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Vitelometry – a DS assault on citizen journalists?

Is the product safe? Or is the product a lure and possibly a poisoned dart?

Youtube channels have been hit hard and methods for patrons to report that content from a familiar channel is monetized and being provided through an unfamiliar channel has not been provided. Citizen journalists have recently been recognized by companies as alternative advertisers.

We are now seeing more and more promotional ads within these citizen journalist presentations.

Obviously, infommercial television has been around since the first ever broadcast. However, associating our opinion of the presenter and/or our interest in the subject matter covered by the channel, the public has been conditioned to transfer that trust to the products recommended.

If there were a new target of the Deep State, illuminati or NWO manipulation of the awakening population, it might be these platforms that were seen as the vector for delivering a stealth bioweapon or stealth bio-engineeing of the human population.

“We need the new Attorney General to get in there and then we’ll be making criminal referrals on many people who lied to Congress and did many bad things,” POTUS45

Is this the product chosen as the new bio-weapon? Perhaps the product is benign but is being used as a carrier?

It is necessary to always look at the source of the product.


Published in ‘Science’ magazine, June 2001:

Telomere Position Effect in Human Cells

The dependence of TPE on telomere length provides a mechanism for the modification of gene expression throughout the replicative life-span of human cells.

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