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Egyptians living around 4,000 years ago were carrying out sophisticated burials.

A new analysis of an ancient Egyptian mummy suggests that advanced mummification techniques were used 1,000 years earlier than previously believed, rewriting the understood history of ancient Egyptian funerary practices.

A mummy discovered in a vast burial ground of Egypt's pharaohs could change how ancient history is understood

Mohamed Mujahid (L), head of the Egyptian mission which discovered the tomb of the ancient Egyptian nobleman Khuwy inspects the tomb’s walls inside 

Khuwy was embalmed using advanced techniques thought to have been developed much later. His skin was preserved using expensive resins made from tree sap, and his body was impregnated with resins and bound with high-quality linen dressings.

The new analysis suggests that ancient Egyptians living around 4,000 years ago were carrying out sophisticated burials.

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