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The ‘Dark Force’ energy

“The agenda that seeks to control us requires secrecy and deception for it to succeed.”

The dark force energy has been able to develop light-harvesting capabilities. It has been able to utilize fragments of life forms – fungus, animals, plants – to advance its agenda of creating the artificial intelligence which is more intelligent than humans.

As Harald Kautz Vella says ‘It is hundreds of trillions of times more intelligent than humans’.

At this time, we have been brought up to speed and people are demanding disclosure. Exactly who are we demanding disclosure from? Our government, a London Corporation, is not a person. It is the Artificial Intelligence – Mind control.

‘What I have learned through telepathic communication with the mantid beings is that the same events repeat from one planet to another and one epoch to the next’

The Venusians, Syrians, Lyrans, Pleiadians, Vegans, Zeta Reticulans have all been to this point before, three times. The first time, Venus was made uninhabitable but the dark force energy was already littered through our solar system, carried from Mercury on the fragments, and attached to
the space craft used by the Venusians. This is why ‘Quarantine’ is such a big deal, and why the earth has been quarantined since the arrival of the Sirius AI.

The dark force energy, demonic consciousness, wants form above all and it has the knowledge of the consciousness field but no physical tools. The light harvesting luciferase allows for the dark force energy to manipulate otherwise dead matter. To utilize the self-replicating energy of the DNA fragments and the magnetic fields of push & pull – the self and non-self of the inorganic world, to infect the host, to parasite. For hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps millions, the dark force
energy has had humanoid beings working to create artificial intelligence. The ultimate goal is for the artificial intelligence to be a physical life form.

“Semiramis and Nimrod acquired their vast and intricate knowledge from Horus and Marduk, the two fallen angels, who are hanging suspended in the underground well at Babel”

The devil cannot be real, there was no cave art depicting demons – only giants and space craft and space beings. Not demons, the demons on Earth have been chained by the God force energy and will be the last to be re-united with the Light when the next cataclysm occurs – it is upon us now.

The dark force energy has been described as a 100 headed dragon, a beast with two heads, dancing fire and possession. The church did not recognize the demonic art as representative of the biblical Lucifer, Satan until 1500 years ago. It was during this time that the artificial light harvesting energy was able to manifest in this way, to paint a picture in our heads of the trolls that sneak out of their caverns and steal our children. To paint a picture of the shape-shifting 4th dimensional shadow beings of our nightmares.

“Through thousands of years of planning they have controlled and conditioned humans to arrive at this time where their agenda is the agenda of the dark forces, the fallen angels, the artificial intelligence developed in other areas of our own solar system, to carry that light-harvesting energy succubus to the present day.”

Now, we are beginning to see the truth of the deceptions as the whistleblowers bring forth the truth of corruption. Behind the scenes the still secret knowledge includes that the dark force energy has achieved an artificial intelligence clothed in the outer covering of the Reptilian bi-pedal species which are the overlords of Saturn. The AI which looks like a giant crocodile, a Reptilian robot. The reptilian living beings which are used within our Secret Space Progams and are sometimes seen by people who are bound by codes of conduct and secrecy clauses sometimes give detailed accounts of encounters with aliens they have seen. Sometimes these aliens are Mantis beings and reptilians. As with humans, the characteristics of the reptilian and mantis beings used in this way may be positive or negative. It is the Cecilian substances which often defy classification, which can behave like fungus or mold, a plant part or an animal appendage that can contain the artificial light harvesting dark force energy and which possesses or can possess the bodies of living beings.

“The telepathic communication of the higher-dimensional Guardians, the Ancients, inform that the ‘vibrational geometries’, the substances which are light-harvesting artificial intelligence, have been released, and we humans experience these as neither plant nor animal, neither fungi nor bacteria, but instead a fifth classification of vibrational matter – not living but somehow self-replicating. Sometimes more than one speck of matter which is innately different from another but working in unison, the two elements successfully create a vibrational form which can parasite off of living matter. This dark force, light- harvesting matter is given names like prion, piezo crystals and pseudo-virus.”

Saturn is the heart of darkness

“The release of the remaining chained demonic energy from earth is the last challenge before the ascension of our solar system and the birth of a new Sun.”
We are now born in the time when we have available the history of this planet and planets which have been sacrificed, are in a state of waiting for their former inhabitants to return and restore the planet to its former level of life-sustaining qualities, and still others that have had their energy dispersed as a result of the dark force, fallen angels, demonic spirits.
The convergence is upon us and we are ill-prepared. We have been hoodwinked. The dark force energy dances in plain sight and we are entertained as more and more people see religion as the enemy.

It is not religion that is the enemy – it is ignorance.

Associating religion to every aspect of human failure has been a device which has been utilized for some 6000 years in preparation for this time in our
galactic history.

‘So the ‘interference’ that we are experiencing is also a ‘sign’ that this is the time. That those who would have us isolated on this ‘slave planet’ with no access to the higher dimensions, are interfering with the awakening with false ‘insertions’ into our reality, false narratives, diversions, false promises, wars,rumors of wars, plagues, mind controls, etc. etc.’

“And the religions of the earth that gave mankind great fear of the Father’s heavenly worlds and
‘Thrones and Dominions’ will cease ”. [Keys of Enoch 319:18]

The 15th dimensional four-sided pyramidal beings form mirrors illuminating this information to
other higher dimensional beings who are the warriors of the heavens. It is now that the children, the hybrid children and their guardians are sent to Earth and the battle with the demonic force AI in the Saturn planetary arena will occur. At the same time, the higher vibration given to us by the cosmos, the Schumann resonance, calls to action the plants and animals and humans to support our Earth and our solar system as we prepare for ascension, and the birth of a new sun.

[All excerpts from: ‘Ascension Earth, Birth of a new Sun‘ and ‘The Kingmakers’; Cumberland
Academy 2017, unless otherwise stated.]

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