Chapter 6 – Unity in the Community

I went to sleep with questions and I woke with a series of ‘key’ words and symbols that trigger the information received in the dreamscape. I tell my husband and he writes these words down and then prepares a document which is more detailed for the Cumberland Academy wix website. I had not read it until today, January 29, 2018. I was embarrassed by my own comments so this is the cleaned up version.



The Guardian, my Guardian – an Ancient Mantid being is a Master of the Key. Mantis of this density are able to manifest in 3D and the Mantis beings work with the blue sphere beings for making crop circle messages and safely transporting us in the dream state. The blue spheres are 7th density beings or a collective of energy that works together during this time for this purpose in our 3D earth space. The blue spheres are easily invisible with a blue sky background but can be seen and are most often seen floating in gardens and appear to people who are very appreciative of the earth and earth resources and people who are very service to others. The Mantis and Avian have shape-shifting and density hopping abilities, they are highly telepathic. Mantis can command a silence from the insect beings in a large vicinity and they can command a swarm. Mantis can manufacture chemicals which put us back into a dream or paralytic state. Both Avians and Mantid beings are very dexterous.

One question is what is the significance of the 144,000? The answer came as a series of shapes, including the pyramid shape with its many levels and blocks. My waking state is interpreting the dreamscape and my understanding is that:

The first level represents both the seen and unseen world, space and all that is contained therein which can be utilized in or on the world which holds these atomic particles. The sound vibrations, color energy, weight, density, gravity and possibility.

The second level represents form, a coming together as gases, solids, atoms moving between states of being.

The third level is the possibility of unity, a collective of atoms which are working together and from which life as science tries to define it, is possible.

The fourth level is a kind of chaos or harmony depending on the unity of the collective – earth or the star being which is home to these particles also contributes energy to the process. Other beings may also be involved in supporting or hindering the process of the collective.

The fifth level is supporting the foundations of the successful communities, tearing apart the failing communities so they can be free to try again but this level still involves the option of agree, disagree or simply agree to disagree and do nothing, even to work in secret, deception.

The sixth level transcends deception and the beings work in random, tandem and chaos for the best result of the star being.

The seventh level are the ascended beings who have worked as a collective towards the best result for a star being and are communicating through the galactic grid system.

The eighth level are the energy of light and sound and vibration which respond to the grid or create a communication with the grid.

The ninth level are the higher energy beings who work with aspects of or influence from the star beings.

The tenth level are what we call the constellations, having a connection to living beings on each of the stars or planets in our solar system. There are about 12,000 of the beings who were ninth level at the end of the last epoch and who chose to be tenth level constellation communities for this epoch. These were ninth level beings who studied for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years the influences these communities have on the life forms and stars, planets in their chosen solar system. These are the 144,000 who will now choose their next journey during this ascension process in our solar system.

The eleventh level of being may include joining the energy of the solar system to escort the dark force energy into the void of a black hole to transform that energy back to particles. This allows for the energy to be released in the following epoch as the birth of a new sun.

The twelfth level is sun.

When we, a human community, makes a choice via our belief that ‘governments’ are reliable and necessary forms of enslavement and a government or governments allow for the planet and all of her life forms and elements and particles to be harmed then we have created a cry for intervention that cannot be muted.

3/11 was Japan’s 9/11. The Japan earthquake was man made and had a peak seismic intensity of 6.67 Richter and happened 100 km inland at seismic station MYGOO4. The tsunami was caused by nuclear weapons, a total of six of them, set off in sequence in the Japan trench to trigger an enormous tsunami”. 1


Seeking 300 people for Unity in the Community – Ubuntu alternative living opportunity
Cumberland Academy

Pay once have a space for life. $2000.00 contribution provides lifetime membership. Dwellings exist on the current property and these include houses and barns for temporary shelter as we build an off-grid ubuntu community. BioDynamic farming, permaculture and support for sustaining natural food sources in the environment.

Needed: gardeners, field workers

Health and well-being center to provide holistic therapies.

Needed: massage therapists, reiki therapists, shiatsu therapists, sweat lodge builders

Home-school style Person Centered Education meeting the Western Association of Schools and Colleges on-site including: English language, Math, History, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education or Movement and Dance, Geography, Philosophy, Life skills, Music, Arts and Crafts, Gardening, Foreign language(s), Drama. Additional options where possible.

Needed: Physical Education enthusiasts, teachers and instructors for the area which most suits your abilities. Cooking enthusiasts, seamstress, potter, artist, musician, bi-lingual paraprofessional.

