#Truthslayers & the year of the dog


Lionel Nation asks “What has the constitution ever done for us in a court of law”? He makes the point that we had a Bill of Rights and constitution when women did not have the right to vote. Yes, and a hunting license could be purchased to hunt a native American that was off the reservation. In the beginning, before the colonialists took over the Americas the system of government was based on meritocracy. The Iroquois Constitution was the basis for the Bill of Rights. However, America was blindsided by the Illuminati. The Declaration of Independence was signed just two months after
the Illuminati was formed and it was eleven years before the US constitution was signed on September 17, 1787.

Planes, trains and automobiles: By the start of the twentieth century the Illuminati had all of the tools needed to dominate the world. The headlines include ‘Is there something wrong with democracy’ NY Times, January 28th, 2018 just two days before the POTUS was due to give his State of the Union address. Yes, the something  wrong with democracy is the hidden agenda of the Illuminati to bring down the social order of humanity and dominate the world using the super power US military.

Is the deep state still using Department of Defense technology, algorithms and bots to infiltrate and take down social media sharing venues? The use of copyright, plagiarism laws, patents have levels of structure which are well understood by the bullies in the playground. When a person such as Nikoli Tesla, Konstantin Tsiolkovski or Viktor Shauberger has an idea he does not get to keep his idea, his ideas are taken by the government which is the strongest bully in the playground. The same with the technology which uses electricity, it comes under utility at the end of the day. Without a way to power up your cell phone, computer, hair dryer and microwave are useless bit of metal and plastic. Try and create an umbrella which makes the need for utility sourced electricity obsolete such as solar and enter the world of espionage, for every turn you make there is a handler, a form, a fee, a brick wall and an infringement.

Who have we allowed to rule our once pristine environment with laws that send people to prison for having an idea? Who have we allowed to come to power so strongly that they can strip a person, a company of their property and claim it as their own without consequence? Who have we allowed to claim domination so great that they can take lives in return for profit?

In this year, the Chinese year of the dog, the Earth dog – we will not be silent. It is time for the POTUS to give the people back their intellectual property. Many have come before and did not receive the recognition, compensation or acclimation which was deserved so that We the People could have a better way of life, a better means of communication and live in greater harmony with the earth. As we have fought wars to maintain our dominance as the world’s superpower we have become the secret ninja society of the Illuminati. It is time to cast off the cloak of invisibility and stand as the proud people of earth strong and determined to live as civilized beings.

Where we go one we go all.

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