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Blue star

Hi David – yes we must take back the bible from the narrow-minded religionsists, it is a source for our ascension. Searching the ‘Keys of Enoch'[J.J. Hurtak. 1974] for references to Ascension, I came across these interesting passages in Key 319:
112 The Earth proved to be one of the last places of refuge for extraterrestrials from dying civilizations who made war in the lower heavens. However, because of the end of our consciousness age, the grids were opened and the mantle of the earth could no longer provide protection for the war in space.

121 The ‘dead’ in one dimension could be made to rise and wear a new garment of Life in another dimension . . . Man could be made to live in fifth and sixth dimensional reality through the opening and closing of gravitational pressure zones. Okay, this is my last Hurtak quote. He was given a lot of prophetic information that now seems very pertinent:
106 And this configuration of city structures of Light, from below the oceans and from the heavens, will be revealed at a time when the old forces of religion and political strength will try to accelerate their control over the three-dimensional consciousness of man.
107 This would take place at the time when the vehicles of the unrighteous would also come to rest upon the face of the earth, inspiring the materialists to come forth with a fear consciousness of “invasion”.

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