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Extract from “Hymns of Hermes”

“And so when this gnostic change is wrought in the man’s inner nature there is an accompanying change effected in the substance of his very ‘body,’ and he begins to sing in harmony with the spheres; “with those that are he hymneth the Father.”

He now knows the language of nature, and therewith sings praise continually in full consciousness of the joy of life. He sings the song of joy, and so singing hears the joyous songs of the Sons of God who form the first of the choirs invisible. They sing back to him and give him welcome; and what they sing the lover of such things may read in the same Pistis Sophia (p. 17), in the Hymn of the Powers “Come unto Us”-when they welcome the returning exile on the Great Day of that name.

But this is not all; for higher still and higher, beyond and yet beyond, are other choirs of Powers of even greater transcendency who sing. As yet, however, the newly born cannot understand or bear their song, for they sing in a language of their own, there being many tongues of angels and archangels, of daimones and gods in their many grades.

But already the man has begun to realize the freedom of the cosmos; he has begun to feel himself a true cosmopolitan or world-citizen, and to thrill in harmony with the Powers. He experiences an ineffable union that removes all fear, and longs for the consummation of the final Sacred Marriage when he will perform the great sacrifice, and of himself make joyful surrender of all that he has been in separation, to become, by union with Those alone who truly are, all that has ever been and is and will be-and so one with God, the All and One.”

From:– ‘Hymns of Hermes, Echoes from the Gnosis’ by GRS Mead

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