Cumberland Academy

Schoolyard UFO Encounters Part One: Sightings

Schoolyard UFO Encounters Part One: Sightings

Preston Dennett June 2020

All across the world, schools are being targeted by UFOs. More than 100 documented cases are on record. These are typically long lasting, low level, daylight encounters viewed by large groups of witnesses. Something very profound is happening here. This video is Part One of a two-part presentation on the history of schoolyard UFO encounters on our planet. Why are UFOs targeting schools? What happens when a UFO hovers over a school playground and is viewed by hundreds of witnesses, including teachers? The cases shown here will answer these questions and more.

Part One covers dozens of sightings, starting as early as 1853 and continuing to the present day. There are cases of UFOs hovering at extremely low levels, sometimes causing panic on the playground. There are cases involving photographs and moving films. Two cases involve physical evidence in the form of angel hair. In some cases, there is a strong government response. And this is just the beginning! While the sightings are amazing enough, even more astonishing are the many cases of landings and humanoids. Part Two of this presentation: “Schoolyard UFO Encounters Part Two: Landings and Humanoids,” covers the cases of actual contact, revealing the truth behind the alien agenda of targeting schools.

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