well enough to work we lived in many countries including Dubai, Cambodia and Nepal. We were in Nepal when this country experienced a series of great quakes and this brought us home to America. In my childhood I had two recurring dreams. One of revolving doors, this stopped when we traveled to New York during the time when we also went for my brother’s graduation from West Point. Some members of my family rented a tour bus and we went to the World Trade Center. It felt really strange going through those revolving doors, standing on the top of the building and looking out over New York. After this I never had the dream again. The other of a great quake, I had not planned to leave the US and did not even have a passport. I go many places and to many time periods in my dreams, I have little need to travel for entertainment. However, in 1997 when waiting to hear whether our National Institute of Health grant application, in the final review process, would receive the $2.6 million dollars in funding needed to study autism and diet we received an offer to do research in India. As soon as we learned that both our research grant and Duke University grant with the same investigative proposal failed I obtained a passport and began making reparations to travel outside the USA, to India. During the remaining year in the USA and for the next twenty years I have provided thousands of diet consultations for mostly people diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Max put the information onto a website in 2002 where it remains today. Our work has been cited nearly two billion times. It is infrequent that I share with people that the individualised diet recommendations unique to that person is often provided to me by the higher consciousness.                              

I have had a lot of training and finally have reached the level of ability where my consciousness can be taken as needed to view whomever, wherever and whenever the Guardian calls for me. There are others like me. I can also read the thoughts of the being who calls for an outbounder. There are no secrets.

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