Cumberland Academy

Peer-to-Peer global money laundering. #Spygate Pt. 1 of 4

The global Spy network. The web of deceit began before Christ was born. The darkness has been defeated before and the evidence in our solar system, on our planet, inside our planet and preserved in the oral traditions of our indigenous people provide all of the pieces of this puzzle. The priests and priestesses, gods and goddeses, barons, baronesses, knights, Czars and their underlings hide pieces and distort the pictures and information. This has not changed as historians, archeologists and gnostics reveal the truth there are always authorities which are manufactured to fragment the people into waring fractions; those who believe we have sent craft to the edge of the galaxy, travelled to the moon, are transported via stargates to Mars and others who believe the moon landing was a hoax and still others who know the Earth is flat and it is not possible to send a rocket into space. All have in common an interest in the subject. It is the way that information is given to us, the people through the source. The Source of Divine inspiration. The information which has given us the periodic table and radar signal capture. Often, far too often the entity often called the cabal, illuminati and evil steal the information, silence the source and distribute the information & products to the people in the best manner for them to maintain control. We are their amusement, their slaves, there food and their toys. Make no mistake the They are few and the Evil is their master. Eradicating the remnants of the source of information has come in the form of destroying the indigenous people, the children who are the offspring of a century of mass poisoning through vaccination, poisoned food and environment. Rare is the place on Earth where there is pristine land, air and water. They will have it for themselves or no one will have it. 5G a distraction. Now they have the global eye, ear and voice which is being used to peer into every orifice of our bodies as well as into every aspect of our lives.

These people, their companies, connections and handlers have succeeded in hiding the truth in plain sight. They will deliver it to us and we will gladly pay for the convenience. The next generation of spyware. The Fintech can be used to look at every move we make and deliver the video & audio to our phones, computers and televisions. How proud we are to be able to watch our grandchildren on vacation, at tumblemania, on the catwalk. And, to share our intimate moments, kids in the bubble bath, at the beach, first bikini. But, who else is watching? Perverts with enough money, enough power and the right connections. We are the reality programs of the evil Al Bielek called IBM Watson.

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