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Note to a youtuber, human rights activist re: LGBT & Q

Dear Daniel, as a married couple – your subs – we both appreciate your content. In the natural world events happen whereby a baby in the womb is affected innate a/o environmental. Environmental poisons, food additives, chemicals as well as bacteria, fungi and viruses that enter through the mother’s body. The memory in our mother (egg) and father (sperm) carry so much information that science can’t explain the purpose of 97%. Throughout history culture & custom have altered the natural selection process. Some groups are isolated & have unique qualities or traits not shared in other humans – i.e. Sardinia, Papua New Guinea, Hopi. Immigrant populations integrating present with new challenges where the variation in the union process is disturbed. This tends to result in a repeated set of signs & symptoms which then are used to describe the condition. In autism research 70% of the individuals are born to mixed culture a/o immigrants. It is little wonder that the US has the highest rate.

However, the Middle East & Afrika have the lowest rate. Areas with wide scale child pedophilia aka child marriage frequently Do Not vaccinate. The very first reports of children with the signs & symptoms of autism were in Germany at the turn of the century just B4 the first world war. Tens of millions of deaths were ATTRIBUTED to the influenza vaccine given to soldiers (German, British & American). The next generation resulted in the Kanner’s autism diagnosis. Each generation of vaccination INCREASES the cellular memory passed to the next generation. Medical Review Council, UK 2001 stated autism is a biomedical condition. It has been removed from the DSM as a primary diagnosis of psychiatry. Also, the research PROVES the changes occur at about the 12th week of development (the time when the self v not self) when the immune system begins to function. Other changes occur at about the 24th week of development and 3 of 8 infants will be SPONTANEOUSLY aborted. These are the missing females. It is likely these females did not develop reproductive organs that agreed with rhe immune system. A transgender war in the womb as it fights itself during development – for survival. A difficulty in communicatiin, interaction and comprehension are expressed usually in early childhood. It has been my experience working with thousands of people with ASD diagnosis that relationships don’t usually occur as considered ‘normal’. Research in institutions has been published (not my work) ‘observing and recording the sexual activity of the ‘clients’ aka institutionalized patients. Most were placed in institution as children and some were upwards of 70 years of age. The findings – normal occurence of ‘self-stimulation’. Notably, I have only known a few instances of sexual misconduct. 1. A young man of color touched a woman on a public transport. He underwent 2 years of counselling, remained in supported living where 3 females also lived at his residence. His act was clearly the act of an immature adult age (18) male. It is notable that he had been ‘excited’ to be allowed to travel on the public transport without his mom. 2. A moderate to severely impaired only child illegal immigrant whose parents had a late in life baby. The parents are reported to request social services help but were denied. The parents moved leaving him alone to fend for himself. They had stated concern he would harm the baby. There was CCTV video of the ‘attack’. A woman was seen at the ATM machine (night, late). He was watching, still, almost in a quarterback position waiting for the ball. The woman put her cash in her bra (money that could be used to get food). He was caught and put into a psychiatric hospital. This boy was big, of color, very limited language (Spanish) and he was going to go to PRISON. He was moved to a residential home with trained staff and access to the Day Center. 3. A youmg man, homosexual, received counselling. He attended meetings for people who advocated for LGBT rights. He had been assaulted (not sexually) because he engaged strangers in conversation. His experienve with social communication was about being gay. I arranged or him to move away from his family (not far) to supported living. Eventually he was more focused on art, music, food and video games. Hearing about the experiences of others in Social Skills group (a program provided by my King’s College of London trainee counsellors) he was unable to define himself as homosexual because the closest he had been to a friendship relationship was people in public settings. No handholding. Not even interested in getting to the pub scene in London. He was successful enough to have an art exhibition. We grow to understand that we have been used as guinea pigs by secret societies doing research, making money, building weapons and feeding off of our pain. The process which connects our mind to our gender identity has been purposely disturbed. The LGBT & Q (questioning or queer which use to also mean quirky) should be allowed to be themselves as long as they do not inflict harm. The changes to humanity have occured so quickly our communities, cultures & customs have not been able to incorporate the changes. The Triangle of Paranoia ‘TOP’ has been part of the demonic plan to devour the light. In my experience it is the Saul Alinsky or extreme liberals who demand to impose these ‘shock and awe’ tactics into the melting pot so we fear them. It is not unusual for a pedophile to express themselves in all manner of deviation from the norm. It is less reported that LGBT people generally do not harm children. The truth will set us free and together we can clean up the garbage, stop the chemical assaults and improve education. It seems first we must work together to stop the corruption. LGBT people will have more interaction with the community where pedophiles hide. The LGBT community include people from all walks of life. Don’t turn your back on the 3% of the population who come closest to the belly of he beast. In closing I will try to find your email and send. Sometimes people turn to same sex relationships because. they have been so badly treated by the others. Some of us don’t easily recognize genders.

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