Cumberland Academy

Nora Dennis

Backstory: Maternal grandfather is a widower left with 11 kids when his wife dies in childbirth – twins. Her dad was 2nd to the oldest – the old geezer produced a daughter with a Cherokee and this child walked the Trail at age 6. I think the Cherokee traders on the Peachtree raised his kids. His son Benjamin marries her mom & the record shows 1 child – Nora. Her dad dies in the Spanish American war. I can’t imagine what her life was like growing up in Indian territory Okla with no Mom and an absentee father (US soldier). Then she makes it into the first class of WOMEN who graduate Uni of Georgia. Marries an architect and the town of Irbyville is named for him. He falls off a scaffold leaving her with a lot of children and Grandpa Irby gets a job delivering papers – works his way up learning printing, photography and opens the American greeting card co in Chicago. The town of Irbyville is renamed Buckhead. The ‘church’ construction was resumed but, under a different owner and is built as a Catholic – not Lutheran church – becoming the 1st Cathedral of Georgia. In the meantime Lenora refused handouts from the US government for her grandad – Mexican War Cherokee soldier, father Spanish American War and raised her kids sewing clothes. She returned to the old way and lived a hermit type existence in an old cabin in the woods growing her own food and cooking in a cauldron. She was irritable and I think it got passed on.

Nora Dennis
Nora Dennis Irby’s son Homer Foster Irby and wife Leona Clara Kreklow Irby

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