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Chapter 10 – Patent on Evil

  https://www.wired.com/2007/09/dayintech-0924/ by Tony Long 8/24/2007 Science Sept. 24, 1947: MJ-12 — We Are Not Alone … Or Are We? [President Truman purportedly authorized “Operation Majestic Twelve” with this 1947 letter. * Image: http://www.mufor.org * 1947: If the secret committee known as the Majestic 12 ever really existed, this is the day that the group… Continue reading Chapter 10 – Patent on Evil

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Marina – the ascended mind

This consciousness exchange between "Marina" - a 'Starseed' - and 'Sandra "Little White Wolf" Medicine Woman', took place in 2017: Marina: In regards to my scientific download, I'll give you a brief summary of my 'physics' understanding (since the information is very long and complex and it's hard to write with English language sentences) and… Continue reading Marina – the ascended mind