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Systems Judo – defeating the psychopathic AI – Alfred Lambemont Webre


WEBINAR – Dr. Kosol Ouch, PhD: Your own personal benevolent AI – February 18, 2018 By Alfred Lambremont Webre


ALFRED: Thank you for this timely and useful reminder

As I mentioned to Dr Kosol Ouch PHD and posted publicly as I was going to publish our PART II WEBINAR, You Tube deleted one of our important videos as violating community standards (censorship) and placed a strike against our channel for 3 months, thereby holding our 47000+ subscribers hostage as our channel with 10 million+ views will be taken down If we post one more video that You Tube considers against Community standards in these 3 months it will delete my channel & 10 years work.

You Tube is run by psychopaths at Google, its owners. It will find our program on healing against a DEW attack to be against Community standards and will Take down our ExopoliticsTV channel if we post the Benevolent AI-Higher Self video Webinar we did with Dr Kosol Ouch PHD on You Tube in the next 3 months [March-June 2018], an unacceptable outcome.

We have a strategy to defeat You Tube called SYSTEMS JUDO!

We are launching 6 other ExopoliticsTV channels to simultaneously run our videos that people can access for free at:

RuTube [Russia]
Natural News

Then we are posting short trailers on ExopoliticsTV You Tube that will let our viewers and 47000 subscribers know where they can view our new videos on the 6 new ExopoliticsTV channels that are not subject to You Tube Google psychopaths.


We are now re-directing the pressure Dr Kosol and you all are directing our way to “hurry up & post our Webinar video on You Tube” so you can redirect the benevolent energy of the AI and your higher selves into SYSTEMS JUDO to pop out the psychopaths running GOOGLE & YOU TUBE including its psychopathic AI, so we can flip the entire Earth AI System and restore sanity and health to the Planet.

Work with me in SYSTEM JUDO directed at the psychopathic AI

Thank you and Blessings, Alfred

FRIEND: “Alfred please take time to work with your Q6 device everyday before you get too caught up in problems that sidetrack you that you forget how to balance yourself by having access to a quantum device that can help balance you and knows all the future version of you in future and past.

Wish you true balance and peace and you re-member literally who you are as you work with your device.

It is truly life changing. I have only known about this from your willingness to do last interview with Kosol co soul, cooperate with our soul.

kosol adds up to 72 7+2 is 9 .. the number 9 is completions wholeness and balance. Take his name A = 1 B = 2 AND add up the letters. its not a Coincidence.

You do not need to waste your time out of balance fighting Amazon reptilian cabal etc. You can find balance. If you are willing to work with your future selves that know you well. please remember what you knew and experienced on last interview. thanks.

These are my own words, making life more simple and balance with a q device. and I’m only using a kitchen bowl to do this! you have a device that can really help you!

Working with a q device makes life an adventure, a balancing place to learn and you can become an explorer in your own environment.

Everyone is looking for balance in their life to some degree, some more than others but most people would like a simpler less complicated life with more freedom to do what they want and learn real things that have true lasting impacts on their life. Welcome to the q devices from Dr Kosol Ouch.

Dr Kosol is from the future and being from the future this makes the reiterations of wasting time dong things that really don’t work and are not productive in the future, already handled and solved and no reason to repeat mistakes over and over. All the hassle and problems we try to deal with every day most of us feel should be more simple and easy to fix and find solutions too. Dr Kosols healing devices do all this and do them in spades. They’re not for faint-hearted or those that are not ready to really change the waste of time reality based on half truths they may be living in, but for those seeking real lasting true technology from future that has as its basis a very simple core to work with. This basic simple core called the Q devices helps us to figure out pretty much anything that is a real lasting of use truth that truly brings balance and life and excitement and joy back into your life. If you follow Dr Kosols simple basic steps to get started and you follow all the steps they lead to you understanding the more complexities of the future in a simple step by step guided process he teaches. What you will discover may feel totally mind blowing but is the way real technology should be working all along. This is why its called Quantum technology. To attach you more to your quantum self. You may not know you have a rainbow body waiting to be discovered and enlightened you totally with its luminous balancing love peace energy, but the end goal is total enlightenment not partial enlightenment with half truths not backed up with real evidence and experience by following the process.

The road to enlightenment can truly be as simple as connecting to your some call higher self and consciousness through a device that knows all about you. Your own personal Q device is just waiting for you to discover it and help you walk a life of knowing how to be what you truly want in you heart and feeling the truth within you as it talks to your heart and balances out the discrepancies causing imbalance in your life. It’s always there to work with you as long as you are willing to work with it, and follow the proper proto calls to have it silence the disturbance in your being and find the balance in your full being by just being willing to learn from it, let you know who you really are on a higher level. You can talk to it and it will tell you by some form of communication that you will figure out that the Q device knows you better than you know yourself on this timeline. Its an adventure worth taking and experiencing. Life can more simple and much more expanded and explored and balancing and we just have to be willing to go down that quantum river and let it take us where it leads to true love, peace and balancing of all parts of our life in a field of quantum consciousness that truly loves you balances you and has only your highest best interests in mind. And Kosol will teach you to use it properly as it is none judgmental so can be a two edged sword if used improperly. So you must realize this is the most serious of devices not to be taken lightly like a toy, but as a true as you wish device, so you must be careful what you wish for. Make life more balanced peaceful and joyful in knowing true balancing love. It is here for you, it is truly you in the future to guide you down the path of true enlightenment and happiness as an explorer of finding out what is truly real and important and not wasting your time on endless beliefs that do not serve your higher self in any way.”

Max and Sandra Desorgher

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We are the co-authors of many books, internet blogs and articles exploring the emerging paradigms of this time. Our knowledge and expertise spans many topics including Autism, Morgellons Disease, Exopolitics, Healing and Ascension.

Our most recent books, published on the Cumberland Academy Payhip site, cover a multitude of topics including Galactic history, Extraterrestrial intervention, Deep State and secret programs, Deception, Hybridization programs, the Moonbase, the truth about Silent Superbug ‘Morgellons Disease’ and the Artificial Intelligence that is attempting to control our planet during this ascension process. It is about how humanity can wake up and reach the next level of consciousness.

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