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Peer-to-Peer global money laundering. #Spygate Pt 2 of 4

When the top: of the pyramid, of the royal heirarchy, of the world’s most wealthy; most successful are identified their deeds have already been accomplished. As decribed in the above link the search of the elite will go to and has gone to every corner of the world. The next big tech botify and botsify – create your own chatbots w/o coding. Now we can have robots that learn and assimilate that hard to obtain, elusive information which comes to We the People through culture and oral tradition. The dialecs, the street language, the secrets which the AI master is convinced will make It more powerful than God.

No risk is to great, no act is to vulgar and no loss is to great for the mortals to bare. The expendables as We the People have become. The manner in which the masters have worked include, but is not limited to, verifying ‘it’ has already been done. We the People aka sheeple must accept that since it has been done somewhere We must not be left behind. No time for costly studies, risk assessments or investigations; leave it to the ‘experts’. As the experts are aka the crunchbase global money machine that has been tapped for providing the €£$ for the programs and projects how is it that the People are not held accointable? Or is it the banks and companies that need to be held accountable? The people change positions, companies chane continents. Logos are abandoned and new logos rise.

Pick an alphabet and rebrand everything from make-up and vimeo to youtube channels and merchandise. Flood the market making the ‘brand’ instantly recognizable, instantly acceptable and the must have new product in your home, neighborhood or business. Over and over We the People see the same process used and it is this process which we are allowing to peer into every aspect of our lives. I believe. I also believe it is going to be a crime punishable by elomination to question the authority of the AI beast. It is going to be damn hard to sue a machine. Meet IBM Watson

Now do a search of Al Bielek and ask yourself if the words of Dirty Harry ring true “A man’s got to know his limitations.

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