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Reddit is down. CERN interview with an insider. Many people with similar age and life experiences. Moment of anguish. War in the heavens.


Kerry Cassidy Interviews Anthony Patch: ‘CERN, THE SINGULARITY AND AI’

Anthony Patch describes the moment when his life changed: ‘You reach a point of anguish . . . The Holy Spirit does lead you to the things the Lord has prepared you for and I believe He led me into it. I had the physical sensation which I describe as a switch being turned on and I began to write 12 hours a day and I found it to be a fascinating journey . . . ‘

Anthony Patch’s experience is similar to another person, a channeler Kerry Cassidy names as Patricia Cory, an author. I will relate the experiences in brief which I believe to be the foundation of how and why I do the work I do now which is write and speak to inform, experience to report and inform.

Anthony Patch and Kerry Cassidy discuss necromancy and Khundalini which Anthony says is not a good idea and is called communicating with evil spirits in the bible; it is not an acceptable form of communication. Kerry disagrees and says it is a physical experience. Geomancy is also forbidden according to Anthony and his religious understanding, the understanding of the language of symbols and the effect of these symbols and use of these systems for binary code, building of CERNS and determining the locations where these devices should be built.


As a person who has always had the ability to communicate with the consciousness for as long as I can remember my experiences include thirteen near death experiences (NDEs). The first was : ‘it is time to go and be born now’. My birth was written up as a ‘miracle’ by Dr. Heimbach in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1957. I can remember experientially being an infant with clear memories of events going back to age 6 months which have been confirmed. I would ask my mother questions such as ‘what makes the fireflies light up?’ at the age of 3, and by age 4 I was drawing pictures of the beings and the vehicle that carried me on journeys in the night time, dream time. When I learned that these types of experiences were not pleasing to my Mom and that I did not see the Guardian type of being in my wake time environment, I refused to journey with the Guardian. In the dream time I then was taken through a tunnel to a library. In the library were the same types of activities provided for me that I had experienced on the journeys with the beings where there were many other children like me. In the library I was usually alone. I always felt protected as I journeyed through the tunnel. A wall of moving energy of light, the ancestors.

A New DesignMantis

In the library some aisles were open and others were closed – as I grew up and gained more understanding of language, more aisles opened to me. Aisles that remained closed included astrology, astronomy and archeology. There was a table and sometimes the library code for books in real time were provided and I could check these books out from the school library. By grade 4, the books I was led to were: Aldous Huxley, Ray Bradbury and others. By 5th grade I had read every book in the school library. In the evening I read daily in the Dorland’s medical dictionary and on the years when a new Dorland’s edition came out I loved to look for the new words added and see which words were removed. At home I was given chapters of the King James version of the bible to memorize, verbatim, and I was given a monetary reward of 5 cents for each chapter memorized and recited for my Grandfather who was a high degree Mason and a church deacon. At school I was evaluated due to my ‘unusual nature’. I was exempt from P.E. and art and defined as academically gifted. I rarely noticed other people around me except for the teacher whose instructions I followed to the best of my ability.                                Cosmic

I had an NDE at age 5 following DPT and MMR which may have been a reason why I studied vaccination schedules and research published on this subject as soon as I had access to resources. To gain access to these resources I became a volunteer at the small hospital where my Mom worked – my Dad worked at a large hospital. I began work as a volunteer at age 11. I was hired to work part-time at the hospital when I was 13, it was 1970. There were no copy machines. I have a lithographic memory – if I write it down I can remember it. During this time I also journeyed with the wolf. When the wolf came to me in the dream state I just took hold of the tail and went wherever the wolf took me. I was sometimes allowed to experience a view of what may have been past life or may have been people living in a time and place which was of interest due to the lessons that were being taught in history or geography classes in elementary school. In our leisure time as a family we went to a place off Biscayne Bay in Florida called Miami Springs Power Boat Club which is now a World Heritage Site. My Dad helped to build this house in the early 1960s. Our neighbors raised wolves and I was not afraid of the wolf. I would sneak out the door with food and stick my fingers through the chain link fence to pet the snouts of the wolves. I had a near drowning and concussion when I was taking swimming lessons at age 7. My aspirations included that I wanted to be Jacques Cousteau and I learned the names and scientific names of all of the sea shells and sea animals (known at that time). I continue to look into new species as these are described in media and journals. An experience in 1969, on my Dad’s boat in the D’evil’s Triangle changed my focus away from having a life on the sea to a career on land. I had a NDE following small pox vaccine at age 11. chart

My attention turned to genetics, psychology and nutrition. That psychology and psychiatry influenced the presentation of research which is and was provided to the general public fascinated me and I spent a lot of time reading Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease and looking at the researchers whose work was referenced in these books. Sometimes I would need to get an article and the articles could be ordered through the doctors library and the doctors would put in a request for me when I asked. There were no copy machines at this time, there was carbon copy on typewriters. It was obvious how much psychology and psychiatry was changing the paradigm of food science and nutrition. I began providing diet consultations at age 13. My first client was the head of cardiology at the hospital where I worked in the dietary department. I was living in Miami, Florida through the 60s and early 70s. My school had 2400 culturally diverse students. I was never approached with an offer to participate in a drug related activity. That is how much of a geek I was. I wore polyester pant suits to a school with no dress code in middle school until 1973 when a dress code was added, girls were not allowed to wear 2 piece bathing suits.

