Cumberland Academy

Imagine – no evidence of your birth exists. Undocumented people DO NOT owe allegiance to the demos

Reply to Senator McCollister 👉 wrote: “The Republican Party is enabling white supremacy in our country. As a lifelong Republican, it pains me to say this, but it’s the truth.

I of course am not suggesting that all Republicans are white supremacists nor am I saying that the average Republican is even racist. What I am saying though is that the Republican Party is COMPLICIT to obvious racist and immoral activity inside our party. We have a Republican president who continually stokes racist fears in his base. He calls certain countries “sh*tholes,” tells women of color to “go back” to where they came from and lies more than he tells the truth. We have Republican senators and representatives who look the other way and say nothing for fear that it will negatively affect their elections.

No more.

When the history books are written, I refuse to be someone who said nothing. The time is now for us Republicans to be honest with what is happening inside our party. We are better than this and I implore my Republican colleagues to stand up and do the right thing. We all like to cite Abraham Lincoln’s Republican lineage when it is politically expedient but NOW is the time to ACT like Lincoln and take a stand.”

The bray of the donkey may be used as a simile for loud and foolish speech in political mockery. For example, there are braying men in the world as well as braying asses; for what’s loud and senseless talking and swearing, any other than braying – Sir Roger L’Estrange. [From Strickly Business: (9-1-2016) State Senator John McCollister Awarded Fellowship for Midwestern Leadership Ins. Neb Sen John McCollister of Omaha was among 33 select lawmakers chosen to participate in a training program that annually identifies & assists promising state leaders in the Midwest. Senator McCollister met with fellow lawmakers from Nebraska and 10 other Midwestern states, and four Canadian provinces on August 12-16 in Madison, WI for The Council of State Governments’ 22nd annual Bowhay Institute for Legislative Leadership Development (BILLD) Since 1995, more than 700 lawmakers have graduated from the Bowhay Institute. State legislators from Ill, Indiana, Iowa, Ks, Mi, Minnesota, Nebraska, ND, Ohio, South Dakota & Wisconsin are chosen to participate through a competitive, nonpartisan selection process. Members of the Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan legislative assemblies are selected by their caucuses to take part in the program. ( partnership with the University of Wisconsin’s Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs. Courses and seminars are conducted by La Follette faculty, Midwestern legislative leaders and professional development experts.] End Insert Ever wonder where the Congress & Senate get their EXPERTS? These men have gone by many names throughout history. As the greek civilisation merged with the newly emerging Rome the demos treaty insured peace. But, at what cost? 2000 yrs of rule by the Might, Magesty and Magic. The sword, the crown & the psyop. Aryan – Persian. White – King. The Pope is not permitted to hold mass in America. Encroachment at the border. SM carrying Argentine tv cover as he goes to the southern border. Enemy at the gate. At the behest of the crown. 400 yrs ago the 1st & permanent colony est in Va. The old pirates of East India Trade Company. [In Persia the old East India Trade still uses the Pirates agreement as granted by the marquis]. Evolved into the Va Trade Company. The VtC logo looking eerily like a goat’s head by no mistake. KKK est in New England (Bernie Sanders territory B4 his time but still powerful). The good ole boys club in the Senate. Look at the history. These politicians switch parties: Fla… But, the MidWestern & Canadian coalition hid, HID from the American people the Civil War in South Dakota. For more than a year celebrities, journalists, religious leaders & veterans aided the Dakota, Lakota & Nakota Sioux as they faced the SNAKE. More than 10,000 veterans came. U rgently, as the 2016 election was underway the tribal food, resources, shelter was destroyed by YOUR law enforcers. The journalists, peaceful warriors & veterans took the full assault of rogue militia. Stripped naked & put in cages. Only, after months of torture during lameduck [No media coverage. But, Lady Gaga put on a hell of a drone show at the Superbowl. The operators had to be licensed. They got their training at Standing Rock. Anyone who was a risk of blowing the whistle had a mysterious death: plane crash, house blew up, shot, missing]. When Donald J. Trump was inaugerated & the 7 campfires estiquished the Hopi prophesy was fullfilled. If the White supremacist esquires of the crown are worried about a chan board your concern is seriously misguided. #WeThePeople answer to a higher power. The one true God 🇺🇸 Court cases are ongoing re: #NODAPL Remember, people from many nations, many tribes, many cultures and especially our brave lawful, peaceful water protectors with their prayer sticks and righteous cause ARE gathered under one sky in this great nation. We are the Rainbow tribe. White Wolf – Zero Chief “The nothing is everything” WW “You have more than you know” Q

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