Message from the Ancients – April 24th 2017


Sandra ‘Little White Wolf’, Medicine Woman shares her knowledge of the non-human multi-dimensional beings known as the Mantids, or ‘The Ancients’. This is the first channeled message that she received today, to be shared with the world. “The message from the ancients is that, on April 19th through the 22nd 2017, the messages from the Galactic Federation, from the Pleiadians, are the messages that you need to listen to . . . The energy field was raised to the highest vibration possible to provide the opportunity for the communication to come through to the entities, to the individuals, to the people who have the gifts of receiving this information, whose dream states have not been interfered with, whom we have protected, those messages were enhanced and given and should be viewed as valuable at this time.” Please share. Thank you.




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