Cumberland Academy


The Greatest Story Never Told. T + reason

The Ancestors knew the importance of oral stories preserved as myths, legends and art which provides intellectual, moral, and social instruction to someone – especially a child. Today the education of our children is still accomplished in this way by those people whose tribes have escaped and avoided capture. These people live simply in areas which are at great distances from the control of goverments. The distance may be a mental or physical divide. The separation allows for this natural way of life and the energy which emanates from these people, the other beings working with them have a connection with Life, Light and Love which fascinates Luciferians.

Today the greatest power of the demon is through Technology. The greatest use of this tool is the spread of hate, deception, coded messages through ‘hidden in plain sight’ programs such as the google doodle May 3rd honoring Eddie Aikau complete with Newsweek story of who was Eddie Aikau and how he was martyred. Video ads provided in newsweek US ads. carrying the Eddie Aikau story are snippets of news extracted and included as part of the enemedia mindkontrol psyop program. These included 1. A Florida surfing in the streets video from an area where a flooding event allowed for people to be pulled by vehicles while riding on surfboards. No word on the outcome for the individuals who engaged in this high risk adrenaline rush activity. No credit given for the source of these video shorts, the stunts looked staged and the film professional. Who paid? This video short ad was rapidly followed by 2. an MSNBC report where the judge & jury host both charged & convicted Kellyanne Conway of illegal activity. Then 3. M. Obama speaking to an audience of potential college students. 4. Lindsey Graham called a liar for the statements he made re: Mueller report and 5. the death of John Singleton the next martyr. A closer look into the making of a martyr begs one to question what really happened to Eddie Aikau?

“Symbolism will be their downfall” Q. Who is they? They are the disembodied evil that can only possess time and space through invasion of the mind, the body or as attachment to the spirit on an incarnate being. The darkness which feeds off pain and suffering. Your pain. It can use the power 2B anyone – an alternate life is lived by many politicians, royals, superstars, athletes and the heads of the secret societies. “Make it so” and so it is like the “Magic Kingdom”. Where a person is in this journey thru #GreatAwakening is part of this process #Wwg1Wga because this is truth. Truth is the enemy of Lucifer, the deceiver. As painful as the revelation is that Re-legion is the Roman MK program, the great cathedrals the buildings of blood sacrifice and the modern army has been built to serve the demon. The keyboard warriors have been labled as a deathcult which the people of the Qglobal army know 2B untrue, a lie. The swamp infiltrates, steals and destroys all opposition through use of hate. Ironic then is the culture of death, destruction and division is indeed the force which the keyboard warriors bring to the light. Interesting also is the spirit of the warrior, the determination to fight for what an individual perceives 2B righteous, includes the human emotion. Human emotion motivates. Through motivation there is metamorphosis, change. The energy of the isolated people living in harmony with the earth HATE to be invaded, infiltrated or interfered with and there are many places where visiting explorers are lost. The strength of the hate is fueled by the gnostic energy. The knowing that the suffering which feeds the beast is the weapon of the beast. The pain from physical, emotional and mental trauma is the Triangle of Paranoia. Today the True history of the people allows for the hate speech, deviant art and patriots 2B united by one element: Free Thought

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