Housing must meet sanitation standards and we will build in four areas: 1. Pre-fab, RV and small mobile home site area 2. Traditional tipi, rondell, hut and yert 3. tiny house, tree house, bamboo or small log cabin 4. temporary visitor, camping

Needed: Builders, craftsmen, solar panel installation, plumbers

The first 300 applicants who contribute $2000.00 will become joint members of the Unity for Community – Cumberland Academy collective that will form the first fully active and inclusive self-sustaining community.

Pets will need to be well managed and people friendly or provided with a suitable pet friendly enclosure.

We envision trading farm produce for cured meats and voting as a collective on whether we choose to include farm animals on the property. The property has a lake and stream. We want to keep it clean.

Use of poisons such as pesticides and rodenticides would violate the respect for life ethos of the Rainbow tribe medicine woman mission, vision and values.

Single individual $2000.00
Single parent with one child $3000.00 (parent receives membership, child remains as non-member living in the community up to age twenty-one).
Single parent with two children $3500.00
Couple with one child $3500.00
Couple with two children $4000.00

All adults will need to expect to contribute 3 hours 3 days or nights per week to the community in your area of expertise or as general assistance.

This is not a timeshare. Your dwelling will need to be prepared to meet your needs during the time you wish to be in the community whether this is for one day, one week, one season or year round.

No money is requested up front. A statement of intent to participate with contact details will be sufficient initially.

Please see video link below which shows the property which is available in the beautiful Appalachian mountains running a course which is parallel with the Appalachian trail.

There is a business plan which includes generating revenue from conferences, workshops, seminars and panels.

Send statement of interest to Unity at sojmed@gmail.com

How $10,000.00 can provide lifetime care in the community:

One person needs 24/7 support. Three people are indigent but able to earn a National Vocational Health & Social Care training certificate level I – ability to care for the mild to moderate learning disabled, moderately impaired and elderly – Cumberland Academy awarded training program.

Person or family of person requiring support agrees on level of support needed which can be up to 6 hours in a four hour period is equivalent to one person. Purchasing a membership provision in the community which includes the specification that this person provides care in the community guarantees the person selecting this benevolent act will receive six hours per day of care in the community.

In this way a one time choice of purchasing 5 memberships. one for the person requiring 24/7 basic support, would allow for 5 people to be housed within the community with NO additional monetary requirements. The type of accommodation erected would need to meet the basic sanitation standards. The one, two, three or four individuals living in the community who were interviewed, provided two references each and who met with the approval of the client would be afforded all benefits of life in the community except membership. Any children involved would be provided the same benefits of education and extracurricular activities as provided to members of the community.

Spouses of members of the community will be given equal voice in all major decisions effecting the community.

In this way people with disabilities are able to be provided a membership in the community, elderly or those of us approaching this milestone are able to make an informed choice. Those who wish to maintain employment outside the community are free to do so without fear of bullying or chastisement. Those persons wishing to give more than three hours three days per week will have the value of this contribution and reward agreed by the community.

It is very difficult to see pictures of crop circles worldwide and particularly in the USA; although they are common ‘phenomena’. The American ‘community’ is comprised of a great number of isolated persons – sick, elderly, marginalised, veterans, widows and widowers, handicapped and traumatised. We remain isolated because those we have given authority to have conditioned us to believe that we are ‘at risk’ if we engage with other people. They have shown us that we are ‘at risk’ by creating malware that destroys our computers, makes it difficult to use social media, entices us to support charities and political agendas that only make the El-ite more wealthy and in reality does NOTHING for the cause which has taken our contributory dollars. If we .make a noise’ we are at risk of arrest, charges against us for using our ‘Freedom of Speech’.

They have chosen the side of the ‘Book of Deception’, false religions and false gods. The evidence is clear and available to anyone who chooses to look and use their basic human skills. The megalithic sites have left us clues, the world was not an ‘ignorant cave man’ level society in 6000BCE, it was a world of scattered communities and pastoral nomadic tribes that were used to start the great deception of Government and ‘formal’ education. The process by which one goes to Oxford, for example, and gains a bachelor’s degree which is hardly more significant than a high school diploma. Then, a couple of years later, for $15.00, an Oxford grad can obtain a masters degree and then a couple months or years later present a paper – no matter what the topic ‘the random possibility of getting a white gumball from a dispensing machine at a local shop’ and gain their doctorate. These are our experts, our authorities. Can you look at the material which shows the evidence that giants have visited the earth and perhaps live here still in Agartha, or the art work showing the metal flying machines of ancient visitors, or the videos showing the phenomena of our current experience (see also: secureteam10 youtube video collection) and really believe that we are the only ‘intelligence’ in the universe?

