Sandra and Max Desorgher talk about diet, nutrition and autism pt. 1


Feb 25, 2018
We are the co-authors of many books, internet blogs and articles exploring the emerging paradigms of this time. Our knowledge and expertise spans many topics including Autism, Morgellons Disease, Exopolitics, Healing and Ascension.

Our most recent books, published on the Cumberland Academy Payhip site, cover a multitude of topics including Galactic history, Extraterrestrial intervention, Deep State and secret programs, Deception, Hybridization programs, the Moonbase, the truth about Silent Superbug ‘Morgellons Disease’ and the Artificial Intelligence that is attempting to control our planet during this ascension process. It is about how humanity can wake up and reach the next level of consciousness.

We founded World Community Autism Program and Cumberland Academy to share our visions and insights into Global healing, Transformation and Ascension

Personalized Diet Consultation
Autism Diet Consultation via email, Skype or in person
with Dr. Sandra Desorgher, MSc in Food Science and Nutrition

The origins of our diet-related approach to Autism

by Sandra and Max Desorgher

In 1988, Sandra adopted Sara, a 5 year old autistic girl. Using a unique blend of dietary, behavioral and educational stretegies, Sara made great strides. In 1994, while investigating her own food sensitivities, Sandra began to understand the relationship between carotenes and the immune system, and how a developing foetus can make a choice to treat carotenes as a pathogen. She and Sara both embarked on a journey of discovery, and the ‘lutein-free diet’ was born. Since 1995, she travelled far and wide to share her experience of healing and recovery. Thousands of families professionals and experts in the field of autism have attended her lectures, and the stories of recovery continue. Sandra has continued her research into pigment metabolism, immunomodulation, epigenetics and human evolution. Many of her writings can be found on this website.

The Desorgher Method
Beginning in 1980 Sandra trained with ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ Professional Parenting where a unique blend of behavioral training using behavioral analysis based on unconditional love was developed by Dr. Bob Jones. This type of ‘ABA’ uses Positive Behavior Supports to re-habilitate children who had experienced stress and trauma in early childhood. Based on this program, Max and Sandra developed ‘The Desorgher Method’, a holistic approach to bringing about emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being in people suffering under the condition of autism.

True Potentials Seminars – The Magic of the Family
A Unique Teaching Seminar on discovering the True Potential of those with Autism and Special Needs through Nutrition, Education and Behavioral Intervention. The Seminar has been life changing for many hundreds of people. These are usually very relaxed and enjoyable as we meet parents with their children and share our unique understanding of the biological basis of autism. We are then available to give one-on-one advice and consultations to parents with their children.

Combined recovery program
We have worked with many families directly to transform their lives through a combined and integrated approach.

Therapeutic Community
We have seen how healing can happen in a controlled environment, away from the stresses of every day. We would like hear from you if you wish to help us to build a therapeutic community where a deep emotional, psychological and physical healing can take place safely in a pure and harmonious environment.

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