I was recruited by NOAA and I declined because of the event in the ocean with the compass spinning around and giant waves threatening to capsize our boat. Two years later I was recruited by NASA because of my test scores and interests and I believe it may have also occurred because a science professor, retired, was called to  teach our science class when the original teacher was injured in a car accident. Also, I was not aware that other people did not have the same experiences naturally that I have and I included information in my essays which this professor found to be fascinating.

So, my purpose for sharing this information is that the evil energy which has been a part of this world since man has been incarnate is influencing and in control of some people and organizations at work now on this planet and in the heavens.

A New Design(8).jpg

There has been, according to my teaching by the Guardian, three times when humans or incarnate bi-pedal beings have reached this point in artificial intelligence ‘AI’ – a potential tool of the evil – and which has resulted in the loss of three planets in our solar system. We are at the point when this risk is present. A real and present danger. There was a period of a few weeks when I began to channel, verbally speak, without memory of this activity and during which my husband recorded this activity once he recognized what was happening. During this time I was told to inform people not to listen to channelers who were not vetted prior to May 15, 2017. I generally do not listen to channelers. In my teens I was motivated to learn the old ways of the indigenous people, I am half native American. In my late teens I went to college and on my first date, arranged by the resident assistant, I was raped. This changed my life and I felt dirty. Following this I continued at college for 2 years and I was invited to attend church – the ‘Church of God’. Shortly thereafter I was called to be baptized, cleansed. I still believe I was somewhat in a state of shock and never really recovered from this experience . Upon returning to my hometown I moved back home and my Dad had a heart attack, he was flat-lined for 8 minutes. During this moment in time my sister and I, along with two friends, were in a car accident. As I watched my elbow crush through the windshield, I saw my hand reach out and take hold of my father’s arm. When we got to the emergency room the nurses told everyone to be hush hush and not let Bob (my Dad) know his kids were in the ER.  The nurse supervisor was retired army and she had pounded my Dad’s chest so hard six ribs were broken but his heart started. He is still with us and he just had his 4th pacemaker put in last week, he is nearly 84. He and my Mom have raised 84 foster brothers. These include a wall street mathematician and a West Point grad.

I married and continued my education at local colleges and universities. I worked and raised a family. We fostered children and during a 3 year period I did a pre-school research project.  There were times when I experienced out of body – during C-section and the removal of gangrenous appendix. I adopted an autistic child referred to us because her ‘Guardian Ad Litem’ had been on the ethics committee overseeing the pre-school research project I did with children who were described as not having the capacity to attend mainstream schools. All twelve children who were provided an adapted Montessori pre-school program did pass the entry requirements for acceptance into mainstream public schools and all twelve graduated. Two were valedictorians. In 1997 my research into autism had reached a pinnacle and my first husband could not cope, it had been an arranged marriage but in my belief system divorce was frowned upon by the church. My need to reveal this research and the results of nutrition and environmental changes to improve the potential for recovery for people diagnosed on the  autism spectrum allowed for me to make the choice to divorce.

During the time of my twenty year marriage, I had a few experiences which people call kundalini, lost time, a helicopter like sound and a waking paralysis. I did not like this experience and prayed for protection, for this to stop. It stopped. It had started shortly after I adopted my daughter who was later declassified from her diagnosis of autism at Marcus Institute.


I went through a dark night of the soul when she died in 2006 which lasted 10 years. This included many, many strange experiences in many, many countries. We lived  in, worked in and visited many countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA. Following this I began writing and informing people about the work I have been taught to do as an ‘outbounder’ – a person who remote views for the Guardians and who can also reverse remote view (read the thoughts of the entity which has called for an outbounder). When I wrote about my experience on Sunday morning, the sub-reddit went down within an hour. When I woke with another experience today, I saw that Kerry Cassidy had just put up a video so I decided to write about this and saw also that all of reddit is down.

I am not sure what I am to share and what is for the Guardian. I will share that I believe we have been fooled into denying our core sense of knowing, to think of energy consciousness as religion, and we have substantial evidence to show that religion is vile – to look away, so when we need to look closely, the evil has hidden the projects under the veil of religion. The Global Church Network uses the White Rabbit logo, the Secret CIA has a White Rabbit division as does the Secret Services whose details are suppose to provide protection for their assignments. Who do these people work for really?

We have been conditioned for 100 years to look away, the church has been used to commit crimes against humanity for thousands of years. Faith, belief in the Creator is not religion. It is a personal experience, in my opinion. In quantum physics time doe not exist. The Illuminati is trying to build a gateway through space and time using CERNS – the God particle. The demonic forces have no material body. There may be other life forms – bi-pedal beings – governments have treaties with these beings such as the 1954 Grenada Treaty.

A demon is not an alien, although some or many aliens may work with this energy towards cleansing this planet of people which prevent these beings from inhabiting the Earth. Other extra-terrestrial or other dimensional beings may be assisting us towards survival of this planet. We are not listening. Our cultures, religions, races, politics need to be set aside and we need to work together to locate and eliminate the threat to humanity and earth. And, right now that threat is the CERN projects completion and quantum computing. Star Wars is happening now. And, the Illuminati have no further need for US to complete their projects. We have become expendable and the evil still feeds on our pain and suffering.

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