They prey on our weaknesses and we have been conditioned to accept their ‘authority’. ‘We need governance’ is their sole premise. ‘One world government’ now means ‘friendly alien coalition with a new world religion’ because the New World Order of the Bushes and Rothschilds failed to materialise. The plasma screen, also known as television and main stream media ‘MSM’ has failed. Underneath it all the artificial intelligence ‘AI’ has humans working to decipher the code, but the Earth and Emerald Guardians can process this information in a split second and this terrifies the governments and the ‘authorities’. For us to break-away and form communities that work much like the original plan for humanity, the plan that allows and encourages communities to work together and then come together for big celestial events, share recipes, compete in tournaments and share music has been hijacked and called ‘religion’.

Science is separate from consciousness because science is terrified of consciousness.

A community working together to sustain one another will find enlightenment because there is no limitation to the adventure. The only constant in life is change.

Alfred lambremont Webre shares the interview and testimony of a true insider and film maker Patty Greer. Please see video below.

Eyewitness testimony + Legal documentation’ from Patty Greer:

All of this talk about David and Corey and Salla and Linda mis-informing the world has one common element/problem = the gaia corporation. This is the company that chose to do the opposite with my work = 100% SUPPRESSION. ZERO INCOME, ZERO EXPOSURE. THEY HAVE BEEN 100% FRAUDULENT with me and my work for 5.5 years so far. My first 4 films will remain in their freezer for a total of 10 years under their dirty contract. Clearly they knew I was telling the truth about Crop Circles and exposing the real technology that will benefit humanity greatly – so they hid my films and have treated me like shit for years! I have tolerated more than any woman should tolerate, frankly no human on earth should be treated like this!

I learned that it was TRUE that Gaia controlled who spoke and who didn’t speak at this year’s event. SO it turns out that I was fired from speaking at ‘Contact in the Desert’ in February – due to the head of this corporation blackballing me from being a speaker for their innocent and hungry crowd. I was told by a top event man that it was “the man from Gaia” who demanded they cut me from the gig. But when I received 2 more new EBE awards a week later at the International UFO Congress Convention I called them from my DVD selling table and said, “Are you really pulling this crap on me?” Five minutes later they called back and reluctantly put me back on the schedule.

  1. Knowing I do not do mornings, Victoria booked my lecture on Crop Circles at 7:30 AM Sunday morning after the big party.
  2. She located my booth at the top of the hill where the exhaust came off the only generator running the entire event, so I moved my table.
  3. They chose NOT to give me my usual room on campus and put me down the road at a shit motel a few miles away.
  4. They did not give me a free airline ticket any of the 3 years I spoke there, but they gave other speakers free airline tickets. What’s up with that?
  5. And when they rebooked me to speak at their event they tried to take away my guest pass and give me a room for one. WTF??
  6. My guest and I were NOT invited to the big Saturday night party hosted by Jimmy Church who will NOT interview me either.

I still came and spoke because I made a promise to William Levengood that I would get this info out no matter what. I understand that Victoria has been working with Gaia all year, therefore she does what she’s told to do. Unfortunately for her she sacrificed her job managing the ‘Joshua Tree Retreat Center’ after 10 years due to “an extremely bad change in her personality” that was noticed by everyone in the office. She used to be so lovely and sensitive and kind. Now she is a different person under their wing/influence. We will see this change in many people who work for this corporation very soon. The reason they’re so determined hide my work is because I know who they are and what they are doing. I have shared the data with many important and powerful people and groups fearlessly for years, due to their blatant disrespect and fraud with me.

I will never be a part of lying to the world for money and I will never be brainwashed by this hive!!! I will never be threatened by dark ones with big money who think they are above the law.
ET forces have far more power than any human or archon hive will ever have or imagine. ETs CHOSE HUMANITY!!”

Self sustaining communities.

There are thousands of indigenous communities around the world that have never gone the way of the modern world. Most people have heard of the Amish and the Quakers, some have learned of the communities that live in the Eban Longhouses in Borneo. Documentaries have been made that tell us there are dozens of communities in the rain forests and jungles that have not had direct contact with modern man. There are many communities that live far away from the power lines and grocery stores in Southern India, outer Mongolia and even Bulgaria.

