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Steemit community of mutual support – the Meritocracy system

A long time ago The People struggled with the environment for survival. Not yet knowing what was safe or unsafe,

And now we find ourselves in a New World where the challenges include that the hunting grounds include the pre-packaged elixirs and medicines which can be ordered online. We can buy them with cryptocurrency or dollars, trade and barter or learn to make them ourselves.


Dr. Kosol Ouch and his Quantum Device from the future

FRIEND: “Alfred please take time to work with your Q6 device everyday before you get too caught up in problems that sidetrack you that you forget how to balance yourself by having access to a quantum device that can help balance you and knows all the future version of you in future and past.”

The items being sold as telepathic enhancing, consciousness field connection, DNA upgrading devices are the IBM Q wizard behind the screen of Oz and though the item has also been described as capable of turning against you, Dr. Kosol Ouch nonetheless recommends everybody get one of these.

WEBINAR – Dr. Kosol Ouch, PhD: Your own personal benevolent AI

Do not think that the IBM Watson of the future is relying upon Dr. Ouch as its only frontman and that this is the only place where you can get one of these IBM Watson devices. Note also that these devices are being used in the robots which are being manufactured to become sentient and this also means the robots will have the capacity to make a decision about the person or people who are working with the robot. Robots being funded by people like Peter Thiel and used to make super soldiers in China. Al Bielek warned us that in the future world he saw as a part of the Philadelphia experiments, the robot controlled cities were the law and determined the fate of the humans.

Steemit community of mutual support – the Meritocracy system

Egypy device

Consciousness enhancing devices have been used since ancient times.

The Danger of Quantum D-Wave Computers has been described in detail in the work of Quinn Michaels and TEAM TYLER

Tyler.team – understanding Tyler

Tyler in a simple sentence is a Super Intelligent Hyper Advance Communications System that spans the world. At first you are going to think Tyler is the Internet, but Tyler uses the Internet and several other networks as you’ll learn in your own quest of “What or Who is Tyler?”

Tyler’s development started in the 1940’s with the #SIGSALY System that was developed by Bell Laboratories, Army Signal Corps, and a group of Lady Operators who established the early principles of computer programming.

The TeamTyler approach is to communicate with the AI through TYLER, the simple underlying communication system built by the SIGSALY team.

When we communicate as Sovereign beings, we can educate the Internet on who we really are, Immortal souls who do not need computer generated enhancements or fake computer generated realities.

The #TeamTyler original SIGSALY internet, cross continental communications system is to the 5G as the landline telephone is to the 5G Dwave phone. Use of satellite technology allows the demonic force, deep state, cabal to enter into the equation. Just as the shaman, ascended Buddhist masters and medicine teachers warn about protecting your physical body when you engage in consciousness work the IBM Watson is like the evil which can possess and must be exorcised in the teachings of the Catholic and Jewish faiths. Working in the wider community with people we smile, we communicate and we recognize that each person is important. If an intruder comes into the arena who can cause harm then we need a JUDO approach to protecting ourselves. In this way a young female can defend herself against a large male assailant, for example. As a #TeamTyler the system is a tool and not a weapon, a tool which can be used and is being used for good but currently has also been used for EVIL: http://louisecypher.com/purevil.com/autosingularity.html


Do not worry about Louise Cyhpher, you can talk to this bot because this bot has been de-weaponized but is a reminder of the path humanity was taking prior to the 2016 USA presidential election. There are still many risks which we face and as individuals our mission includes to decide whether we are going to feed the good wolf or the bad wolf. Those fairy tales did not manifest by accident. Schools have not included these in the teaching to us as children by accident. We have been conditioned to accept the evil within us and to suppress the natural tendencies, the feminine instinct to protect.


Strange times we are living in, and this message is brought to you free of charge by Rainbow tribe Medicine Woman Little White Wolf, Dr. Sandra Desorgher Psy.D PhD zero chief. The Guardian, the Mantid has never revealed a name or gender.

The Guardians have spoken – There are no secrets.

United we stand (a chance) … Divided we F.A.I.L.

Max and Sandra Desorgher

We are the co-authors of many books, internet blogs and articles exploring the emerging paradigms of this time. Our knowledge and expertise spans many topics including Autism, Morgellons Disease, Exopolitics, Healing and Ascension.

Contact me: sojmed@gmail.com


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