Journey of the Wolf

Journey of the Wolf

Sandra ‘little white wolf’ medicine woman

Sandra ‘little white wolf’ medicine woman  is a teacher, experiencer and recipient of higher knowledge. She is also an autism diet expert of the highest order who has written individualized diets for thousands of people around the world. Since early childhood, she has had access to knowledge through communication in her dream time with non-human multi-dimensional intelligent beings, that she encounters in an altered state that she refers to as ‘the dreamscape’. Here, she begins to share her Knowledge with the world.

‘ I will explain this as it has been shown to me, in my dreamscape, by the Mantis Guardian who has both protected and guided me in this lifetime. I am sitting on a hill looking at a temple. There is a master teacher and I am being prepared for this life. In this life I remember this experience many times but I do not know that this place exists, here on Earth and has existed here for thousands of years. It is a Stargate – the temple of ISIS in Upper Egypt. When it is time to be conceived, the fabric of life which holds the key sends a single strand of DNA through the web of space-time, and my DNA which holds the memories of my soul’s journey, to the insertion point where a tube of clear mucous is formed and hardened, a slender straight invisible needle which is used by the spider-being working with and for the Mantis Guardian to blow that single strand of DNA into the follicle which will attract a sperm cell and become me. This is how the Mantis come to be called “Master of the Key”.’

Since 1994 she has been giving ‘Sara’s Diet’ consultations for families affected by autism. ​

‘Understanding how humanity is undergoing enormous changes in response to the environmental stresses of the modern world, she has seen how the immune system is undergoing a transformation in its function, leading to the explosion in chronic health conditions that effect us emotionally and physically. ​ She formed World Community Autism Program, and traveled the world to teach people about the relationship between diet, environment and well-being.’ ​

‘Sara’s Diet’ consultations for autism and related conditions

Sandra has written individualized diets for thousands of people around the world. Since 1994 she has been giving ‘Sara’s Diet’ consultations, based on Sara’s Recovery, and using information provided by parents on the uniqueness of their child. Starting with a simple questionaire (see below), a dialogue begins which takes you on a journey into the healing potential of the lutein-free diet.

Medicine Tribe videos – Youtube channel

I was spending a long time in my night time journey in the library . . .’ Sandra has access to a higher dimensional ‘library’ through her dreams.

Our books are published on-line through the ‘Cumberland Academy’ Payhip site:


Ascension Earth – Birth of a new Sun came about as a result of my life experiences being taught in the dreamscape by the Mantid, the Guardian – my Guardian and one of the Ancients who know the history of Earth.

In mid-April 2017, I woke with vivid dream recall, and began to share them with Max, my husband. We began to record and write down these recalls, and that grew into this 207 page book.

The book covers a multitude of topics, including deep state secrets, the hybrid program, the moonbase, the truth about silent superbug ‘Morgellons Disease’ and the artificial intelligence that is controlling our planet during this ascension process. It is about how humanity can wake up and reach the next level of consciousness.

Sandra and Max also share their life stories of contact with non-human multi-dimensional intelligences, and the Knowledge that these beings have shared. Woven through the narrative is the story of Sarah, a whirlwind of an autistic girl who helped us to understand the mysteries of autism and the ‘Light Children’, and Sandra’s struggle through the devastating condition known as ‘Morgellon’s Disease’, or ‘Silent Superbug’.

‘The Guardians have shown me that the computers on our planet have been damaged and there has been dark agendas for interfering with communication to the greater consciousness field. It is as a direct result of this interference that the Prime directive has been lifted May 15th, 2017. Disclosure cannot be prevented, we are not alone. Most other beings from our solar system will have a greater future if our planet is protected. For some the extinction of human life on Earth is not a concern, the salvation of the planet is a greater priority. For some all life is precious and respect for life includes respect for earth humans.’

The cosmic story of life emerging in our galaxy is told as viewed through the eyes of the mantis being, a 6th dimensional intelligence that is now helping the earth and humanity through the challenges and mysteries of Ascension.

‘I have been privileged to have experiences which I can only describe as a quickening, a vibrational experience which, when asleep or unconscious, is my consciousness energy being able to transcend this physical body and become present in another place. I believe it to be part of the current upgrade, ascension process, and by being open to that experience, I have been challenged to share that experience’.

Sandra Desorgher, Rainbow Tribe Medicine Woman