Many of these communities have common-core cultures. Occasionally, but rarely, an outsider gets adopted by the community. A displaced wanderer, missionary or even a mate for one of the community from a neighboring community. Some communities have a less cohesive culture where many remain in the village living the ‘old way’ and traveling about in ox drawn carriages, on bicycles or riding horses. Some are farmers and others butchers, some people come and go and see the community as a sort of eco-village with a more natural atmosphere than a timeshare. Some of these villages have ‘special’ characteristics such as a volcano water spa in Ovcha Mogilla, Bulgaria or multiple ayahuasca ‘spiritual medicine’, produced in the Amazon, communities and which allow visitors – with $$$ to come and stay in their village.

It is perfectly okay to choose your own example of what you believe is to Ubuntu. For me Ubuntu means Unity in the Community where everyone has a safe space for living. By safe I do not mean the extensive risk assessments and health & safety guidelines required before a city can choose what type of park equipment can be allowed. I do not mean the types of boundaries which are erected in some places to keep us in and nature out. I mean the safe that allows for me to be me and express myself as a part of a greater whole, to dress comfortably and wear a long skirt, ankle bells and hold a feather to the sky if I choose to do so. The type of safety that I feel as part of the greater whole where others expressing themselves broaden my awareness, expand my consciousness and also has someone in the community who can fix solar panels to the roof of the tiny houses being set up.

Ubuntu is different, there is nothing wrong with the modern world – well – except government, poverty, stress, dis-ease…

Ubuntu allows for a better quality of life and end to poverty. Some people will choose also to have work outside the community. In a Camphill setting the rewards, pay check, fees come back to the Camphill. Not so in Ubuntu – it is contribution of start-up costs and then 9 hours of community work in your area. If you so choose to work off site or to provide your skills such as reiki, massage, counselling, plumbing and so on to members of the wider community then you are free to continue to make dollars as you see fit. For some, many or most of the community doing away with the dollar worries is a key aspect of the Ubuntu philosophy.

How then can the community sustain itself, pay land taxes and rubbish collection? A conference center in the community can be used to generate appropriate compensation for speakers whether they come from far away, right around the corner or are from within our own community. Events promotion can be done from within the community and strengthened by the speaker’s promotional resources. There is no middle man. The community should have ample resources to provide spaces for overnight stays for visitors, the visitors will be charged. No one will be required to stay in the community as there are ample hotels, hostels and camp grounds nearby. No one in the community would be required to attend the event.

I want to be part of the community but I am unable to relocate now because… How can I contribute the nine hours of contributionist time when I am not there? Does the nine hours have to be three days or nights per week for three hour ‘shifts’? Flexibility is a key component of the Ubuntu community. Some people do well on their own and will want as much privacy as is possible, perhaps a tree-house at the far end of the property. They may want to be gone for long periods walking the Appalachian trail. It may be possible for them to sponsor a veteran, a homeless person who otherwise could not afford to join the community because they do not have the initial membership fee or the resources to erect a suitable accommodation. By sponsoring a visitor the arrangements made with that ‘guest’ of the member would include contributing the nine hours per week. The member may be able to give loads of time at the start-up clearing plots for raising vegetables, putting in a pottery kiln or building a sweat lodge. Upon return to community he or she may be available for re-roofing a barn or pond maintenance.

I envision being able to provide a person centered educational provision which can accept wider community students, specialist education provisions are expensive and can generate income for the community. Some people may wonder if this community would be a good place for my adult child who has cognitive impairment. Communities thrive when people are given the opportunity to help where I am needed and be able to see, hear, feel the results of their acts of kindness. Often people with mild learning difficulties are able to achieve greatly because of their focus and determination.

I’m a wanderer, I don’t like to be tied down but sometimes I feel lost, alone and vulnerable. I like to choose my direction when I wake up and let the days and nights unfold. It would be great to have an address where my rare birthday cards can be collected and are waiting for my return. A place which I can associate to my occasional need for a place to call home. I am not interested in the rhythm and routine of community life. When I am out in nature, roping and riding, travelling in a Greyhound or have my thumb in the air I have no idea when the last bank holiday was or when the next one will be. What can I offer an Ubuntu community and what can an Ubuntu community offer to me?

Ubuntu is a community which thrives on diversity. The premise is a sustainable location whether purchased or donated. Since this is my vision the piece of property which has caught my attention is the one which is shown below in the video. I have looked at the space and resources of the property and believe that this property can easily sustain 300 members. No member, including myself, would own this property, The purchase would be made by pledge and the money transferred by estate agent at the time when their are sufficient pledges to proceed in confidence. In this way my home, your home in the community cannot be sold. The property has already four houses and these houses are of sufficient value that if, and I do not believe this would happen, the community is unable to pay land taxes in a given year then a mortgage against a dwelling and small acreage would allow for the community to continue uninterrupted.

