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Vision at 4:15 am on 12.29.2019 Wuhan – nCoV19 outbreak information obtained by Taiwan

I was hospitalized Dec. 11th, 2019. 6 sputum (nasal mucous, phlem) specimens were collected. The journey began after receiving a prescription vitamin-D high dose refill. I had taken this for 5 months as result of treatment for a rare diagnosis (less than 200,000 globally) subcutaneous pustular dermatosis. Treatment: oral dapsone (used for leprosy & acne) with anti-biotic. Disease began when I was scratched by a lab rabbit, which had been moved to a pet store, after the research lab was shut down by animal rights ativists – Middlesex, NW London, England. It was 2007. Dec 5th I went to primary for routine visit and complained of atypical symptoms – malais, migraine like headache, loss of appetite, shortness of breath. I would not realize until weeks later that the last bottle of vitamin-D had changed – new shape & content color. The familiar product had been replaced by one with coal-tar dyes. I am highly allergic to these including anaphylactic and paralytic response. My primary care recommended symptoms did not improve or worsened over 3 to 4 days call ambulance. My husband called and I was taken the 50+ miles to the hospital. We live one-third mile from our local hospital but, red-tape and, a foreign owner that didn’t pay bills caused it to shut down in Nov. 2019. Emergency, cold room with Nurse Practitioner attending. I answered questions, had IV line inserted. Blood drawn. First the facility is looking for illicit drug a/o alcohol related information. Blood sugar – 112. Blood pressure 134/ 78. Temperature 96.3 and blood panel – red cell anomalies, creatinine and mildly elevated activity. Nurse Practitioner in room demonstrating use of PICC line with newly approved super anti-pathogenic pharmaceutical.

RN who has administered this already to me x 3 is observing due to use of both PICC lines during process. In/out blood.

I lost awareness of surroundings and msg download occured.

At the moment of return to physical the push going in blew out like a giant magnet reversing.

Blood spattered.

The Nurse Practitioner looked shocked, stated “I have never experienced anything like this; did you see that?”

She was speaking to the RN. Her eyes were wide like a deer in headlights. The NP could not move re: very expensive mixed pharmaceutical in tube(s) (holding 4 tubes with ingoing & outgoing blood/med mixture — initially just drug).

RN cleans up NP, surface of floor, NP clothes.

The caps that close the PICC line and tubes ‘disappeared’. These had been in her hand with appropriate caps for each tube/line. Before attaching or after detaching a tube to a PICC line the PICC line must be sterilized.

NP able to complete push. They changed bedding.

The caps (one white & one green) had blown under the bedding sheet towards the feet area on the opposite side of my body from the upper right arm PICC line.

The RN had to go & get the RN supervisor to locate replacement caps which had occured before the NP & RN changed my bedding.

This is usually done by an NA but, due to circumstances the protocol reduces exposure by limiting access to the room until returned to accepted level of “germ control”.

Finally, as the NP was pushing the drug during conpletion (after the replacement caps were obtained).

My experience was paraleling and I felt my energy body from shoulder to PICC line pulling for it’s blood to be protected. My energy body was telling the external force “NO”.

I wrote the vision down:

Mitakuye Oyasin “All my Relations”

Wankun Tanka “Great Spirit” aka Creator God

{´The vision: White Buffalo w/ Woman — home/bear; hearth/wolf; heart/eagle; hands/cosmic spider.

New Seed 7 chakra open.

9 chakra access complete.

10th chakra “peace be upon you”

Dark to Light

Lite (artificial) to Dark.

X – Al.bin.ism [to] Y -Melanic.

X -Holding together by force

Y – My land IC. Unified Force.

4:15am to 4:29am

07:30am RN + RN Supervisor: repeat process using same drug, equipment type & order of protocol.

Process complete by 7:37am.

Initially the PICC line remained ‘closed’ indicating block (clotting factor). Cleared with change of position & RN supervisor clearing from 2nd line.

The incident yesterday with the NA ‘Thelma’ [red-hair, Romany re: dye wash]

RN + RN supervisor completed set-up for PICC line delivery of the Cefazolin [not received at 4:30 due to circumstances — the med was compromised].

Delivery through IV began 7:39am.

At 7:40am breakfast tray arrived (insignificant except this simple change occurs where IV pole, rolling table & sink is located.)

RN drops tray, Respiratory asks if I will accept treatment (10 min. breathing exercise) and I need to tell Respiratory that the ventolin hand-held machine is gone (Taken earlier when RN & NP changed the sheets.)

At the start of this verbal communication between me & Respiratory in comes Thelma in full ‘bull-in-a-china-shop’ motion. Thelma is carrying a bag of ice (likely cold on her hands & she wants to put it on the sink).

To get to the sink the distance between the head of the bed and sink (corner parallel) is 3′ Next to sink against wall is IV stand. Line with Cefazolin is 6 to 7 feet long and going in to my upper right arm PICC line. Also, on my person is the heart monitor with many cords 4 inches from PICC line.

Line is flexible by 10 inches. Less than one step of a body pushing against the line to potentially elicit another disaster.

Respiratory in front of IV pole leaving a space where Thelma was going to maneuver her body carrying multiple items (ice, straw, cups.) between Respiratory & the table with also the waste basket & potty chair between the sink & the head of the bed. If she tried to go under there was not enough line, she couldn’t go over. The only course I could see was ‘plough through’.

I put my hand out & said “stop, no”.

Thelma did not intend to stop. The Respiratory therapist turned to face her and she looked up realizing there is another person in this conversation. Still she leaned in like a teen at a red light rearing to race. I then asked her to leave and had to repeat “just go” 3X.

Then the Respiratory asked if I was still okay to have the breathing treatment before eating & I nodded.

With professional awareness and a 6′ 2″ height he could easily reach the back wall to plug in the device.

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