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Peer-to-Peer global money laudering. #Spygate Part 3 of 4

Money laundering starts with the concept. The idea which springs forth from need or desire which has some element of secrecy required. A secret which can be as simple as a beings need for adrenaline. The sting, the excitement as the game is played.

Add a prize, a bet, a payoff. Raise the stakes. Develop, own and control the technology so the events can be recorded, enjoyed and stored sometimes for sinister purposes. What is the difference between fantasy and reality. At the controls of a fantasy game the use of tools to attack your opponent are harmless. Or are they? What if the technology can be used to allow people to play out their fantasy program to annihilate their enemy? A network of spies who know the game is not a game. Offer the high stakes game to a player and record the chain reaction. As the game goes deeper and the player advances the news starts bringing forth reports that an event is happening. The player has participated and is responsible for agreeing to play the game.

Patriots come to aid, rescue and protect. Patriots have served America since the beginning. Generation after generation. We have seen the world and the US embassies, the nitty gritty of truth about drugs, weapons, people smuggling and corruption. The truth includes that throughout the past 100 years the destruction of social order, chaos and ‘ToP’ Triangle of Paranoia is the plan of the cabal to take control. Unlimited money has been stolen, manufactured and spent including the pennies and dollars donated to the infamous fake charities, including but not exclusive to, Save the Children, Clinton Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency. The United Nations is feared and viewed by many as a castle of corruption. The Catholic church probably the most notable of the Global Church Network. All, all of these: rich, powerful, psychopath, sociopath and entangled have created multiple avenues to bring us, USA, to this moment.

Using ‘Federal Direct International’ Funding global companies have used a loophole to take control of towns. Towns and cities which have lost business in the past leaving small town mainstreet with little more than a bank and a Masonic lodge. Ready to fund the empty houses that aren’t already owned by the entity. The partners. Here come the jobs as new businesses open. But, wait. These companies have agreed long ago that they would sponsor the visas and organize the communities for the immigrants. Whole towns across America have invested hundreds of millions of dollars, our dollars, to prepare and provide homes for the employees for these new or returning businesses.

One reality from this process is the crisis at the border. There are white hats, humanitarians, philanthropists and people working together to help improve not only the quality of life but also an increase in the hope for survival of some of the world’s most marginalized. Secret deals, twists and turns. Caught up in the #Spygate are people who have been relocated to our southern border. Many Americans have NEVER travelled outside of America. The visa process can be harrowing. What happens when the individual does not control their passport or does not have one. Is it possible to use documents to get a passport for a person in the name of a missing person? Hundreds of thousands of people trying to cross into America in a situation that involves sinister elements. Many groups attempting to remain together are NOT from Central or South America. These people have been ‘rescued’, bought, traded, entrapped within a process that has resulted in displacement so purposely unclear that We the People are under state-of-emergency. And, it is this duly elected president of these United States who is at the helm. Help him or get out of the way. If you see something, say something. There is No ‘on the fence’ this time. The game is not a game.

Imagine a place where all the information which can be made available to people of the world who know the truth and pieces of the truth find a place where they can share their information. That place is 4chan. The Q phenomena is the real global army of souls working together to unravel the babel.

Nahum 1:3

The Lord is slow to anger and great in power, And will not at all acquit the wicked. The Lord has His way In the whirlwind and in the storm, And the clouds are the dust of His feet.

#WWG1WGA #MAGA Godspeed 👆and #ThankQ

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