Many people will want to immediately set up their homes and first arrivals and those with the vision of year-round living in the community will likely arrive first in their RVs, pulling camper vans or backpacking with one-man tents. Some wanderers might not drop by until 2020 or 2025. They may stay awhile or just pick up their mail. Some wanderers will have sold their property or disengaged from rental contracts and need a place to drop off their memorabilia for safe keeping as they start a wanderer journey knowing they have a home to come back to and finally a place to store their cheerleading trophies, sports medals and yearbooks. Some wanderers will come and go and on their journey they will gather items for the community, white sand for making mandalas and for arts & crafts; sage bundles, sweet grass, calendula, comfrey and stories. Wanderers will make connections, bring back ideas & possibilities.

Where will they stay? The property boasts four houses and two barns. One barn could be converted to a bunkhouse. Why? Because many wanderers like to ‘hunker down’ for winter when traveling is rough. The houses would be set up for returning wanderers. One might be exclusive to females, another to small families, a third exclusively males and the fourth variable (as needed). Why maintain dwellings for wanderers? Wanderers bring variation, enrichment and excitement. With the wanderers ‘buying in’ to the dream of Ubuntu the chance of success increases phenomenally.A place of my own, where I can take my child, children, ailing parent. An address.

A community of people all wanting the same thing, to not be dependent on the system.
What kind of contracts are involved? A suitable and ‘legal language’ document will be prepared which will provide proof of address upon transaction which gives the purchaser a lifetime membership which cannot be sold.

As dwellings are produced the person(s) raising these dwellings will decide if these are movable, such as many tiny houses or more permanent such as many log cabins with stone fire places.
What if I set up a permanent home and then decide to wander? Your mail will be waiting. Let the community ‘admin’ know if the accommodation can be used by guests or if any routine checks need to be done in your absence.

300 people make a decision to abandon the system and Ubuntu. I would propose linking with other Ubuntu communities and some of these will be struggling such as Michael Tellinger’s original locations. Annual fundraisers to support struggling Ubuntu would be a proposal that I would make to the community.

I am not an American citizen can I Ubuntu with your community? Yes, come visit whenever you can.

Please share ideas and ask questions. Newsletter with information about those who are interested will be ready by  July 4th, 2018.

What is necessary for life in a community to be successful? Obviously, the basic essentials, the ones we often take for granted and which has resulted in our being very vulnerable. Water, a clean source without upstream pollution carrying waste from industry run off or outright dumping, natural unpolluted freshwater. Well source without nearby fracking possible. Adequate space and accessibility for growing vegetables. Desirable, some established fruit and nut trees. Land which has not been used to grow GMO food and which has not been heavily polluted with pesticides.

Desirable, a property with good vibrations.
The Chattahoochee forest has all of these things and more. It has been a place of meeting, coming together of The People in days gone by.

In a perfect world I believe I could spend all my days in this area, warmed by the sunshine with temperature lows averaging 50 degrees Fahrenheit and highs averaging 70. Rainfall averaging 53 inches per year. No nearby volcanoes, rarely a rumble from the San Andreas, even rarer tornado activity, far inland which means hurricanes dissipate to heavy storms. A place where Indigenous people lived peacefully in days gone by.

All of the resources which were needed for healthy living is available. An occasional journey to the seaside to get salt perhaps or the brothers and sisters who lived along the coastal areas would bring this when they came to trade for our red clay pottery. Twenty seven acres of land is available for a return to a more natural way of life.

Seeking a group of people who would like to form a self-sustaining ‘ubuntu’ Earth Alliance indigenous ways community. The facility is suitable for boarding horses and providing the many various therapeutic and recreational activities associated with caring for these magnificent animals.

Please send contact information to sojmed@gmail.com to let us keep you informed. The property is $200,000.00 which is fifty individuals with $4,000.00 each can acquire a home for life. Alternative suggestions for raising the funds to get this community started are welcome. Sufficient income from the equine businesses should cover annual taxes and community trash collection. The collective will make decisions on types of housing which can be erected but these will need to meet sanitation standards.

The ethos of this community is envisioned as Rainbow tribe. Business proposal available from Cumberland Academy, 2017: http://sojmed.wixsite.com/cumberland-academy


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