7 thoughts on “WINDSONG: Rihla (Journey 29): Blasket Islands, Ireland: Hy-Brasil and Hard Cases”

  1. In the 1st Century C.E. the Sicilian Geographer Didorus Sicilus recounted the Phoenician legend of a paradise in the Western Ocean. This Phoenician legend has an interesting link to the Immram of Bran as it was a meeting with Manannán mac Lir at sea that convinced Bran to keep looking for the island paradise. *** Manannán is accepted in Irish mythology as being a Phoenician from a colony on the Isle of Man *** in the Irish Sea.


    1. Manannan’s magical possessions consisted of a steed named Enbarr of the Flowing Mane (Irish), sometimes refered to as Finbar, which could travel over land and sea; the Ocean Sweeper/Wave Sweeper, a magical boat which obeyed the thoughts of those who sailed in it, and could travel without oar or sail; the Cloak of Mists, which was capable of changing to every kind of colour, and when Manannan was angry would make a thunderous sound when the cloak flapped; a sword called The Answerer (Irish – Fragarach) that could cut through any armour; a spear called Ctann Buide (Yellow Tree); and a breastplate which no weapon could pierce.

      The Isle of Man was the throne of Manannan, his stronghold was on the top of Barrule, and he held his court from Manannan’s Chair at Cronk y Voddy. The Isle of Man takes its name from Manannan.


  2. “[The sultan] has a lofty pavilion … where he sits most of the time… There came forth from the gate of the palace about 300 slaves, some carrying in their hands bows and others having in their hands short lances and shields… Then two saddled and bridled horses are brought, with two rams which, they say, are effective against the evil eye… The interpreter stands at the gate of the council-place wearing fine garments of silk… and on his head a turban with fringes which they have a novel way of winding…” Journey to Mali: 1350 – 1351


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