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Afghan banking system in state of collapse

Afghanistan’s banking system is in a state of collapse, and people are running out of money.”

there has been scant evidence so far of a reopening or of banking services returning to normal, with large crowds thronging the streets outside banks in Kabul on Wednesday.

Banks were expected to reopen imminently, a Taliban spokesman said on Tuesday, after they were closed for some ten days and the financial system ground to a halt as the Western-backed government collapsed.

With no significant exports apart from illegal narcotics bringing in cash, one immediate obstacle is liquidity in a country that is heavily dollarised and relies on regular physical dollar-shipments that have been halted.

Faith in the banking system was severely damaged by the 2010 collapse of Kabul Bank, in one of the biggest corruption scandals of the 20-year Western presence in Afghanistan.

KILLING THE CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM IS THE MOAB TO THE DEEP STATE… The following is a consolidation of thoughts with Mel K and Fl22 Congressional Candidate Darlene Swaffar.

->Rumor is that Saudi Arabia has signed a military mutual defense pact with RUSSIA, abandoning the former US agreement that gave power to the “petro dollar.” If true, this means the end of the dollar is VERY near…

… and the nations of the world will abandon the dollar, simultaneously, probably before the end of this year. That’s the end of Washington D.C., the Biden regime, the dollar, and America as we know it. Isn’t that the goal? End and bankrupt the Fed and fiat system?

Return to gold back currency? China announced a gold back yuan as well this week.. full implosion of the central bank fiat system The final straw has always been the financial stop

..I also see the Taliban as a regime change. President Trump met with them 2 years ago. They are the Native Leaders in that country. There have been other regime changes taking place. I see it as they are getting rid of deep state control in each of those countries. @darleneswaffar @themelkshow

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