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The Origins of Evil

Q. What is the origin of the sexualized child sacrifice rituals of the 'elites'? The Abrahamic Seed After the destruction of Atlantis and the ensuing global catastrophe, a new upgraded seeding of Humans happened on Earth – the Abrahamic seed. These new humans interacted with the Asian, Mediterranean, African and Atlantean humans who had survived… Continue reading The Origins of Evil

Awakening, Mantis Beings, Outbounder, prophetic dreams, Revelations

My Connection with the Mantis Being 'How I came to understand my connection to the Mantis being' by Sandra Desorgher Ascension Earth - Birth of a new Sun: Who are the Mantid Guardians? The Ancients - The Mantids ‘Guardians of the Light’ 'The Mantis beings have seen humanoid beings evolve spiritually, scientifically and philosophically. Some of the 6th and 7th… Continue reading My Connection with the Mantis Being